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Normal Event mini 1/3

Radiant☆Hot Holiday Midori Takamine Normal Event 1
"Anzu-san, good afternoon….? Hm? ….Ah, yes. It’s cold today, too…. Do you want anything from that vending machine over there….?"
Choice 1 じゃあ、おしるこで
I’ll have red bean soup.
Possibility 1 Character response: "Ahaha, looks like you’re already in the New Year’s spirit…. I feel like drinking red bean soup now, too. I’ll also buy another one for myself, then…. ♪"
Result: Trust Up
Possibility 2 Character response: "Do they even have red bean soup….? It’s not a popular drink for vending machines, so they might not have it. Could you give me some other choices, too….?"
Result: Red Fragment
Choice 2 私が買ってくるよ
It’s okay, I’ll go buy it.
Possibility 1 Character response: "No, it’s fine…. Huh? She’s already gone….? Anzu-san sure is quick…. I guess that’s what they mean by ‘faster than the eye can see’…."
Possibility 2 Character response: "Eh? No, that’s alright. I mean, I’d feel bad…. Besides, I was the one who asked. You might get snowed on if you stay here, so…. Please wait for me under the eaves ♪"
Result: Trust Up

Normal Event mini 2/3

Radiant☆Hot Holiday Midori Takamine Normal Event 2
"It sure is lively here, isn’t it….? Even the shopping district is all decorated with kadomatsu, which really makes it feel like New Year’s. But the downtown area is still the main attraction…."
Choice 1 もう一年が終わるんだ
It’s already the end of another year.
Possibility 1 Character response: "Once Christmas is over, New Year’s is just around the corner, after all…. There’s all these chances to eat delicious food, too. There’ll be food at the Year-End Party, too, so it makes me worry if I’ll get bigger….?"
Result: Trust Up
Possibility 2 Character response: "Ugh, I can’t believe the year’s already over…. I want to stay as a first year forever, but time just keeps on moving, regardless. It really want by so fast…."
Choice 2 正月といえばお雑煮だよね
New Year’s makes you think of o-zouni, doesn’t it?
Possibility 1 Character response: "Huh, so you cut the carrots into shapes for decorations? Wait, you’re the one who makes it, Anzu-san….? I want to try. I wonder how it tastes…. ♪"
Possibility 2 Character response: "And probably osechi dishes too, right….? It’s so easy to get sick of New Year’s foods…. By February, you start to really miss eating ramen…."

Normal Event mini 3/3

Radiant☆Hot Holiday Midori Takamine Normal Event 3
"Anzu-san, thank you…. You talked to the Student Council for us so we could use the Year-End Party venue as the shooting location for the MV, right? Everyone else was happy about that, too…. ♪"
Choice 1 私も嬉しいよ
I’m happy, too.
Possibility 1 Character response: "I can tell you’re happy just by looking at your face. Even if you don’t talk, it shows on your face…. So it’s easy to know how you’re feeling just by looking at you…. ♪"
Result: Trust Up
Possibility 2 Character response: "‘Banzai’….? Um, how come you’re making me do that pose, too….? Ugh, I don’t get it…."
Choice 2 お役に立てて良かった
I’m glad I could help out.
Possibility 1 Character response: "He said we would have been in the red if we had to rent out a place ourself, so…. I’d call that more than just helping out…. I think it’d be a good idea to invite you more often, Anzu-san…. ♪"
Possibility 2 Character response: "Ahaha, Anzu-san, what’s with that sigh of relief? You’re glad that we didn’t go over our budget….? Ahh, so that’s why you’re relieved."
Result: Blue Fragment
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