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Writer: 日日日 (Akira) Requirements: Intimacy Level 2
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Season: Spring (春) Location: School Gates

Excuse me, young lady. My apologies, but do lend me your shoulder.

Relax. I’m not going to feed on you. I’m the type of vampire that can satisfy himself on tomato juice alone. But that makes me no less a noble vampire. The dead of night is my true domain.

Being exposed to the vexing light of morning is like lying on a bed of nails. In other words, I don’t feel refreshed at all upon waking up.

Ah, how my head spins….

But don’t make light of me, young lady. It’s due to the vast amount of magical power I hold within me that allows me to walk around during daylight like this.

Meanwhile, my beloved younger brother is unable to take a step from his bed. No matter how many times I tried to wake him, he wouldn’t budge.

Well, it can’t be helped. He’s still only a fledgling of a vampire, after all. It is my duty to guide him in our ways.

But for some reason, lately, my younger brother… Ritsu, dislikes even coming to school with me.

I wonder what makes him so against it. Is he in his rebellious phase….?

Even when I offer him a parasol or cloak to protect him from sunlight, drawing from the knowledge of our ancestors, he stubbornly refuses to accept them. Even when I’ve gone to the trouble of selecting ones with such cute designs for him, I wonder why?

Ah, my apologies. Once you get to my age, all you do is complain. It’s quite troubling… The ramblings of an old man must be boring for a young one like you, no?

Long story short, it’s quite difficult for our kind to live in harmony with humans. But it won’t do to stay confined in my coffin all day.

Ugh…. My apologies, young lady, but I truly have started to feel dizzy. I do hate to ask, but might you help carry me to the infirmary? I’m sorry to have to rely on your youth….

Scene Change: Infirmary
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You have my thanks, young lady. I appreciate you carrying me all this way.

You’re stronger than you appear. Although I thought you to be a delicate girl, you were able to transport me to the infirmary with such ease.

I’m beginning to thirst for that abundant vitality you have. I long for that blood. It would be the best meal that I’ve had for many days, ahaha….♪

But in reality, the taste of iron makes me gag whenever I try to drink blood. I prefer the nutritional supplement that’s inside that first-aid kit.

I hate to bother you, but won’t you get it for me? And water as well, if you would. Ah, also, close the curtains for me. My head hurts when it’s too bright.

You have my thanks. I’m indebted to you, young lady. It’s been a long time since I’ve been shown this much kindness. Perhaps it’s much too soon to cast aside humankind, no?

I won’t forget this debt.

I dwell within this school, ruling from the shadows as a noble vampire…. I’m very familiar with the darkness that’s unknown to all of you. If ever there’s something you wish to know, my knowledge, vast enough to be called the walking dictionary of Yumenosaki Academy, should serve you well.

My apologies, but I’d like to rest a while. You should take care not to be late for class now.

Wake me once it’s nighttime, dear girl who is the embodiment of vitality itself.

Translator: Enstars Translates
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