Writer: 日日日 (Akira)
Quarrel Festival - Epilogue 2
Location: Quarrel Festival's Food Stall Market
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Translation by dreamyprojects
Keito Hasumi Quarrel Dialogue Render
We were victorious, and protected what was precious to us.

Let us be proud, Kiryu. Thank you for following me this time too

Kuro Kiryu Quarrel Dialogue Render
Haha. What`s this, you`re acting all admirable, huh? It doesn`t suit you at all.

You just have to act the way you usually do. Just  give us orders harshly while haughtily scolding us.

If there`s justice with you, I`ll shut up and obey your orders.

So regard me kindly from now on as well, boss.

Keito Hasumi Quarrel Dialogue Render
Yes. The same to you, Kiryu.
Souma Kanzaki Quarrel Dialogue Render
Hasumi-dono! Kiryu-dono! Don’t be friendly just by yourselves; let’s go around and visit more stands!

Look, over there, Buchou-dono is manning a goldfish-scooping booth♪

For some reason, every time a customer takes a goldfish, he makes a mournful face like that of a parent whose child who has been kidnapped!

Fufu, it seems that buchou-dono truly loves sea creatures...☆

I will go ahead with (player)dono! Buchou-dono~ may I attempt to scoop a goldfish next? ♪

Kuro Kiryu Quarrel Dialogue Render
Kanzaki seems to be having fun. Little miss (player) is also playing around, wearing a cute expression fitting of her age.

Originally, she wasn't some big shot 『producer』, but that sort of normal girl.

Keito Hasumi Quarrel Dialogue Render
That’s true. But she is also undeniably a 『producer』.

I wonder if a delicate girl like her will be able to survive the harsh seas of the pandemonic world of show business?

We must support her, and watch over her. Eichi has finally 『become independent from his childhood friend』so my hands are now free.

From now on, I will look after (player) more.

Good grief, just about everyone needs my help.

Kuro Kiryu Quarrel Dialogue Render
Hey, Hasumi, don’t we seem kind of like their parents?

Watching them play while smiling fondly from a slight distance like this…?

Keito Hasumi Quarrel Dialogue Render
Which of us is the mother and which of us is the father, Kiryu? Well, it’s not a bad feeling at all
Souma Kanzaki Quarrel Dialogue Render
Keito Hasumi Quarrel Dialogue Render
What is it now, Kanzaki. Has your wallet become 『penniless』 from playing around too much?

Sorry, but I won’t lend you any money. We hadn’t prepared any goods sales this time around because we were focusing on our lives, so our losses are quite huge

In addition, because (player) had many “units” help out, the profits have been split many ways and our share is a drop in the bucket.[1]

I’ve got to make (player) learn more about economics, or shall I say business, from now on

Kuro Kiryu Quarrel Dialogue Render
So because we’re “the red moon” we`re really “in the red,” huh? Can’t even laugh at that, what an awful way to end things, hahaha♪[2]
Souma Kanzaki Quarrel Dialogue Render
No*, please look! There are guests collecting around the “auditorium.” It seems like “fine” is singing on the stage...?

(*He’s responding to Keito’s earlier question about his wallet.)

Keito Hasumi Quarrel Dialogue Render
Hm? That’s true… What in the world are they doing?

Woah, what is it? Don’t push my back, (player)! All the muscles in my body are sore from all our daily practices and from our live just now! 

Ow ow ow, what is it? Don’t suddenly act; first, explain it to me through words! I’ll listen well to make up for all of my lengthy lectures!

Hm. I see. So after this, part two of the 【Quarrel Festival】, the 『Loincloth Festival of Sweat and Muscles』 is about to begin, so we ought to get prepared?

I see, I see. I won’t get mad, so explain to me in detail what this all means ♪

I’ve come to see you in a new light after this event. I think that I will listen exactly to what you have to say without getting angry too quickly, whenever possible.

What is it? Say it clearly. I won’t get mad, really...♪

Hm, the information for the second part of the event was written in the event proposal from the start? In other words, you’re saying that it’s my fault for not looking over the proposal properly?

I was busy with my lessons and all. no, I trusted you and left it all to you, and yet...? 

Tch, I had only nitpicked at details like the problems with the costume and... I had not noticed the existence of the second part, which was written out so clearly. It’s my mistake.

Hm, in short. If we do not also win in that obviously stupid-sounding second part of the event, 『Akatsuki』 will have to disband...?

All right, I understand! Don’t say another word, and sit seiza![3]

There’s no way I could gamble “Akatsuki’s” fate over a ridiculous thing like that! You are a problem child who is only there to make trouble for me, after all! 

Hey, wait, don`t run away! Kanzaki, Kiryu, capture (player)!

(player)~! Today is the day that my patience ends. I`m going to lecture you severely and beat that nature of yours into shape....!

  1. Keito uses an idiom here (雀の涙だ) that literally translates to “[as valuable as] the tears of a sparrow.”
  2. “AKAtsuki” = red moon, “ooAKAji” = very red numbers, marking a deficit.
  3. Seiza -A google search will explain this well. Sitting upright, with your knees bent beneath you, the tops of the feet facing the floor, and soles facing up.
Translation: dreamyprojects
Translation by narukaru
Keito Hasumi Quarrel Dialogue Render
We won, and we pulled through protecting something we love.

Be proud, Kiryu. Thanks for going through this with me.

Kuro Kiryu Quarrel Dialogue Render
Haha. What're you, some charismatic leader now? Don't suit you.

You should do as you always do and lecture us while barking out orders.

You've got a real sense of right 'n wrong, and that's why even I shut up 'n follow you.

Lookin' forward to working with ya in the future, Danna.

Keito Hasumi Quarrel Dialogue Render
Yeah. Same here, Kiryu.
Souma Kanzaki Quarrel Dialogue Render
Hasumi-dono, Kiryu-dono! Don't just make nice amongst yourselves! Let's go explore all that the stall market has to offer!

Look, on the other side -- lord club president is running a goldfish catching station!

For some reason, whenever a customer catches a goldfish, he ends up wearing this sad expression like a parent whose children have been stolen away.

Hehe, lord club president truly loves fish... ☆

I'm going to go on ahead with Anzu-dono! Lord club president! May I try my hand at scooping up a goldfish next? ♪

Kuro Kiryu Quarrel Dialogue Render
Kanzaki sure seems like he's having fun. Little miss Anzu too -- she's making this cute face that totally suits a teenage girl...

She wasn't always an amazing producer, but just a regular girl.

Keito Hasumi Quarrel Dialogue Render
That's right. But no matter what, she is still a producer.

I wonder if she'll be able to survive in the chaos of this dog-eat-dog entertainment industry?

We've got to support her and watch over her. Eichi finally broke ties with me as his childhood friend, so I have some free time.

I guess I'll start looking after Anzu.

Geez, every last person in here needs a babysitter.

Kuro Kiryu Quarrel Dialogue Render
Speaking of, Hasumi. Doesn't it kinda seem like we've turned into their parents?

We're watching them playing from afar, and you've got this warm smile on your face, so...?

Keito Hasumi Quarrel Dialogue Render
So who's the mother and who's the father, Kiryu? Well, not that I mean anything by that.
Souma Kanzaki Quarrel Dialogue Render
Keito Hasumi Quarrel Dialogue Render
What is it this time, Kanzaki? Did you have too much fun and empty your wallet?

Sorry, but I won't lend you any money. Since I was focused on the live, I didn't have any stalls set up, so we're running on a big deficit.

Thanks to Anzu getting those other units to help us out, the profits from our win got divided among us all, and our share is a pittance.

Anzu needs to learn better management, or study sales more.

Kuro Kiryu Quarrel Dialogue Render
Akatsuki, the red moon, is in the red. That's not even funny. What a stupid joke, hahaha! ♪
Souma Kanzaki Quarrel Dialogue Render
No, please look at this! There's people gathering at the performance hall, and it seems fine is singing on stage...?
Keito Hasumi Quarrel Dialogue Render
Hm? You're right... What are those guys doing?

Ugh, what's going on? Don't push on my back, Anzu! Thanks to all those lessons every day and the live earlier, all my muscles are screaming in pain!

Ow, ow, ow. What's wrong? Don't just do stuff, tell us what's going on first! Since I always give you long speeches, I'll hear you out!

Hm. I see. So the next stage of the Quarrel Festival, the "Sweat and Muscle Loincloth Festival," is about to start? We should get ready?

I see, I see. I won't get mad, so why don't you explain what's going on in detail? ♪

I've changed my opinion on you, thanks to this event. I'll hear you out for as long as I can without blowing a gasket.

What? Speak clearly. I won't get angry, honest... ♪

Hm, so the second stage of the Quarrel Festival was written down in the plans from the very start? So basically, you're saying it's my fault for not reading over it as carefully as I should've?

I was busy with lessons -- no -- I relied on you and left the plans to you, so...?

Shit. I was busy lecturing you about little problems with our costumes, so it really is my fault for not noticing the second part, loud and clear on paper.

Hmph, so essentially. Based on what you've said, if we don't win this stupid second stage, Akatsuki will have to disband...?

Alright, I got it! Don't say anything else. Sit down and stay there!

You staked Akatsuki's existence on such a ridiculous idea! You really are a problem child -- you only exist to cause me trouble!

Hey, wait! Don't you dare run! Kanzaki, Kiryu, go catch Anzu!

ANZU! Today is the day I officially lose patience with you! I'm going to lecture you and kick that terrible personality of yours into shape...!

Translation: narukaru
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