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Writer: 結城由乃 (Yuuki Yoshino) Requirements: Intimacy Level 10
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Season: Spring (春) Location: Garden Space

It’s unusual to meet someone in this place.

Me? I’m taking a walk. I enjoy walking in this garden you see. That doesn’t mean I'm not a bit unsteady.

After all I am a Vampire. I find the sunlight detestable.

However the conditions here are quite nice, because of the thick vegetation.

If it weren’t, would not walking around like this would be suicide

It's calm here but in other places it is very disturbing. At this time the Dining Hall is especially loud and annoying.

Places where people don’t often frequent are perfect for one such as myself.

But Young miss transfer student you prefer the exciting places don’t you? That’s no good.

In other words how did make time to be alone?

There are always people around you are there not? If it's me I would want a place to not worry and listen to the young lady.

Look well at this, I am the leader of the group 『 UNDEAD』. If there is trouble I am the one who handles it.

That aside 『 UNDEAD』 is full of members with lots of personality.

Maybe it's because they prefer to do things by themselves, but there is some new trouble everyday.

Even so it is also important to have time where you don't have to think about anything.

You too young lady, Not only 『 Trickstar』 but also the student council give you a headache don't they?

That’s not the only problem, Young lady you seem to have a bad habit of sticking your neck out for various things. However, That’s not a bad thing

If the young lady had not transferred, this school would have to endure a rather boring peaceful state. So for breaking that peace, many of the student are grateful, myself included.

Well, the student council and the young lady are often in conflict it seems.

In other words it seems like the young lady has to put up with too many things. You should not rush into life just because you are young.

Will you not take a more relaxed approach like myself?

Well that’s all right. Young miss transfer student, if there is time will you go out with me again?

Taking a walk alone is good, unexpectedly it is also nice with company.

What does the young lady think of this Yumenosaki school, I look forward to hearing about it.

Speaking with young people sometimes is quite fun. Now, young lady. Will you let me hear what the young lady thinks, what does she want to accomplish, I want to hear about it at length....

Translator: Enstars Translates
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