Writer: 結城由乃 (Yuuki Yoshino) Requirements: Intimacy Level 15
Rei Sakuma Sub Story Part 3
Season: Spring (春) Location: Light Music Club Room

You there. Do you have business here?

You say you’ve forgotten something? Hmm, you say something strange. Only I and those related are allowed to step in here.

It’s impossible for you, who has yet to exchange a blood contract with me, to forget something here, however.

No need to be so afraid. It’s a simple joke. You can enter the room without a blood contract with me.

It’s possible for anyone to come in if they went to the faculty office and took the club room key.

Well, they must by fairly curious to come see the Light Music Club, which is hardly active nowadays.

Music Room…? No, this isn’t the music room; it’s the Light Music Club Room.

The first and second music rooms are nearby, so you must have gotten them mixed up.

You are a little careless, are you not? Ohh, your face is red.

They do say that people turn red when they feel ashamed, but it appears they really do. I’ve made a new discovery…♪

I am a vampire, so I have lived through the long passages of time.

I’ve inhabited this academy and seen numerous students off, but it’s been a while since I’ve last seen a human like you.

I may be able to truly awaken if I turn your blood into my own flesh and blood.

However on second thought, I don’t particularly like blood, and I feel dizzy whenever I see it dripping off meat.

I’ve never drooled at the sight of blood, and although I do like meat, I prefer dry-cured ham best.

That salty taste truly is addicting…♪

Hmm. Chatting with you was so enjoyable I had forgotten about the time; it’s about time I leave.

I am in an “unit” by the name of “UNDEAD”.

Our members will be gathering at the dance room for practice.

I do act as the leader of “UNDEAD”, more or less. I cannot afford to be late.

Nevertheless… Do you not think it’s a tad cruel for me to be in “UNDEAD” just because I’m a vampire?

I may be sturdier than a human, however vampires have weaknesses as well. The biggest being the sun.

Since I am a true progenitor, mere sun rays have no effect on me, but as expected, I don’t feel very good.

Moreover, I don’t attack humans, either. I can bear handling the sunlight I don’t like, but being treated as the undead is cruel, is it not…?

It’s no use saying this and that about our “unit” name, I suppose.

…It’s fortunate our outfits were inexpensive, seeing as they seem to fit the concept.

Miss Transfer Student, you should think of this as a future warning and listen well. You should think carefully before deciding your “unit” name.

It’s possible you may regret your decision if you chose it due to the influence at the time. Be sure to always remember what I say.

Translation: Creampuffs
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