Writer: 結城由乃 (Yuuki Yoshino)
Rainy Season's Blossoms - 9
Location: Garden Space - West
(Hydrangea) Rei Sakuma Full Render
Young miss, why are you staring me? Is there something on my face?

Hm, you received a call from the Aoi-kun twins……… From Hinata-kun? Hinata-kun had some kind of business with you, right?

Well, it’s fine. If he said “we”, then Yuuta-kun must be involved as well. Maybe even Doggy.

If they say they’re coming here, then they must have a reason for that. Maybe we should continue our search for the glasses.

Young miss, please tell me where you found this umbrella.

I see, hm, it was leaning against that chair. Then, in that case, the glasses might be close. Let’s search with our eyes open like saucers.


Ooh, this…! Young miss, I found the glasses under the cushion♪

This unrefined frame is definitely the thing I was searching for………♪

I put it under the desk pad without thinking and felt shivers down my spine, but I was not flawless. Now, I can freely give this back to my friend.

Miss transfer student, thank you.

Hinata Aoi Summer School Wet Dialogue Render
Heeey, Anzu-san, Sakuma-senpai~!
(Hydrangea) Rei Sakuma Full Render
It’s Hinata-kun. And behind him is Yuuta-kun…. Ooh, Doggy is with them too.

The members of the light music club are walking like ducks in a line♪

Yuta Aoi Summer School Dialogue Render
We finally found you~ Sakuma-senpai, we were searching for you two everywhere.

We had a lot of trouble because when we tried calling you there was message saying your phone might have been out of battery, you know?

(Hydrangea) Rei Sakuma Full Render
I did a really bad thing. From now on, I will charge my phone before it runs out of battery, so please, forgive me.

However, I did leave a note, you see? Hmm, maybe the place where I put it was a bad one, but I thought you would find it if I left on the coffin.

Hinata Aoi Summer School Wet Dialogue Render
No, I did notice the note, you know? But I couldn’t read what was written at all.

Sakuma-senpai, please, improve your handwriting a little more. If you write like that, nobody can read it, okay……?

(Hydrangea) Rei Sakuma Full Render
It must have been because I wrote it while I was half asleep. I guess I was too negligent thinking that was legible enough.

I should have asked the miss transfer student to write on my behalf. Anyway, even if I say that, there is nothing that can be done about that now.

Yuta Aoi Summer School Dialogue Render
Uh, there’s also another thing I want to ask you about that. Why were you two together?

Leaving Anzu-san’s jersey on your coffin was a bit suggestive, so that was in my mind too, but…

(Hydrangea) Rei Sakuma Full Render
Miss transfer student tagged along with me on my search.

Actually, it seems she had to help another unit, but…

She said she still had time…… And gave priority in helping me.

Yuta Aoi Summer School Dialogue Render
Ahaha, that sounds like something Anzu-san would do ♪ So, you decided to give a hand to Sakuma-senpai, since he had problems, right?

I feel like Anzu-san would always save us from any kind of trouble♪

(Hydrangea) Rei Sakuma Full Render
I want to be helpful too, since you two are also my beloved children from the light music club ♪ Of course, doggy is included in this.

Doggy. Don’t make such a sullen face and come here.

You also guided these two to this place, right? It seems doggy has grown up while I was unaware. Come here, I’ll pat your head and call you a good boy…….♪

(Field Gambler) Koga Oogami Full Render
Don’t treat me like an idiot! Argh, you bastard! Don’t pat my head, you’re messin’ up my hair rubbin’ it like that, damn!
(Hydrangea) Rei Sakuma Full Render
Oooh, how scary, how scary, doggy. Please, do not bite my hand. …Now, I wonder if I already vaccinated you. Hinata-kun, Yuuta-kun, do you remember?
Hinata Aoi Summer School Wet Dialogue Render
Even if you ask us that, we’ll have trouble, you know?~ Yuuta-kun, do you remember?
Yuta Aoi Summer School Dialogue Render
That doesn’t matter; Oogami-senpai is not a dog, he is a human. If a human is vaccinated, it’s for things like influenza, right?

The flu season is around November, so it’s a bit too soon for that.

(Field Gambler) Koga Oogami Full Render
Urgaaaaaaah! Don’t treat me like a dog!

Well, at least it seems Yuuta is treatin’ me like a person, but you know, I’m a wolf. Don’t make that mistake.

Yuta Aoi Summer School Dialogue Render
Uh? Ah, okay……. Wait, are you sure about that?
Hinata Aoi Summer School Wet Dialogue Render
If it’s Oogami-senpai himself saying that, isn’t it fine?

Look, Yuuta-kun. Don’t forget our purpose here, okay?~ Anzu-san is going to make us famous, right?

Yuta Aoi Summer School Dialogue Render
What? In this timing?! Ummm, although I’d like if you presented a work suited for us……

T-that’s true. If we say something like that so sudden, you’d be troubled.

You say that if you find something for us, you’ll call us…?

Thank you very much. When that happens, I’ll definitely be counting on you.♪

Sakuma-senpai and Anzu-san, you were searching for something, right? I know it can’t be counted exactly as a thanks, but we’ll help you too.

Do you remember what you were searching for?

(Hydrangea) Rei Sakuma Full Render
Yuuta-kun, I am grateful for your offer, but we just found what we were searching for. Look, it was this pair of glasses……♪
Hinata Aoi Summer School Wet Dialogue Render
Ooh, those glasses that look like they've been used for years! But, Sakuma-senpai, was your eyesight bad? You never use glasses, so I didn’t notice.

Or have you been wearing contact lenses?

(Hydrangea) Rei Sakuma Full Render
Just thinking about putting such small lenses in my eyes, it sends shivers down my spine…… Brrrrr.

A friend told me that it would be stylish if I read something while listening to the sound of rain.

Therefore, I endeavored in reading a book I borrowed, but just as I thought, I do not have a good affinity with books. My eyes grew even more tired after I started wearing these glasses.

Thanks to that, I ended up forgetting the glasses here.

I forgot my umbrella too, so I thought it would be better to stay in my coffin than taking a walk on a rainy day.

Yuta Aoi Summer School Dialogue Render
You can’t do that~. It doesn’t matter how pleasant it is staying inside your coffin. It’s not good for your health, not going outdoors.

And also, even under normal circumstances, Sakuma-senpai, you’re completely tired during the daytime and sleep in your coffin.

Even if you go outside after the sun goes down, if you don’t move your body, you’ll become weaker and weaker, you know?

Translation: ensembleuchuu
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