Writer: 日日日 (Akira)
Quarrel Festival - 12
Location: Quarrel Festival Stage
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Translation by dreamyprojects
(Quarrel with Friend) Eichi Tenshouin Full Render
I am being kept alive by eating — by consuming — Keito`s dream

If I say that to him, he’ll likely deny it, and may even scold me. But that’s how I see it.

I have to give Keito his dream — his life — back to him. Because it’s thanks to Keito that I am able to proudly walk my own life now.

The heat that Keito kept on giving me since we were small... It has become a flame within me, and shines like the sun.

So long as I have this warmth, I will be all right.[1]

Before I realized it, it became very lively all around me, too. I’m having fun every day. There’s Wataru, Tori, Yuzuru, everyone… of course, you too, (player)-chan.

I am no longer a tyrant confined in solitude.

No longer a monster who steals and preys upon everyone’s heat and dreams.[2]

I’ve become an idol who can reciprocate them with a hundred times the smiles and happiness.

I have to teach that to the worrywart childhood friend of mine. To say that I`m all right now.

Not to be supported, not to be carried on his back... I want to stand next to him, by his side. That’s what it means to be friends, right?[3]

Fufu, I’m sorry for rambling on so long, (player)-chan.

It’s lonely, being the “emperor” at the summit. There aren’t many people I can open my heart to… But I suppose you have work to do, too.

Or, should I say… I’ve shown you a rather pathetic side of me.

Don’t go recklessly spreading rumors that the King has donkey ears, all right?[4]

This is the throne I struggled to reach while coughing up blood, and I will continue to reign there, majestically.

Phew… Yes, I’ve regained my health quite a bit. Fufu, it’s especially pathetic to have a touch of summer heat fatigue.

We’ve been doing lives everyday, so my body is screaming, but...

The fun overrides the exhaustion. Ah, my heart is dancing and won’t stop throbbing; it means that I am alive, doesn't it?

Life is wonderful — you were the ones who taught me that.

Thank you. Please, watch over me, (player)-chan.

As my beloved childhood friend and I fight with our all.

Keito Hasumi Quarrel Dialogue Render
(Quarrel with Friend) Eichi Tenshouin Full Render
Oh, Keito. You’re later than I expected. I’ve gotten tired waiting for you, fufufu ♪
Keito Hasumi Quarrel Dialogue Render
What are you laughing at? It's sickening. After taunting me so thoroughly, surely you don’t intend to be absent from the “Quarrel Festival”, right?

I have got a mountain-load of things I want to say to you, here!

(Quarrel with Friend) Eichi Tenshouin Full Render
Please leave the lectures for later, Keito. The audience has gathered already, hasn’t it?

Let us grant them our songs, our performance, our everything. That is what it means to be an idol.

Keito Hasumi Quarrel Dialogue Render
Talking as if you know everything… So, this means I don’t need to goad you on anymore, right?[5]
(Quarrel with Friend) Eichi Tenshouin Full Render
Yes, I don’t mind if you take it that way. Let us end our introductory remarks here and please step up onto the stage.

Let us fight, my friend, as young boys do.

Keito Hasumi Quarrel Dialogue Render
That’s precisely why I came all the way here. (player), stay out of the way.

It’s going to be a rather rough stage; it’d be foolish if you get dragged into it and get injured.

I heard some of what you two were blabbering about. I have sharp ears, after all. Rambling on and on about such nonsense...

Eichi, let me just say this.

I don`t think that you consumed my dreams. You haven`t stolen a single thing from me.

I simply met someone far more interesting than the protagonist of any manga. That’s why I stopped writing. Don`t misunderstand that.

There’s no need for you to be anxious over it, in every sense.

(Quarrel with Friend) Eichi Tenshouin Full Render
…Is that so. Let me make one amendment, then. You really were kind.

That being said, I won’t go easy on you. If we win this “Quarrel Festival,” I will have “Akatsuki” disband.

Fight me as if your life depends on it. That`s the kind of quarrel I wanted to have with you.

The abyss of death is precisely where life shines. You were the one who taught me that, Keito.

Keito Hasumi Quarrel Dialogue Render
I understand. I feel the same, Eichi.

I`ve aaalways… wanted to punch that arrogant, selfish, irritating personality of yours with all my might ♪

More importantly. For some reason, Hibiki has started a ruckus, transforming a mikoshi into a giant robot ー nothing`s under control. You need to go and stop him.

That thing won't listen to anyone but you. Keep a leash on him, and fulfill your duty as his owner. What can I say? You`re truly hopeless.

(Quarrel with Friend) Eichi Tenshouin Full Render
Eh, what`s that? It seems fun. Wataru really is entertaining, isn`t he?

I shouldn’t have been waiting here at the stage of the deciding match like a final boss. I’ll reunite with my beloved comrades as well.

Keito Hasumi Quarrel Dialogue Render
Go ahead. There are more audience members than we anticipated. It seems like they might not even fit into the auditorium.

(player), I apologize, but I’ll lend you some of the staff from the student council, so I’d like you to sort out the audience and such.

Please produce our match — our quarrel — splendidly.

(Quarrel with Friend) Eichi Tenshouin Full Render
Fufu, aren't things are so busy? It's so fun, so exciting. So this is a festival…♪

Ah, I’m glad to be alive…☆

  1. The “heat” that Keito grants Eichi is 熱(netsu) which can also mean “fever.” Warmth is 温もり(nukumori) and can also be translated as affection or fondness.
  2. Here, Eichi uses the same word [for heat] that he uses to describe ‘the “heat” that Keito gave me’ above. It sounds a little more awkward this way, but we wanted to draw this important parallel to light.
  3. Eichi uses おんぶに抱っこ which an expression that means "completely relying on others" and literally used here as being carried on ones back like a child. I kept it this way for the imagery of once being carried, but now standing side by side, as Eichi goes on to say.
  4. Eichi makes a reference to King Midas and the Donkey Ears (or variations of this tale).
  5. Here, Keito says ケツをひっぱたく which is a rather crude way of saying 尻を叩く, an expression that means "to urge someone on, to demand action" and literally translates to slapping someone else’s behind (to get them to get up and do what they have to do). It`s really amusing to hear from the ever rigid Keito.
Translation: dreamyprojects
Translation by narukaru
(Quarrel with Friend) Eichi Tenshouin Full Render
I fed off of Keito's dreams and I've been using them to keep on living.

If I told Keito that, he'd probably say that isn't true, or even lecture me. But that's what I think.

I have to give Keito his dreams back. His life back. Thanks to Keito, I've become able to walk my own path through life with confidence.

Ever since we were little, Keito's been lending me his passion, and... it's lit a fire in me, one that burns brilliantly like the sun.

As long as I can feel this warmth, I'll be fine.

Plus, the world surrounding me has started to get pretty lively. I don't know when it started, but every day is so much fun. Wataru, Tori, Yuzuru -- together with everyone... of course, that also includes you, Anzu-chan.

I'm no longer the tyrant who locks himself up in his tower.

And I'm not a monster who steals people's passions and dreams and feeds off of them.

Because I've become an idol who can repay his debts by making people happy, by making them smile hundreds of times.

I need to tell him, my worrywart of a childhood friend. "I'm fine now.

"I don't need you to support me, I don't need you to carry me on your back... I want you to stand with me, side-by-side." That's what it means to be friends, right?

Hehe. I've talked for far too long. Sorry about that, Anzu-chan.

The Emperor on high is totally isolated. There's not really anyone he can share his thoughts or feelings with... Even for you, this is work.

And speaking of... it looks like I ended up showing you a sad side of me.

The King has eyes and ears everywhere, as they say. Don't go spreading this around.

My climb to get to this throne was long and hard; I captured it, all while coughing up blood. I'm going to keep ruling in that chair, majestically.

Here we go... yeah, I feel mostly better. Hehe, it looks like this miserable state of mine was because of heat fatigue.

We've been doing lives every day, so my body has been crying out.

But it's been so much fun. Ahh, my heart is dancing. It won't stop racing -- which means I'm alive, right?

Life is an amazing thing. You guys taught me that.

Thank you. Please watch over me, Anzu-chan --

While I fight the childhood friend I love, with everything I've got.

Keito Hasumi Quarrel Dialogue Render
(Quarrel with Friend) Eichi Tenshouin Full Render
Oh. Keito, you're a lot later than I expected. I got tired of waiting, hehehe. ♪
Keito Hasumi Quarrel Dialogue Render
What are you laughing at? You make me sick. You went through all this trouble of pissing me off -- you're not planning to stay out of the Quarrel Festival, are you?

I've got a lot of crap you need to hear!

(Quarrel with Friend) Eichi Tenshouin Full Render
Leave the lecturing for later, won't you, Keito? The audience is starting to pour in too, you know?

Let's offer up our singing, our dancing, our everything to them. That's what it means to be an idol.

Keito Hasumi Quarrel Dialogue Render
You sure think you're smart... So you're saying I don't have to spank[1] you any more, right?
(Quarrel with Friend) Eichi Tenshouin Full Render
Mm. If that's what you want to think, then sure. Leave the opening remarks there and get on stage.

Let's quarrel, my friend. Just like little boys.

Keito Hasumi Quarrel Dialogue Render
That's why I'm here. Anzu, get out of the way.

It's going to get a little crazy up here. If you get caught up in the middle and get hurt, that's not my problem.

I heard most of what you said when you were off running your mouth. I've got good hearing, and I caught all of those boring things you kept repeating...

Eichi, before we get started, I'll say this.

I never thought you fed off of my dreams. You never stole a single thing from me.

All that happened was I met someone who was far more interesting than any manga protagonist could ever be. That's why I put down the pen. Don't get the wrong idea.

There's no reason for you to fret about that, in any way.

(Quarrel with Friend) Eichi Tenshouin Full Render
... really? Then I'll correct one thing I said about you: you were kind.

But even saying that, I won't hold back. If my unit wins Quarrel Festival, we'll make Akatsuki disband.

Come at me with everything you've got. That's the kind of fight I wanted to have with you.

It's in the shadow of death that life shines brightest. You're the one who taught me that, Keito.

Keito Hasumi Quarrel Dialogue Render
I know. I feel the same, Eichi.

I always, always, always... wanted to take you, that haughty, selfish, annoying little brat, and beat the shit out of you. ♪

But more importantly. For some reason, Hibiki turned fine's mikoshi into a giant robot. I can't get it under control. You go and stop him.

He won't listen to anyone but you. Put a collar on him and take responsibility. God, this is frustrating.

(Quarrel with Friend) Eichi Tenshouin Full Render
Huh? Sounds fun. Wataru must be in a good mood.

I didn't have to wait here like the final boss in the last stage. I should go meet up with my beloved comrades.

Keito Hasumi Quarrel Dialogue Render
You do that. There's even more people here than we expected, almost to the point where no more can fit in the performance hall.

Anzu, I hate to ask this of you, but I told the student council to help out as well -- I'd like you to be in charge of managing the audience.

I want you to produce our fight, our battle, and make it shine spectacularly.

(Quarrel with Friend) Eichi Tenshouin Full Render
Hehe, you're in a hurry. This is so much fun. I'm so excited. This is what a festival is like... ♪

Ah, I'm glad I'm alive... ♪

  1. Keito uses a more casual/crude way of saying 尻を叩く, which literally means to push or encourage someone into action by smacking them in the rear.
Translation: narukaru
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