Present RYUSEITAI Album Countdown Day 1 - 1

Ossu! I’m Ryuseitai’s Ryusei Black, Nagumo Tetora!

Our album’s finally going to be on sale!

It has all our unit songs in it, including our solo songs.

I feel a little tingly about my solo… It’s my first time making one, so…

But having my own song feels special. It makes me feel courageous!

We sung every song with all our feelings, so please listen to them!

Also, starting today, each Ryuseitai member will have something to say.

Please look forward to seeing whose comment is next!

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Present RYUSEITAI Album Countdown Day 2 - 1

I’m Ryuseitai’s Ryusei Green, Takamine Midori…

Umm, we’re going to release an album, so… It’d make me happy if you could listen to it…

I didn’t really notice it until now, but we really have sung a lot of songs, huh…

And this time around, I got to sing a solo for the first time… I hope there’s something in it you could relate to…

There’s a new unit song in the album, too… Please look forward to listening to it.

This was Takamine Midori speaking. Please look forward to seeing who’s next…

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Present RYUSEITAI Album Countdown Day 3 - 1

This is Ryuseitai’s Ryusei Yellow, Sengoku Shinobu!

The long-awaited Ryuseitai Album will be on sale in two days from now~♪

The album contains my own solo!

It is a song filled with everything ninja-like, so I would be very happy to know if I was able to convey the beauty of ninjas to you!

Also, each of our solos are unique in their own way.

The album has all our songs up until now as well as a new unit song, so I hope you find a song you love!

This has been Sengoku Shinobu! Look forward to tomorrow~☆

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Present RYUSEITAI Album Countdown Day 4 - 1

Hehehe, I am Ryuseitai’s Ryusei Blue, Shinkai Kanata…♪

There is only one day left until our album is released~♪

I really can’t wait any longer. I may not be able to sleep tonight.

The album has all the songs we have sung together.

And I also got to sing about my love for the ocean in my solo~♪

If you were to listen to this song while gazing at the ocean… then you too will be able to feel the same thing as I do…♪

It is a song that can relax you a whooole lot, so please do listen to it, okay…? ♪

This was Shinkai Kanata speaking…♪

Tomorrow is the last day. Have you already figured out who it will be~? Ehehe, look forward to it~♪

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Present RYUSEITAI Album Countdown Day 5 - 1
(Burning Shooting Star) Chiaki Morisawa Full Render

Ossu! I’m Ryuseitai’s Ryusei Red, Morisawa Chiaki!

It’s finally the long-awaited album release day!

I’ve also been waiting forever for it to be released!

Have you checked when the store opens? And you’ve got your wallet with you too, right?

Then let’s go to the CD store right away! ☆

Oh, wait! I have to talk about my thoughts on the album first!

This album is a compilation of all our songs. I’d love it if you could listen to each song one by one!

When we listened to it again, we talked about how it reminded us of all kinds of things.

Of how we spent every day performing live shows, seeing so many people smile, and gaining energy from them.

You give us so much energy just by cheering us on—Nothing could make us happier than that!

It’s the very moment that makes us feel extremely glad to be idols! Thank you!

So we wanted to try and show our feelings of gratitude somehow…

(Spirited Shooting Star) Tetora Nagumo Full Render

Hold it right there! Hold!! Taichou, wait a sec!!

You don’t plan on saying everything all by yourself, right?!

(Burning Shooting Star) Chiaki Morisawa Full Render

Ooh, Black! I know you all have something you wanted to say too, but I got a bit ahead of myself…!

(Spirited Shooting Star) Tetora Nagumo Full Render

I know how you feel, but we won’t have anything to say at this point…

(Positive Shooting Star) Midori Takamine Full Render

Well, that way I wouldn’t have to talk, so that’d be a lifesaver…

(Visible Shooting Star) Shinobu Sengoku Full Render

This is the last day, you know? That is why we planned to surprise the fans with each of us saying something.

But in the end, it just ended up as it always does... It is never the way we first thought it through.

(Floating Shooting Star) Kanata Shinkai Full Render

Now, now. We do not need to be formal about this, anyway. It is much more like us to simply do it the usual way~♪

Now then, Chiaki. Please continue what you were saying, as our Taichou.

(Burning Shooting Star) Chiaki Morisawa Full Render

Yep! Thanks, Kanata.


Anyway! We were thinking of how we should show our feelings of gratitude to you, and decided to show it by contributing to the final design of the album.

It should be very clear what we did to it, so please do get the real thing and find out what it is…☆

Also, we’ll keep having more and more live shows that’ll cheer you right up!

I hope our voices reach you! And if they do, then please cheer for us as loud as you can! It’ll make us happy!

That’s all from us! These were our thoughts on the album’s release day!

Please keep supporting Ryuseitai~! ☆

Translation: euni2319

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