Writer: 日日日 (Akira)
Rebellion - 26
Location: Light Music Clubroom
Yuta Aoi School Dialogue Render

Right, Anzu-san, do a turn there ♪

Hinata Aoi School Dialogue Render

Follow after our movements, okay? You can dance a lovely dance!

Right, lift your right arm ♪ Lift your right foot ♪

Yuta Aoi School Dialogue Render

Lift your left arm ♪ Lift your left foot ♪

Hinata Aoi School Dialogue Render
Yuta Aoi School Dialogue Render


Yuta Aoi School Dialogue Render

Ahaha, she flopped over. You're so obedient~ Oneesan.

(Bouncing Synchronization) Hinata Aoi CG
Hinata Aoi School Dialogue Render

But from the looks of it, she's an amateur at both dancing and singing, huh~? Is this one really an "amazing person" as Sakuma-senpai says?

Yuta Aoi School Dialogue Render

The things that Sakuma-senpai says and does are hard to bear, but he doesn't lie. I think. Probably. If you doubt that, then Sakuma-senpai'd just be a "troublesome person", right?

Hokuto Hidaka School Dialogue Render

That is... That's the transfer student. Just what in the world is she doing?

Subaru Akehoshi School Dialogue Render

They're making her wear some cute clothes, huh~? What is it? It's sparkling~ ♪

Makoto Yuuki School Dialogue Render

Girls look really good in frilly, fluttery things, huh~?

I was also made to wear those sorts of things when I was little. Uurgh, the trauma's coming back!

Hokuto Hidaka School Dialogue Render

Sakuma-senpai. What are you making our transfer student do? Depending on the circumstances, I won't forgive you!

Rei Sakuma School Dialogue Render

You had better be careful how you speak to me, boy.

It isn't admirable to use words that would make enemies, is it? ...You're at a point now where you want to gain even so much as a single new ally in order to fight the student council, are you not?

Hokuto Hidaka School Dialogue Render

...? Why do you know that we're hoping to rebel against the student council?

Rei Sakuma School Dialogue Render

I know everything. If it has to do with this academy, I know it all.

It is because you are just a little careless. Even a fool would notice it. You should act with more caution.

In any case, your courage to strike against the student council, who act like the rulers of this academy, is good. I am evaluating you, you see?

However, clawing around the academy's system with half-hearted resolution is troubling as well.

I do not want to have anything to do with matters of the daytime. However, when guns are firing all around me, it disturbs my sleep, you see?

Because of that, I thought to try measuring you. Thus, I summoned you to my castle in the Light Music Club clubroom.

Even so, I have yet another reason. It seems that one of my children has caused you trouble. I thought that I should apologize.

Would you forgive my no good dog for yesterday's Dream Fes...?

(Mad Dog) Koga Oogami CG
Rei Sakuma School Dialogue Render

Poochie, won't you apologize properly as well?

Koga Oogami School Dialogue Render

Mmmfhh~!? Mhhhgh~!

Hokuto Hidaka School Dialogue Render

Ah, Oogami. Why has he been gagged and left in a corner of the room?

Rei Sakuma School Dialogue Render

Kukuku. It's because our Poochie hasn't learned his proper manners. He readily tries to bite.

Even though I told him to apologize, he threw a tantrum saying things such as "I absolutely don't wanna apologize", you see?

If he is unable to even apologize, then I felt that he had no need of his mouth. It is not a gag, but a muzzle that I have made him wear over his mouth, you see...♪

The mess that the dog has made is my responsibility as his owner. In place of my rather disobedient Poochie, I shall be the one to apologize.

I am sorry. I owe you a favor, don't I?

Hokuto Hidaka School Dialogue Render

Yesterday, Oogami was blown off the stage and crashed into Transfer Student, making her faint. Is this apology for that?

If so, please say it to the transfer student rather than to us.

I couldn't protect Transfer Student, either. She was injured. I did her wrong, too. There's no reason to apologize to me.

Rei Sakuma School Dialogue Render

I see, I see. Indeed, you're rather earnest. However, you're inexperienced, like a fruit that has not yet fully ripened. Isn't it too early for a harvest?

Besides that, you are narrow-minded. The young miss Transfer Student is also not a doll with no will of her own. She is not an object made of papier mache, that is unable to do anything, is she?

She is thinking for herself and staying by your side of her own will. That you did not notice that, that you pretend not to see it, it is foolish of you, is it not?

You are hesitating to depend upon the young miss Transfer Student, who is no more than a frail young girl, however...

That she cannot get you to rely on her is also rather lonely in and of itself, isn't it?

You are reluctant to hurt her, holding yourself back. It is hypocritical to declare that you are comrades and allies.

They are empty words without substance. Even though "such things" are necessary for you, are they not?

Hokuto Hidaka School Dialogue Render


Rei Sakuma School Dialogue Render

Until you can understand that, I cannot afford to let you handle a dangerous thing such as the transfer student.

That's right, isn't it? Perhaps I shall make effective use of her by including her in my own UNDEAD or the twins' 2wink?

There is no problem, is there? It should be that the young miss Transfer Student is not yet affiliated with any unit.

She hasn't officially become your ally.

If she applies for it, we will be ready to welcome her into our unit. We would make much better use of the young miss Transfer Student, wouldn't we?

Hokuto Hidaka School Dialogue Render

I can't overlook that. I respectfully but adamantly object.

Certainly, we are lacking. We are poor in skill and everything else.

However, the transfer student is our hope. We won't let her be snatched away, even by the likes of you, one of the Three Oddballs.

I have already stopped obediently doing what those of higher status than me have told me to do.

Rei Sakuma School Dialogue Render

Kukuku. If you have complaints, come and challenge me. You should get reckless and take back the transfer student from within my grasp.

If you're a boy, you should grasp your dreams with your own hands.

If it seems that you cannot even overcome me, fighting against the student council is beyond your wildest dreams.

You boys, it would be best to try and marvelously rescue the transfer student being held captive by us of the Light Music Club.

If she is important to you, if you truly think of her as an ally in the same position, that is.

Divine protection and weapons are bestowed upon heroes who have eradicated evil demons. It can give them the power in order to clear away suffering and advance towards the future.

If that is your wish, then come forward. It is good for heroes to challenge things.

If you cannot take the first step forward, no matter how much time passes, you will remain as boys.

You cannot become heroes. Without gaining anything, you will only die a futile death.

I am expecting much of you, young ones, who have futures ahead of you. Please show me a brilliant future that I do not yet know...♪

Translation: Riitranslates
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