Rei Sakuma Management Story 3 - With Ritsu Sakuma
Rei Story 3
Location: Main Gate
(Older Brother's Love) Rei Sakuma Full Render

Ritsu~! Are you leaving for home? I’m so glad I came across you by total chance when I least expected it. ♪

Going straight home is nice and all, but wouldn’t you enjoy a little detour with big brother every now and then?

I found a store in the shopping district that might interest you, Ritsu. Let’s have a peaceful time together as brothers. ♪

(Sleepy) Ritsu Sakuma Full Render

… you’ve got the wrong person. I don’t know you at all. Keep bugging me and I’ll call for a teacher, okay?

(Older Brother's Love) Rei Sakuma Full Render

Ehh?! It’s me! Your big brother! Please don’t act like I’m a stranger~!

(Sleepy) Ritsu Sakuma Full Render

Ugh, you’re such a pain… I’m waiting for Maa-kun. Think you can get out of my face since you’re in the way?

(Older Brother's Love) Rei Sakuma Full Render

Uuu… it feels like I might freeze to death what with how cold you’re being today, Ritsu.

(Sleepy) Ritsu Sakuma Full Render

Aren’t you an immortal vampire? You’re seriously getting annoying, though. I said quit following me.

… ah, it’s Maa-kun. Heeey, Maa-kun. Treat me to a soda for making me wait~. ♪

(Older Brother's Love) Rei Sakuma Full Render

R-Ritsu… you looked so cheerful when you ran over to Isara-kun… kkkhh, if only that were me!

That said, I don’t want Ritsu to hate me even more than usual. There’s no way around it, then. I’ll just go home all by my lonesome…

Translation: Mandy
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