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Normal Event mini.png 1/3

Reminiscence*Ryusei Bonfire Madara Mikejima Normal Event 1.png
"Hahaha! It's tiiiiime for another fun fun lunchtime!!! Should I have tempura soba today? Orrrrrr should I have soba and onigiri?? ... Oh!!! Kanata-san's over there! To meet you here must be fate! Let's have lunch together... ☆"
Choice 1 どっちもいいんじゃないか?
Why don't you just have both?
Possibility 1 Character response: "I do want to eat both, but my choice depends on what's easier for my stomach...! Huh? Ohh, no, I don't have a stomach ache!! I ate too much during breakfast, so I'm still way too full! So I just don't think I'd be able to eat tempura and onigiri, is all... I'm juuust fine, so no need to worry."
Possibility 2 Character response: "Ohh, nice idea...!! ☆ Buuuut, getting both tempura with soba and onigiri is just plain avarice, isn't it? Ahaha, you're just staring at me with a blank face, huh...! Yep yep, then today I'll go all out! Soba and onigiri for lunch it is...☆"
Choice 2 もうたべちゃいました
I've already eaten.
Possibility 1 Character response: "Ohhh, so you've already eaten! Too bad, too bad! Then how about tomorrow? That works for you? Then, tomorrow I'll have lunch with you, Kanata-saaaan! Ahhh, I'm so happy...!! I wish it'd hurry up and be tomorrow alreadyyyyy...!!!! ☆"
Possibility 2 Character response: "Ohhhhh? Kanata-san, what did you have for lunch? Ebi katsudon? but you're saying you weren't interested in the rice so you just ate the ebi? Hahaha, that's juuuust like you, Kanata-san... ♪"

Normal Event mini.png 2/3

Reminiscence*Ryusei Bonfire Madara Mikejima Normal Event 2.png
"What a meal! Oh man, I'm stuffed! It's a bad idea to exercise too much right after you've eaten, buuut...!! I reaaaally want to run my heart out, soooo I'm gonna go run around the school grounds! ♪"
Choice 1 はしるのは、すきじゃないです
I don't like... running.
Possibility 1 Character response: "Ohhh, I see! So you don't like running, Kanata-saaaaan! Ohhh? "What I like is bathing"? I seeee! Sometimes I like swimming, too...!! Welllll, to be more specific, I like all kiiiiinds of exercise... ♪

( TL note: Kanata uses 水浴び, which is used when he "bathes"/pukas in the fountain and such, but it can technically mean "to swim" (like paddling in shallow water) too, so Madara replies with 泳ぐ (actual verb for swimming). )"

Possibility 2 Character response: "Don't say that! Running feels great... ♪ Huh? You're saying you already feel good when you soak in water and let yourself float in it? True, true, it does feel great to let yourself float when you're out swimming! You got me there ☆"
Choice 2 いってらっしゃい
See you, then.
Possibility 1 Character response: "See you lateeeeeegghhGHA!? Kanata-san, you'll make me choke if you yank me toward you by the necktie like that, so maybe try not to...? Hmmmm? You want to come along, Kanata-san? Of course you can! You're always welcome!! Let's run together!

( TL note: When Madara is going off to run, Kanata tells him "itterasshai," and Madara begins to reply with "ittekimasu." These are usually what you say when you're seeing someone off from home / leaving home, respectively. )"

Possibility 2 Character response: "Ahaha, you're sending me off with a warm smile! Hmmmm~ Kanata-san, how do you feel about running together? Ah, you'll refrain? Cut right to the chase! If your feelings change, I'd like if you joined me! I'd welcome you with open arms...!! ♪"

Normal Event mini.png 3/3

Reminiscence*Ryusei Bonfire Madara Mikejima Normal Event 3.png
": Oooooi! Kanata-saaaaaan!! You said you'd be waiting at the grounds but you weren't there, so I've been looking everywhere for you...! Huh~ Kanata-saaaan, are you bathing in the fountain?"
Choice 1 いっしょに、どうですか?
Would you like to bathe together...?
Possibility 1 Character response: "Jumping for joy! I'd love to have the honor of joining you...!! ☆ Splaaaaash...! Ahaha, we're both completely soaked! Noooow then, what should we play? Water guns? Ohh!! you shot me! i won't go easy on you, either...! Bakyun bakyu~n... ☆"
Possibility 2 Character response: "While it makes me happy you'd invite me... I'm pretty big, so wouldn't I just get in the way? You'll get out so there's room for me? No, no, it's okay— it's not the bathing that i'm interested in.* I don't want to be a bother, so I'll refrain...!

( * TL Note: slight liberty with this line. What's meant here is that it's not that he wants to bathe exactly, but more like he'd only want to do it with Kanata— so there's no point in doing it if Kanata gets out of the fountain. )"

Choice 2 ぷか、ぷか… ♪
Puka, puka... ♪
Possibility 1 Character response: "Ahaha, you look like you're enjoying yourself...! When kanata-san seems happy, I'm happy, too! Maybe I should bathe with you~? Kanata-san, I'll be intrudiiiiiing...! ☆"
Possibility 2 Character response: "Mm...? Kanata-saaan, don't tell me you're drowning!? You really are drowning! Hold on! Mama'll save you ASAP...!! Ohh, he lifted his face from the water!? You just wanted to float face-down in the water for a minute? Goootcha, I really thought you were drowning so I panicked...!"
Note: These minievents appear to contain references to Kanata's management story with Madara.