Writer: 日日日 (Akira)
Rainbow - Chapter 35
Location: Handcrafts Club Room
A few days later, after school
Shu Itsuki Summer School Dialogue Render

… Thus, the idol business entered a long period of cold winter, and all was covered in dark clouds.

Super Idol Sagami Jin brought a momentary prosperity, but any harvest it came with has been eaten up and exhausted…

The industry has struggled to rise beyond its demise to no avail, and despite the many policies they coined as easily as administering drugs, none of them bore fruit.

The idol business has become a mere shell of its former self. What we have now are maggots who have made a nest out of what leftover meat remains – gorging on it and making it all fester…

Once, an incredible man akin to a god built a millennial kingdom by the name of the idol industry, but the curtain will soon fall on it completely.

So before that could happen, I, Itsuki Shuu, thought to become the savior that would open the eyes of the foolish masses to the greatness of art and fill the world with radiance—

Become the unsinkable sun that lights up the world once more and saves all things in existence…

Yet, ahh, what a tragedy! People were so foolish they couldn’t recognize the last hope left in this doomed world when they saw one; and exiled to the wastelands I was!

Kakaka! The foolishness of it all makes me laugh! How ironic and preposterous fate is, don’t you think!?

Great talents such as I and the other Five Oddballs, the only people I consider equals, had appeared once more – and yet!

God and fate have forsaken us!

By the hands of that self-proclaimed Emperor, that accursed Tenshouin, the fake Messiah! Everything fell into decadence! Hope is lost!

From hereon, we are trapped in a world of void where the light of art does not exist! Ahh, the revulsion! I don’t want to live even for a second in such a world!

No! In fact I dare say this world does not deserve my breath! God is dead…!

So go ahead, do the rest on your own, you revoltingly unintelligent, worthless inerudites!

Mika Kagehira School Dialogue Render


Shu Itsuki Summer School Dialogue Render

KAGEHIRA! What flaccid face are you making!? Know of the damage you’re doing to your only good point which is that relatively fine face!

All of you never cease annoying me…!

Mika Kagehira School Dialogue Render

Ouch!? Don’t throw the stuffed toys~? I feel bad for 'em~

Your master’s so violent, isn’t he… There, there. Pain pain go away~♪

Shu Itsuki Summer School Dialogue Render

Hmph. For a failure like you to console a stuffed toy far more well-made than you, as if you’re above it – I haven’t seen a sight more laughable!

You should learn from that stuffed toy, Kagehira! A stuffed toy can soothe whoever sees it, but you aggravate me with just a look!

Be more mindful of your appearance! First of all, why are you still wearing the winter uniform, when it is already time to change to summer!?

Mika Kagehira School Dialogue Render

Nngah~…? Aah, I forgot about that completely. I ended up wasting a lot of time gettin’ wrapped up in Ba-barrier’s formation process.

Ehehe. Thanks a bunch for remindin’ me that it’s time to change ta summer uniform, Oshi-san♪

Shu Itsuki Summer School Dialogue Render

Don’t get happy over being insulted! Aah, you annoy me so much! If hatred could kill…!

Mika Kagehira School Dialogue Render

(Nngah~… Oshi-san’s more furious than ever t’day. Did I press a weird switch or somethin’?

Since I’m gettin’ involved in Project-Saga, I was told I need to study up on the history o’ idols…

…So I brought it up with Oshi-san who seemed like he would know, not expecting 'im to actually answer.

But then he went ahead an’ droned on for… two hours straight, huh?

I’m surprised by how much Oshi-san knows. He must’ve liked idols f’r a long time.

That’s why he worked hard; so the festerin’ idol industry, the world he liked, could be rebuilt again.

That’s Valkyrie, that’s the Sovereign… that’s the top idol, Itsuki Shuu’s way of life.

He’s a great man. Me, I’ve never thought a thin’ while chasing after Oshi-san’s back.

Never thought about wantin’ to know how this world came to be…

Not even havin’ the slightest idea of the workings of an idol, the very figure I’m aimin’ to be.

Well, ya can work a computer without knowin’ how ta program.

That’s how it is, but I’m probably… one of the ‘inerudites’ Oshi-san hates so much.

When I think of it like that, it’s so pathetic. I need t’change for the better, even if just a bit.

And be like Oshi-san. …Inside the dark times, Oshi-san arose, wantin’ to make a change, even on his own.

Yet fine beat 'im and cut off that dream for good.

I don’ think I can forgive that, after all. If the people we lost to are at least anythin’ like Oshi-san—

People with the desire to aim for a bright future, that’s at least one good thing.

But are they? I can’t tell. I’ve only been doin’ campus part-time jobs; like a hermit, I’m barely involved in the affairs of the academy.

We’re completely left behind by the flow of history…

After he talked history t’me, I think I can feel the reality o’ it better: that we’re currently livin’ in a place unrelated to the main storyline.

We were like main characters before… an’ we could’ve possibly been the ones to lead the future direction of history.

But our path got blocked. And I honestly think that’s frustratin’…

I don’t care ‘bout me, but I can’t stand history movin’ forward without Oshi-san bein’ included in there.

What can I do so this person will stand up again?

I guess there’s nothin’ but gatherin’ more funds for now… startin’ with holding lives as Ba-barrier.

Yeah. When I get into this mindset, I think this job stops bein’ nonsense I’m just gettin’ wrapped up in and becomes somethin’ more meaningful.

Right now, I’m becomin’ a cornerstone of future history the way it’s meant t’be.)

Translation: Kotofucius
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