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Normal Event mini 1/3

Radiant☆Hot Holiday Kaoru Hakaze Normal Event 1
"Anzu-chan, what a coincidence, running into you here like this! As soon as you turn at that street over there, you’ll find a restaurant. They have a wide selection of drinks, and it looks really fancy inside, too~ ♪"
Choice 1 穴場のレストランですか?
Is the restaurant kind of a hole-in-the-wall?
Possibility 1 Character response: "That’s right. So you remembered~ ♪ It’s my favorite shop, so I’ve barely taken any girls there, either. There aren’t even many people at school who know about it, so it’s about as hole-in-the-wall as you can get ♪"
Result: Trust Up
Possibility 2 Character response: "Ah~ Nah, I wouldn’t say that. There’s a lot of different shops in the downtown area, including cafes. If there’s someplace you wanna go, I’ll take you there ♪"
Choice 2 よく知ってますね
You sure know a lot.
Possibility 1 Character response: "Uh-huh, so just ask me about anything, alright? Even if I don’t know the answer, I’ll look up it on the spot. It’d make me happy if you would think of me whenever you’re in trouble~ ♪"
Possibility 2 Character response: "On dates, I often…. Ah, no, I mean, it’d be boring going to the same place all the time, right? So I just go around checking out new places at random. You’ll accept that as my reason, won’t you?"

Normal Event mini 2/3

Radiant☆Hot Holiday Kaoru Hakaze Normal Event 2
"Hey Anzu-chan. Do you wanna know what my favorite food is? Ahaha, don’t make that face like you don’t care either way. It’s important as a ‘producer’ to know what an idol likes, right?"
Choice 1 知ってますよ?
But I do already know?
Possibility 1 Character response: "Ahaha, then why do you sound more like you’re asking? It’s fine. I might have only mentioned it as a side note once. I’ve forgotten some things too, so don’t worry about it~ ♪"
Result: Trust Up
Possibility 2 Character response: "Huh? Did I ever tell you? Hmm~ I guess I must have forgotten. But, since you know my favorite food, Anzu-chan, I want you to tell me yours, too. That’s fine, right?"
Choice 2 教えてください
Please tell me what it is.
Possibility 1 Character response: "Sure, of course. My favorite food~? It’s pancakes. You won’t make fun of me for seeming childish? You’re so kind, Anzu-chan. I might just fall for you all over again~ ♪"
Possibility 2 Character response: "Ahaha, you don’t have to do it like you’re begging me. If it’s what you wish, I’ll tell you anything, Anzu-chan~ As long as it’s not a touchy subject, I try to talk to girls about everything as much as possible ♪"

Normal Event mini 3/3

Radiant☆Hot Holiday Kaoru Hakaze Normal Event 3
"Coffee and pancakes go together so well~ ♪ Right? When you eat something sweet, it just makes you appreciate the bitterness all the more. Doesn’t it fill you with a luxurious feeling to enjoy both of these flavors at the same time?"
Choice 1 そういうものでしょうか
Is that what it is?
Possibility 1 Character response: "Yep, that’s what it is. Proof holds more weight than mere theory, so why don’t you have a taste, Anzu-chan? I’d be so happy if you started liking the same things as me ♪"
Possibility 2 Character response: "Well, it’s not something you can understand right away. I used to hate how bitter coffee was when I was younger. I guess I became an adult the more I started to appreciate the taste."
Choice 2 何となくわかります
I kind of get what you mean.
Possibility 1 Character response: "Oh, so you get me? I think you and I might have similar tastes, Anzu-chan. It’s important for your tastes to match when you’re working together with someone. It looks like we’ve already got that part down pat ♪"
Possibility 2 Character response: "Thanks~ You agreed with me so that I wouldn’t feel bad, right? I mean, you say you get it, but you’re still tilting your head in confusion. I could tell right away that you only said it to be nice."
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