Writer: 日日日 (Akira)
Quarrel Festival The Tyrant's Decree 1
Location: Hallway
Wataru Hibiki Fine Dialogue Render
Amazing! There is no need for any other expression. Aah, Amazing......☆
Tori Himemiya Fine Dialogue Render
You're so noisy, Long Hair~......It's okay to be excited, but could you stop randomly pulling doves out? It's reaally irritating, the feathers are sticking to my clothes!
Wataru Hibiki Fine Dialogue Render
Oya, how rude of me, you're in a bad temper, Princess......Are you ruining your precious, beautiful face with a scowl? Let us laugh, with sonorous voices ♪

Let us celebrate the triumphant return of ‘fine’; such a beautiful life! La vie en Rose… fuhahaha ☆ [1]

Tori Himemiya Fine Dialogue Render
Yuzuru~, do something about this weirdo! Did your head get all messed up from the heat? We just wrapped up a Live, so why are you so energetic~?

--Anyway, don't call me "Princess"!

Surely, I'm lovelier than the average princess, but somehow I feel like I feel like you`re making fun of me?

Wataru Hibiki Fine Dialogue Render
I am not playing you for a fool, 『fine』s beauteous Princess!

Someday, you shall sustain the 『fine』 that His Majesty, the "Emperor," will leave behind. As of yet, you are still our lovely newborn angel, one that has yet to sprout all its feathers...☆

Tori Himemiya Fine Dialogue Render
You just say one irritating thing after another! Can you quit it with the whole theatrical tone thing?

If you talk like that even in everyday conversation, at least cut your hair! Jeez, I’m getting all sweaty just looking at it!

Yuzuru Fushimi Fine Dialogue Render
Now, now, young master. Hibiki-sama's excitement builds as long as there is someone paying attention to him; thus, is it not wise to ignore him? ♪
Wataru Hibiki Fine Dialogue Render
Oh, what a sorrowful thing to say!

That is, indeed, a pertinent solution; however! Even if you pay no heed to me, as long as we remain together, I shall endlessly find this way or that to "meddle" in your affairs...☆

Yuzuru Fushimi Fine Dialogue Render
Such an irritating demeanor. I apologize. President-sama, could I please have you warn him?

I, as well, grow groggy after just a short moment with you...... Oh?

Eichi Tenshouin Fine Dialogue Render
Yuzuru Fushimi Fine Dialogue Render
President-sama? Your complexion is unsavory. Like I thought, this is likely a negative result of the prolonged live.

If you are feeling dizzy, allow me to suggest that you should take a moment's rest.

Though it is summer vacation, I wonder if the school infirmary is open......

I will make the arrangements immediately, and have a bed and other necessities prepared for you.

Eichi Tenshouin Fine Dialogue Render
No, that isn't necessary. I'm sorry, seeing everyone acting so close, it's making me rather happy.

My heart was filled with laughter somewhat, fufufu ♪

*cough, cough*

Yuzuru Fushimi Fine Dialogue Render
That is not laughter; that is a cough, President-sama.

Please, I ask that you do not force yourself. For us in "fine," President-sama is our...... No, President-sama is surely the symbol of Yumenosaki Academy.

For one such as myself, I hesitate to speak as if I am finding fault with you. However, if you were to be hospitalized again, it would be problematic.

Please take care of yourself, President-sama.

Eichi Tenshouin Fine Dialogue Render
Hmm. It's unnecessary to restrain yourself. Aren't you treating me a little too much like a stranger? We're allies from the same unit, aren't we? If there's something you want to say, then go ahead and say it.

It's not quite my intent to be treated like I'm something fragile, or rather, it’s a little lonely...... I'm sorry for making you worry. I'm just feeling a little lightheaded.

Even so, lately, my physical condition is good, you know. I owe it to my life--my youth--for being rich with experiences. Wouldn’t you agree?

I was bracing myself during the live, but after it ended, the fatigue hit me, so I became rather dizzy.

I`m fine. From tomorrow on, the live will continue, since, while I was hospitalized, 『fine』's activities were on pause...

We are trying to recover from those delays, all of us together.

That is my selfishness, for making you follow along with me, I only have deep regrets.

Rather, it is I who wish that you would not overdo things, and be careful not to wreck your physical condition.

Each and every one of you are my beloved angels that I chose and raised myself...... My irreplaceable suns, who should shine so much at the heart of this earth.

Tori Himemiya Fine Dialogue Render
Even President is saying theatrical things...It’s the bad influence of that Long Hair on you, isn`t it? President, you are being too friendly with just that guy!

Look after me, too~ pet, pet my head ♪ [2]

Eichi Tenshouin Fine Dialogue Render
Yes, good boy, good boy. Since we’ve been chitchatting for a bit, I got distracted. Why don't we take a short break somewhere like the garden terrace, and prepare for the next live there?
Wataru Hibiki Fine Dialogue Render
Eichi...... Aren't you living a little too recklessly?

That which is ephemeral is not admirable, even if it is said that a flower on the brink of scattering its petals is beautiful?

Rather than a firework that sparkles for a mere moment, I would rather have you experience the value of a diamond that is glittering for eternity!

Eichi Tenshouin Fine Dialogue Render
Fireworks, hm? It's already that season, isn't it......?

Since we've only been doing work for the summer vacation, I apologize for snatching away your free time. Although I do want to go to a summer festival with everyone.

There is no time. Since I do not know much longer I have to live...... I want to cherish every minute, every second, standing on stage. Yes, I want to fully enjoy my youth.

Sweet words such as "Your body is weak, therefore please rest," I shall reject them by the authority of the "Emperor".

Tori Himemiya Fine Dialogue Render
Wah~ it's rare for President to say something so selfish ♪
Eichi Tenshouin Fine Dialogue Render
Fufu. I would not say it to anyone else other than you all. Despite how I am now, long ago, I was a young master much more selfish than Tori...... Oh?
Souma Kanzaki School Rolled Up Dialogue Render

Tyrant! Student council president, Tenshouin Eichi......!

In place of Hasumi-dono, nay! In place of the heavens, I shall destroy you! Heaven's vengeance is slow but sure, leaving nothing incomplete. The heavens know, the earth knows, you know, and I know!

I know of your tyranny, of your pride! Although Hasumi-dono stopped me, I am unable to shut my eyes to your oppression thus further!

The enemy at present is "fine" ! I, Kanzaki Souma, shall slice the enemies of "Akatsuki" to shreds and cast them away![3]

Divine Punishment......!

Yuzuru Fushimi Fine Dialogue Render
President-sama, please step back. It seems to be a ruffian. I shall deal with him.
Eichi Tenshouin Fine Dialogue Render
Ah, yes, although this was a development to be expected. Fufufu, how wonderful, Keito. That you have friends who would get this angry for your sake......♪
Wataru Hibiki Fine Dialogue Render
...What in the world are you scheming this time, Your Majesty, the "Emperor?"
Eichi Tenshouin Fine Dialogue Render
I wasn't scheming anything, everything is pre-established harmony. It was merely a matter of whether it was sooner or later, I, too, learned from the example of everyone in Trickstar.

I just hastened the hands of the clock just slightly.

Aah, what fun! My heart is dancing! If you were to measure my heart rate now, I would be readmitted ♪


  1. Wataru references (quite often, both in this event and the future) La Vie en Rose, a famous French song. The title literally means "A Life in Pink" and is usually used to mean "looking through life in rosy colors." He`s most likely saying that it`s a rosy life despite hardships.
  2. いい子いい子 is a strange thing to translate, because it literally means 'good child' but is often associated with head petting. He's asking to be called a good child but also for headpats. Spoiled Tori.
  3. Souma`s threat is a very archaic one that literally no one uses in present day Japanese, that required much googling on Rii`s part. The long answer is this: Souma`s threat, 鱠に切って - "cut you up into namasu," is a dish of raw fish and vegetables in vinegar. Nowadays you only chop up the vegetables, but LONG ago, you chopped up the fish into small pieces, which is what he is referencing. Souma Kanzaki, everybody.
  4. Pre-established Harmony. God, Eichi, you`re a walking Thesaurus and Encylopedia.
Translation: dreamyproject
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