Writer: 日日日 (Akira)
Rebellion - 32
Location: Hallway
Subaru Akehoshi School Dialogue Render

Whoa, school's already ended, huh? The sun's setting!

We spent a really long time in the Light Music Club's Clubroom, didn't we? As you'd expect, my voice has gotten all hoarse from all that singing.

Aren't you tired too, Transfer Student~?

You're a little unlively. Don't force yourself too much, tell me properly when it seems it'll be bad, okay? I'm not really attentive to that sort of thing after all, you know~?

If you don't tell me, I won't know so...

If it was Hokke~ he could look after others reliably, though. Would it really be okay for you and me to act "alone together", Transfer Student?

But well, those were Sakuma-senpai's instructions, right? Let's get along for a while, Transfer Student ♪

... You're really down, aren't you? Are you okay? Shall we go to the infirmary~?

Hm~m. You're worried that you haven't done any producer-like stuff?

Well, it seems somehow like that role was taken by Sakuma-senpai, right~?

That's fine, isn't it? It's like being shown an example to start.

Transfer Student, you'll be fine if you increase what you can do, one thing at a time, and do those properly ♪

Let's grow together, okay? Our aim is first place at Yumenosaki Academy! The number one star~☆

That's right, huh~? First up is... Transfer Student, are you strong in things like sewing?

No, I thought that you might be able to do it since you're a girl. We've just formed together as a unit so...

We don't have exclusive outfits, the coveted exclusive unit outfits~♪

Right, right. Basically, we've been wearing the outfits that the school provides us with at Dream Festivals, but y'know...

Every unit is allowed to wear their own exclusive outfits.

If we can have exclusive outfits, doesn't it feel as if we've grown up even as a unit?

That's why I've been longing to have them. If we're using common costumes... if everyone is wearing the same thing, it's boring, isn't it?

We could also buy some great ones with the school currency, but it will be expensive and will take time to complete, right?

If they can be made ourselves, it'll be cheaper~☆

If we could have you do even just the design, it'd be a big help. If you're interested, think about it. Something cool that would suit us, I'll leave that part to you ☆

I'll be fine with anything that feels like that, so it'll be great if you can do it even if it's just little by little. I'll do my best, so Transfer Student, you do your best too, okay?!

The dream's growing, isn't it~? I'm all excited! Transfer Student, you too, if you feel that way, I'd be glad ☆


Ahaha, you're still wearing that gloomy face, huh? Smile, smile! Alriight, I'll make a trillion funny faces for you! Look, look, I'm Hyottoko[1]~☆

Ahaha. You can't laugh, huh? After you transferred, you've been suddenly dragged into problems, like a huge wave, huh~?

The future is unknown and the enemy is powerful, and the one beside you is someone like me who doesn't make any sense!

It can't be helped that you'd get all blue over that, right, Transfer Student?

But, y'know, it's way better than before you came here. Because there's a future. Because there's a dream-- there's hope.

Because we can move forward. Because we don't have to stay standing in the same place forever.

So that's why, I'm also super grateful to you, Transfer Student.

Hokke~ and Ukki~ too. Each and every one of us. We were waiting for you. We were waiting for when the tide would change, for the time to set sail.

Transfer Student, you might not know it yourself, but... In this academy, where it felt like time had stopped, you set things... You set us... in motion.

You gave us possibilities. Opened a door to the future.

Someone that Yumenosaki Academy hasn't had until now... A girl... a producer...

And not just that, you came to our class! I'm really glad. I feel it's kinda like it was fate ♪

To be burdened with something so heavy all of a sudden, and to be set up like some kind of savior...

You might be all confused by it, but we're really expecting a lot from you!

Uh huh, I'm really grateful! I'll say it again, welcome to Yumenosaki Academy ♪

I think you don't know anything yet about what you are, and what you should do, but if that's the case, then it'll be okay if we looked for that together, right~?

I won't let you get bored at all, I'll show you a whole lot of fun, so I'll give you plenty of sparkly things as presents!

I'll give you lots and lots of brilliance!

I'll give you a happy youth! Uh huh, I believe we can let it unfold together~♪

  1. Hyottoko is a popular fictional character in Japan with a comical appearance. Subaru's probably imitating the way his mouth is puckered and skewed to the side.
Translation: Riitranslates
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