Writer: 日日日 (Akira)
Rebellion - 36
Location: Empty Classroom
Hajime Shino Rabits Dialogue Render

Akehoshi-senpai~ Please help yourself to some tea ♪

Subaru Akehoshi School Dialogue Render

Thanks, Shinonon!

What perfect service~ Actually, maybe I should've been the one to prepare tea or something. You guys will be heading over to your Dream Fes soon, won't you?

(Hospitality) Hajime Shino CG
Hajime Shino Rabits Dialogue Render

Oh, no, you're the guests, so please relax. Here, there's some for you too, Transfer Student-san ♪ Do you like orange pekoe?

Nazuna Nito Rabits Dialogue Render

All this after I told you guys not to be too relaxed. Oh, whatever. I'll get the cables connected and play the footage on the classroom's TV, okay~? There ☆

Tomoya Mashiro Rabits Dialogue Render

Ooh, as expected of the broadcasting committee. You're pretty skilled, you know?

Nazuna Nito Rabits Dialogue Render

I set up streaming and stuff even for Dream Festivals I'm not personally involved in. I'm used to this~ Hajime-chin, I don't mind if you drink tea, but don't get your costume dirty, okay?

Hajime Shino Rabits Dialogue Render

Oka~y. Everyone, there are chairs, so please have a seat ♪

Nazuna Nito Rabits Dialogue Render

Why are you so big on "hospitality", Hajime-chin...? Anyways, you can only be so relaxed now, got it?

Got the footage. Take a good look at the performance of our opponent, Akatsuki.

Mitsuru Tenma Rabits Dialogue Render

What, where? Lemme see, lemme see ♪

Nazuna Nito Rabits Dialogue Render

Don't lean in like that, Mitsuru-chin. The others won't be able to see~ Jeez, Ra*bits is really like a preschool, huh?

Hajime Shino Rabits Dialogue Render

Ni~chan, there's tea for you as well ♪

Nazuna Nito Rabits Dialogue Render

Thanks. Ahh, seriously, I've been running all over between the auditorium and this empty classroom, so I was thirsty~

Hajime Shino Rabits Dialogue Render

Fufu. Good work, Ni~chan ♪

Subaru Akehoshi School Dialogue Render

Oh yeah, it's not a big deal, but why are you "Ni~chan"?

Nazuna Nito Rabits Dialogue Render

That's because my last name is "Nito". It gives off a nice mature feel like "Onii-chan", doesn't it~? *gulp gulp* The tea's great ♪

Subaru Akehoshi School Dialogue Render

(Hm~ Ni~chan? That's adorable. It's really hard to believe he's a third year. Can this group of pipsqueaks truly fight with the student council?)

(Well, I guess we in Trickstar don't have the leisure to worry about others, do we?)

(More importantly, this is Akatsuki, the strongest thing the student council's got at the moment.)

(Seeing as we're planning to oppose the student council, there's nothing for me to lose from getting a look at their performance.)

(I just came to cheer for Shinonon, so I guess it's an unexpected bonus. If they're going up against them anyways, I'd like Shinonon's unit to clobber the student council, but...?)

(Shinonon's been doing his best, after all. All that hard work and passion should pay off.)

Nazuna Nito Rabits Dialogue Render

Nnn, that's unfortunate. The first song just ended, and they're about to move on to their second number~

While we can, let's share what background info we have on Akatsuki. ...Tomo-chin, would you explain?

Tomoya Mashiro Rabits Dialogue Render

Why me? Well, I'd like to question it, but I guess I am the most qualified.

After all, I was just a fan for a long time before becoming an idol. I actually know a decent amount about the idols in this academy.

Umm. You could call Akatsuki the academy's strongest unit in the absence of the student council president.

They've got a Japanese theme. They specialize in grounded performances based on traditional Japanese culture.

I guess you could say they're conservative, but that also means they're solid and steady.

Traditional arts are the fruits of entertaining skills that humans have built up over hundreds of years of music history.

With how they've honed those skills to carry them out perfectly, there's a sense of weight and depth in Akatsuki's performances that more shallow art can't bring out.

Their traditional art is like a giant tidal wave. No one can oppose it, so they get swept away and instantly suppressed. They're on the high road, so nothing can shake them.

The strength of Gagaku[1], classics, and traditional arts is the weight of the history that they carry.

Hajime Shino Rabits Dialogue Render

Such amazing people are our opponents...?

Mitsuru Tenma Rabits Dialogue Render

Ahem! We already took our opponents being tough into consideration, yanno! Let's go for broke!

Nazuna Nito Rabits Dialogue Render

What's that going to do for you~? If we're gonna do it, we're gonna win, you guys.

Those moldy old performing arts won't resonate with young people. Idols are part of youth culture. We're not gonna let some old relics act all self-important, got it~?

(That said, while Akatsuki honors traditional culture, they arrange it to suit modern styles. It's got weight and depth, but it also resonates with the youth. It's perfect. They're too strong.)

(The skills of the individual members making up the unit are too advanced as well. To top it off, they've got the power of the academy's highest authority, the student council, and they even have the academy backing them too.)

(They really are the reigning champions... To be honest, we might not have a chance of winning~)

(Still. I'm the oldest, so I can't let myself falter. I need to keep my composure.)

(If my fearless little rascals... If they could make the absolute most of their individual traits, then there's still a chance, however small.)

(Rushing in recklessly without looking won't do any good, though. They'd just be dancing on the palms of the student council's hand.)

(An "Onii-chan" like me who's got it together has to look out for them~♪)

(Besides, it's not like they'll die if they lose. Even if these kids lose, they'll just take it as something to grow from.)

(My partners are a bunch of kids whose only redeeming feature is their cuteness, but for all their inexperience, they have infinite room to grow.)

(Even though they have such a promising future ahead of them...)

(With how Yumenosaki is now... They'll just spend three years shivering with their heads hung timidly, walking on eggshells around the student council. That's not right.)

(Even if it's just a little, I'll support them so they can shine. That's my role.)

(Alright ♪ You'd better watch out, Student Council, I'll show you~!)

  1. Gagaku is a style of old Japanese court music.
Translation: Linnæus
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