Writer: 日日日 (Akira)
Rebellion - 39
Location: Auditorium
Subaru Akehoshi School Dialogue Render

I'm sorry, for worrying you.

I... hardly ever get depressed, myself, so... I don't know why I'm so upset. I'll explain it properly, so that I can sort it out, too.

In an official Dream Fes, the units perform in order starting from the highest ranked one.

After Akatsuki's performance, Ra*bits, who I came to cheer on... Shinonon's unit- had their performance, but...

I was surprised, you know. No, I was scared.

Akatsuki's performance... After it ended... almost all of the audience... left the auditorium.

Even though Ra*bits' performance hadn't even begun yet... nobody was there. Even though the auditorium is this big, only the transfer student and I were there.

The majority of the audience members... vanished like the receding tide.

Hokuto Hidaka School Dialogue Render

I bet, huh?

That the rule is that the performances in official Dream Festivals start with the highest ranking unit, is "that sort of thing".

In performances in things like normal theater, there are "opening performances".

Short performances are left to new performers and to those with great promise who have not yet budded. Their existence is made known.

But in the official Dream Festivals-... no, in Yumenosaki Academy, we don't have that.

The popular, higher ranked units do their performances first. When the audience has seen that, they go home.

Without even having their existence acknowledged, the unpopular units that nobody knows are unable to get people to watch their performances.

That's why... the tables are never turned at Yumenosaki Academy.

That's why... when the student council's performance ends, the audience goes home.

In reality, there is no need to watch any performance other than the student council's. No matter what, no one will win against the student council. Just watching them is a waste of time.

That atmosphere is pervasive. It is a natural consequence. The audience has no obligation to stay until the end.

As part of the protest by guys who dislike that sort of status quo, unofficial Dream Festivals have suddenly risen in popularity, but...

In those, without any concern for ranking or popularity... with performances going on at the same time and such, they have an eye to allowing there to be a fair match.

But the official Dream Festivals... have become events in which "you just watch the student council's performance and vote for them." They are a mere sham. They aren't even matches anymore.

Because the audience goes home, the units who perform after cannot get votes.

Without even needing to tally them, every time, the student council wins by majority of votes.

Nobody... can win against the student council.

Subaru Akehoshi School Dialogue Render

I knew that, you know.

No, I should have heard that story countless times. But I... had not understood that fully.

I realized that, you know, watching the Dream Fes today.

I-... See, it seems like I did not really understand what the situation was at this academy. But, I felt it in my body, I experienced it to the point that it was painful.

This kind of thing is weird. There's absolutely something wrong about it. That you can't even have your performance watched...

(Hospitality) Hajime Shino CG2
Subaru Akehoshi School Dialogue Render

Shinonon... he was doing his best. Doing school part-time jobs and stuff, frantically saving money, diligently practicing...

(Considerate) Tomoya Mashiro CG2
Subaru Akehoshi School Dialogue Render

Building up all kinds of thoughts and dreams and hopes with his buddies, he was trying to shine with everything he had, and yet...

(Super Star) Mitsuru Tenma CG2
Subaru Akehoshi School Dialogue Render

Yet, that effort was not recognized one bit. It was miserable, you know. Just remembering it, I can't breathe, it's so painful.

(Snapping Rabbit) Nazuna Nito CG2
Subaru Akehoshi School Dialogue Render

The audience... was just the transfer student and I. But, for our sakes, Ra*bits performed with everything they had.

They were great, you know. The music and the singing and everything. You could see Shinonon's and the others' hard work. My soul trembled. It was such a moving performance, but...

But the only ones who saw it... were the transfer student and me...!

This kind of thing, it's wrong. I feel sorry for Shinonon. That kid's singing voice is really pretty, you know. If they heard it, everyone would be captivated. Like I was.

But in the current Yumenosaki Academy, that kid's voice does not reach anyone!

That kind of thing, it's too cruel, you know...!

Somewhere, I was still treating it like someone else's problem. I was playing around. I joined without really understanding why Hokke and the others were trying to oppose the student council.

If people can smile, that's enough. The student council are idols too, so they'll surely make everyone smile. I believed that.

Because of that, in the bottom of my heart, I thought that it would be fine if we couldn't win against the student council!

But, that wasn't so. At today's Dream Fes, nobody was smiling.

There was nothing but forced smiles. That kind of thing is the same as the squealing of pigs. There is no value in it. Behind those cold smiles, so many tears were being shed!

Shinonon... was crying, you know. He was okay until the performance ended. But after it ended... His cute face was sopping wet and he was sobbing!

If he had cried, having fought and lost fair and square, it would be fine, you know. Because there is value in that. Because it should be that you only grow as strong as the amount of tears you cry.

But Ra*bits-... Shinonon... could not even fight.

If this is "how it always is" at Yumenosaki Academy, if this is the scene that unfolds practically every day...

I... can't accept something like that. I don't want... to see tears like that anymore.

If that nice kid has to cry because of the student council, because of the way Yumenosaki Academy works...

Then I want to destroy them. All of them, every last bit.

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