Normal Event mini.png 1/3

Reminiscence*The Crossroads of Each One Rei Sakuma Normal Event 1.png
Heeey... hey, you alive? Ohh, you're finally up. Yo, Groupie-kun. What're you sleepin' out here for? Trying to catch a cold?"
Choice 1 さささ、朔間先輩!?
Possibility 1 Character response: "おう、いきなり飛び起きんじゃね~よ。ビックリするだろうが。って、またギターの話か?こりゃあ、親切心なんて垣間見せるんじゃなかったかもなぁ?教えてほしいなら、俺を楽しませてみろよ。それがてきたら相手してやによ……♪
Yeah. Don't go jumpin' to your feet in a hurry — you'll scare someone like that. Anyway, you're still going on about that guitar? Maybe I shouldn't have let you get a good look. Let's see you entertain me if you wanna be taught. Manage that and I'll take you on... ♪"
Result: Trust Up
Possibility 2 Character response: "はいはい、ひとの話はちゃんと聞こうな?こんなところで寝たら風邪ひくぞ。さすがの俺も、ここで寝ようとは思わね〜なぁ。……ああでも、うちの弟はここで寝てたんだっけか?そんな話を小耳に挟んだような?
Yeah, yeah. Listen to people when they're talkin' to you, all right? I said you'll catch a cold. Not even I could sleep in a place like this, man~... ah, but maybe my little brother could? Pretty sure I overheard something like that."
Result: Red Fragments
Choice 2 いま何時……?
What time is it... ?
Possibility 1 Character response: "もう夜だぜ。ようこそ、夜闇の世界へ……♪ って、何を慌ててんだよ? ……近づくな?起こしてやったのに失礼なやつだなぁ?感謝しろよ?みんな遠巻きにしてたのに、優しい俺様ちゃんだけが声をかけてやったんだからな。
It's night already. Welcome to a world of pitch-black darkness... ♪ Huh? What're you so flustered for? ... don't come any closer? Ain't you rude to the guy who just woke you up. How about a thanks? 'Specially when you're surrounded and the only one who called out to you was good ol' me."
Result: Trust Up
Possibility 2 Character response: "んん?何だよ、寝ぼけ天の課?『何だ夢か......』って、おい。俺が見えてね~のかよ?もっかい寝ようとしてんじゃね~ぞ。戻ってこい……!
Hmm? What, you still half-asleep? "S'just a dream, huh... "? Hey — ain't you looking straight at me? Don't fall asleep again. Come back to me...!"
Result: Blue Fragments

Normal Event mini.png 2/3

Reminiscence*The Crossroads of Each One Rei Sakuma Normal Event 2.png
Sleepin' out here means you're going home on a bike, yeah? Oh? Taking the train, then. Feels like I should tell you to head on home even more now, but... hm? Me? My ride's over there. I'm goin' home on my own special motorbike."
Choice 1 こんなところにバイクが!?
A motorbike here?!
Possibility 1 Character response: "うん、そうだよな。普通はこんなところにバイクなんてね~もんな。こんなことができるのは、俺様ちゃんだからだぜ?……まぁ、坊主に見つかったらおしまいだけどな。何なんだろうな、生徒会長って。
Ah, yeah. This ain't the kind of place you usually park a motorbike. The only one awesome enough to do somethin' like this is good ol' me. ... well, I'm a goner if bouzu catches me. What's up with that Student Council anyway, huh?"
Result: Red Fragments
Possibility 2 Character response: "おっと、でっかい声だすなよ?それと……。ここにバイクが置いてあるってことは、誰にも言うんじゃね~ぞ?俺とおまえ、ふたりだけの秘密だ。……わかったな?
Whoa, now. Quit bein' so loud. And... don't go telling anyone I park my bike here, yeah? It'll be our little secret... got it?"
Result: Trust Up
Choice 2 カッケ~!
Sooo cool~!
Possibility 1 Character response: "うんうん。『かっこいい』って言われて悪い気はしね~よなぁ?乗ってみて~か、俺のバイク?ははっ、すっげぇ頷いてやがる。まぁ、また今度気が向いたら乗っけてやんよ。
Yep, yep. Havin' someone tell you you're "cool" ain't so bad. You wanna hop on my bike? Hahah. You're noddin' your head like crazy. Well, I'll take ya for a spin next time if I feel like it."
Result: Trust Up
Possibility 2 Character response: "おぉ、ほんとに犬みて~だなおまえ。あるはずのない尻尾まで見えてきたぜ。いっつも俺のこと追いかけてくるもんな?行く先々に現れて...... あれ、けっこう怖ぇんだけどやめてくんない?……って、バイクに夢中で聞こえてね〜なこりゃ.
Ohh. You're really just like a dog, man. Pretty sure I can see a tail on ya that isn't supposed to be there. I mean, you're always followin' me around, popping out of anywhere and everywhere... uh. It's actually real scary, so you think you can cut it out? ... he's so occupied with my bike that he ain't listening."
Result: Yellow Fragments

Normal Event mini.png 3/3

Reminiscence*The Crossroads of Each One Rei Sakuma Normal Event 3.png
We ended up goin' home together somehow, but... hey. Why're you walkin' a short distance from me? It's okay to keep close, yeah? You're usually hanging' all over me... — you're a pretty odd guy, y'know?"
Choice 1 だ、だって……
I-I mean...
Possibility 1 Character response: "う~ん、すげぇ視線を感じるぜ……もうちょっと普通に接してくれればいいのになぁ?まぁ、何ていうか……。ひととの距離の取りかたとか、そういうのが苦手な子なんだろうな。
Mmmh... you're starin' at me super hard... think you could like, interact with me like a normal person? This is, well... I guess some guys just don't know about personal space."
Result: Trust Up
Possibility 2 Character response: "あぁ、そうか。ストーカーって。たいてい背後から忍び寄ってくるもんだったな。うぉっ、でっかい声だすんよ........!?ストーカーとか言って悪かったってば........ ストーカーじゃなかったら、いったい何なんだって感じだけどな?
Ah, yeah. I get it. You're a stalker, always creepin' up on me from behind like that. Whoa, y'don't have to be so loud... ?! My bad for calling you a stalker... but, uh. If you ain't a stalker, what are you?"
Result: Blue Fragments
Choice 2 べ、べつに……
N-Not really...
Possibility 1 Character response: "おまえ、ちゃんとクラスに友達いんのかよ?何か心配になってくるな……つうか、うちの弟と同じクラスか?ん?あんまり学校行ってないからわかんね~って?弟もそんな感じで留年しちまったんだよな~。まぁ、どっかで見かけたら仲良くしてやってくれよ。
You got friends in class, right? They're gonna worry about ya... actually, isn't my little brother in the same one? Hm? Y'don't go to class often enough to know? That's how he ended up havin' to repeat a year. Well, if you see him around be his friend for me, will ya?"
Result: Trust Up
Possibility 2 Character response: "ん~、何が『べつに』なのかよくわかんね~ぞ?おぉ、自分でもわかんね~みたいだな。うんうん唸ってる今のうちに、こっそり退散して......げっ、気づかれた。鈍いのか目ざといのかよくわかんね~な。
Nnnh... I don't get what you mean. Oh? Looks like you don't either. Now's my chance to sneak away while he's busy saying "yeah, yeah"... — geh, he noticed me. I can't tell whether this kid's super dense or super sharp."
Result: Yellow Fragments
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