Special Event mini 1/3

Reminiscence*Ryusei Bonfire Madara Mikejima Special Event 1
"... Hmm? Ohhh, kanata-san! It's pretty unusual for you to come here! Uuuusually, don't you prefer to visit the sea instead? What's up? Do you just want to bathe in the pool more than you do the ocean now??"
Choice 1 『うみ』にもいきましたよ
I went to the "ocean," too.
Possibility 1 Character response: "Huh? You went to the ocean then you came here?? Ahh, it's true you're already dripping wet. Ohhhhh? You've got mud all over your uniform! Mama will clean it all off for you, so please try not to move ♪"
Possibility 2 Character response: "You went to the ocean but you didn't bathe there, Kanata-saaaan? That's unusual, too...! Are you feeling unwell?? Hmm? You did bathe in the ocean, but by the time you got here you dried off? Ahh, I see, the weather is exceptionally nice today, so the temperature's so high it dried you off without you wanting to...!"
Choice 2 あなたこそ、どうしたんですか?
Right back at you... Why are you here?
Possibility 1 Character response: "No real reason. I just happened to end up here! So I'll return the question to you! Why are you here, Kanata-san? Same as me, you just ended up here? I see, I see! Yep, guess it's just one of those days... ♪

( TL Note: Some JP fans interpret this minievent as Madara intentionally going to meet Kanata at the pool but playing it off as coincidence. Wasn't sure if I should exaggerate the TL to make that obvious or not, so I'm choosing to leave a note instead. )"

Possibility 2 Character response: "It seeeems like there's some undesirables bent on vandalizing the pool again now that it's finally gotten nice and clean. I figured I'd catch them and punish them, but no such luck so far. Hahaha! too bad, so sad, no sense getting mad*...!!

( * TL Note: Madara's line here is a pun on "zannen munen mata raishuu" (too bad, so sad, better luck next time): instead he says "zannen munen mata rainen"— same sentiment but now it rhymes. )"


Special Event mini 2/3

Reminiscence*Ryusei Bonfire Madara Mikejima Special Event 2
"Well, I should probably start heading home, but, Kanata-san, what are you going to do?

If you still haven't had your fill of bathing, I can stick around a little longerrrr...! I said I'm going home, buuuut I don't really have anything i need to do. I'd rather stay since I'd be worried you might drown while I'm gone...!"

Choice 1 たまには、『よりみち』したいです
Sometimes... I want to take "detours" on the way home.
Possibility 1 Character response: "Ohhh...!!!!! Kanata-san said he wants to take a detour!!! Oopsie! Sorry, sorry— I didn't mean to yell! I was just soooo surprised! Ahh, you're more than welcome to stop by anywhere you like! Where do you want to go? No matter where you go, I'll go with you* ♪

( *TL Note: the verb here used to mean "to go with someone"/"to accompany someone" is also the same verb used to mean "to date someone." )"

Possibility 2 Character response: "A detour... Soooo, I'm guessing you want to stop by the ocean? No? Huh. I thought that, since it's you, you'd want to take a detour to the ocean for sure. Then, where do you want to go? Please let Mama know ♪"
Choice 2 ぼくも、かえります
I'll also... go home.
Possibility 1 Character response: "All~right, let's hold hands all nicely and go home... ☆ But you can't go home if you're dripping wet, huuuh... Kanata-saaaan, do you have a change of clothes on you? Ohhhh, you have your gym uniform in your classroom? Gotcha, Mama will go and get it for you ♪"
Possibility 2 Character response: "Then let's get ready to go! Do you have your school bag? How about your gym uniform? Huh? You're saying you don't need to take your gym uniform home? Kanata-saaan, hasn't it been a preeetty long time since you brought your gym uniform home? I reaaaally think you should take it home and wash it...!"

Special Event mini 3/3

Reminiscence*Ryusei Bonfire Madara Mikejima Special Event 3
"Kanata-saaan, they're selling taiyaki at the food cart over there...! After bathing soooo much, your stomach must be empty! Why don't we go buy some? Of couuuurse, it'll be Mama's treat... ♪"
Choice 1 『たいやき』って、なんですか?
What's... "taiyaki"?
Possibility 1 Character response: "Kanata-san, you've never had taiyaki befoooore? Seeing is believing! Look, look! That's taiyaki...! ♪ Yep, it's shaped just like the fish you love soooo much! The taste is to die for, too, so i hope you like it...!! ☆"
Possibility 2 Character response: "Taiyaki is a type of sweet in the shape of a tai fish...! Kanata-san, do you want one with red bean paste or cream inside it? Ohh, they have a limited seasonal flavor!! Excuse meeee, I'll have this one! Kanata-san, you okay with the same flavor as me? 'Scuse me, make that two limited seasonal flavors, pleeeeeeeaaaaaase... ☆"
Choice 2 あっ、『おさかな』です~♪
Ah, it's a "Fish"~ ♪
Possibility 1 Character response: "Hahaha! as you'd expect, Kanata-san adoooores fish! Oh! Here's one fresh off the griddle! It hasn't cooled off yet, so if you scarf it down now— Hmm? You might get burned? Ahh, that's right, your weakness is heat, Kanata-saaan...! There, there, let Mama blow on it until it's nice and cool for you... ☆"
Possibility 2 Character response: "Exactly! You've got it! Looks like you're bursting with joy, Kanata-saaan ♪ Mmm? what're you looking here and there for? You don't see any soy sauce? Ummm, well... Taiyaki is a type of sweet, so you don't reeeaaally eat it with soy sauce..."

Note: These minievents appear to contain references to Kanata's management story with Madara.
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