Writer: 日日日 (Akira)
Rainbow - Chapter 46
Location: Saga Stage
Mika Kagehira Rainbow Stage Dialogue Render


(Yeah, now that it’s started, it’s goin’ pretty great. A turn here, then a wink… Am I doing ‘normal idol’ okay?

…It’s a tad too easy though; is that fine?

I thought they’d dictate stuff more by the beat, to the millimeter. I mean, that’s how it is in Valkyrie.

And yet, we’re just given an outline on what to do, the rest being left up to us…

It’s makin’ me anxious. Nah, I mean, I get that Oshi-san’s method is different from the normal.

Oshi-san’s the strongest; he’s special.

Despite that, we lost, fell, and got looked down on as sub-par idols.

That’s how we’re recorded, in this Yumenosaki Academy controlled by the DreamFest system.

That’s why I tried to convince myself. That all the other idols were workin’ harder than us, doin’ much more difficult, high-grade stuff than we were.

If not, then it just wouldn’t make sense – it’d be crazy, right?

The ones gettin’ high evaluation should be the ones who excel. Hard work should be rewarded – and yet.

Ahh… I think I kinda understand how Oshi-san feels.

Inerudites, all of ya! Blinded by numbers and unable to see what’s truly important! Each and every last one of ya!

That’s just crazy! I wanna run around an’ scream it out, but I’m not capable of anything yet!

This is frustratin’, Oshi-san! We’re workin’ harder than all of them! We’re doin’ difficult and wonderful things nobody else can!

But nobody, not one of them can tell a piece of art that should be carved into history when they see it!

We gotta change this situation. We’ll cause a revolution to change their views… For that sake, what I can do now is—

Sing and dance, that’s it! And then gather lotsa money! That’s about all I can do!

Even so! I’ll lift up my life for that sake!)

(A Color of the Rainbow) Mika Kagehira CG2
Mika Kagehira Rainbow Stage Dialogue Render

(You’re probably not here anyway, so I doubt you’re watchin’… but if you notice one day and praise me, that’ll be my reward, Oshi-san.

Come, you inerudites! Soon you’ll turn your heads and realize what blind fools you are! And you’ll feel this frustration I do…!)


Sora Harukawa Rainbow Stage Dialogue Render

(Ooh… Mika-chan-san’s giving off a really sinister color, huh~?

Murky… but hiding a strong, beautiful light within.

Like a volcano storing magma in its chamber~ And it’s right on the verge of erupting.

What’ll happen to the world when it floods out?

It’s scary, but Sora would like to see!

That’s why Sora will stay in this world, on a stage, until that happens, yes~?

So no one will have to be hurt, burnt by the boiling magma, Sora will protect them with the magic Shisho taught!

Protect – their peace and happiness! Because everybody has given Sora peace and happiness! It’s equivalent exchange~ <HaHiHuHeHo~♪>)

Hokuto Hidaka Rainbow Stage Dialogue Render

…Ooh, Ba-barrier’s kind of incredible.

Tori Himemiya Rainbow Stage Dialogue Render

Wow, that’s an uninspired impression if I’ve ever heard one. …well, there’s really no other way to describe them though.

On top of the ridiculous choice of members, all of them are moving as they like, to their own beat…

The only reason they’re managing to keep up appearances is because each of them is highly skilled on their own.

Hokuto Hidaka Rainbow Stage Dialogue Render

Right. Their costumes are high-class, but their songs and choreography both seem to be rented.

And maybe it’s so they could learn them in a short span, but their songs are mostly practice songs made for beginners.

Perhaps you can say that’s the reason they’re holding themselves together despite being an impromptu team.

Those plain, simple tunes have no way to be rearranged – and that means they’d have no way to run crazy with them either.

But that also makes them look cheap. Placed beside our performance, which shows more care and polish, they’ll pale slightly in comparison.

And they just started singing out of nowhere without introducing themselves, despite being a new temporary unit. I thought the audience would be lost, but…

Brought together, these four unique people seem to cause a chemical reaction that turns the practice songs we should’ve heard many times before into a completely different beast.

They seem as if they’re just pushing with their individual gifts, but Kunugi-sensei is skillfully backing them up to string together a sense of unity.

Akiomi Kunugi Rainbow Stage Dialogue Render


Tori Himemiya Rainbow Stage Dialogue Render

Wow, you’re right. The three students really stand out, for better or worse, so Kunugi-sensei’s getting kinda buried? Like it’s hard to take notice of him, but…

When you squint and see, he’s really maneuvering cleverly.

Translation: Kotofucius
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