Writer: 日日日 (Akira)
Rebellion - 18
Location: Staff Room
Jin Sagami School Dialogue Render

Ah~... Atchoo!

Ungh, I wonder if someone's been talking behind my back. Man, a doctor shouldn't neglect his health. I swear on my sweet little students' names that I'll stop drinking before bed.

Hm? Sounds like we're both feeling under the weather, huh, Transfer Student?

Well, you probably really do have rumors being spread about you by someone or another. It seems like you're the center of attention, aren't you~? Right, Producer-chan?

You really went all out from the first day since you transferred in~

You started one hell of a mess, you know. My colleagues have been whining and bitching at me... Ugh, my stomach hurts. My condition's so bad, I'd love to just head home and sleep.

C'mon, you~ I'm your homeroom teacher. Try putting yourself in my shoes. Think about poor sickly me.

Nurse me back to health, would you? I'd rather have you do it than some dirty boy.

You're a girl, after all. I guess it won't be that easy for you to fit in here, huh? Our idiots are always pulling dumb stunts, but don't feel like you need to force yourself to join in, okay~?

Ahhh, I'm not trying to scold you. That kind of teacher-like stuff's a pain in the ass...

I'm just whining. Feel free to ignore it.

You're lucky you've got me for homeroom, Transfer Student. If you were in Kunugi-sensei's class, all you'd hear is his lecture for the rest of the day, you know?

Well, whatever. It's not like you got any serious injuries, just a slight concussion.

We won't know for sure without a proper check-up, but you probably aren't out of sorts anywhere. You're the very picture of health. Must be nice being young~

Oh, yeah. I'm the school's doctor too. Or rather, that's my main job, so if you're ever feeling bad or something happens, come to the infirmary, okay?

I mean, I'm pretty much always in the infirmary. Ask the class representative, Hidaka, if you have any questions about class. I leave all that to him.

You know who Hidaka is, right? He's the guy that looks like personified "seriousness" itself put on some clothes and started walking around ~♪

...It looks like he and his friends might have been trying to indoctrinate you into something weird, though. Think it over yourself how you want to interact with them and make your own decision on it from your heart, got it?

I generally won't go butting into your affairs. Do what you want. I respect students' independence.

Well, that and it'd be a pain to deal with.

I'll turn a blind eye to a certain extent. I'll even clean up your messes for you.

Still, I may be a teacher, but I don't have that much authority, so there's not a whole lot I can do, okay~?

I'm your ally as long as it doesn't cause me trouble. I'm your homeroom teacher, after all.

Well, you're all still young...

You'll run into obstacles, but it would be good for you to try getting over them by working hard, joining forces with the guys around you, and trying all sorts of things.

That's the sort of stuff we teachers can't teach you, the sort that you'll come to treasure in your life.

Regretting it once you're a worn-out fart like me won't do you any good, so...

Throw yourself into the things you like with all your strength while you're still young. You can look back on it all later when you run out of steam.

Or so~mething like that...

Uuugh, I really feel awful. I've got chills.

I think I really will drop dead if any more problems crop up.

Oh, whatever. Enjoy your youth, Transfer Student. Charge right in. Even if you're lost, give it all you've got.

And if you ever look like you're going down, I'll be here to give you a gentle supporting push from the behind, just like this...[1]

Ah, ow! I was just kidding, just kidding! Who'd lust after a shrimp like you!?

Ohhh, that hurt... You're more brutal than your appearance lets on, aren't you?

Hmph. Well, it looks like you're more than energetic enough, so I guess you'll be able to hold your own in this academy full of stupid boys one way or another. Probably. I don't really know, though.

Oh, whoops, the first bell will ring any minute now. Hurry on back to the classroom. Sorry I called you out here.

For now, in the short amount of time since your transfer, there's still a ton of information for you, right~?

Here, I'll give you your textbooks and stuff. There are a few things missing, so get one of your classmates to share.

Get along with the guys in class, okay? Try not to neglect your schoolwork, either. If you're ever tired or injured, come to the infirmary.

...Uhhh, was there anything else I was supposed to tell you?

Well, who cares? At any rate, go on and enjoy your youth. Keep it in moderation, not so much that you'd hurt yourself.

I'll always be watching over you from afar. Y'know, Having a beer or something, doing whatever.

  1. as in he just touched her butt oh Jin
Translation: Linnæus
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