Writer: 日日日 (Akira)
Quarrel Festival - 11
Location: Quarrel Festival Stage
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Translation by dreamyprojects
(Quarrel with Friend) Eichi Tenshouin Full Render
Day by day, even my “heart” grew sicker and sicker…[1] I locked myself in my room and lived a sad life endlessly listening to Wagner.

Like a character in a Shakespearean play, without being saved, I was supposed to fall head first into the mud, and die. Without knowing a single thing that`s warm or important.

But, you know, I met Keito. My family members have always been short-lived…

When my great-grandfather passed away, Keito came along with the priest who had come to perform the funeral ceremony.

It seems that Keito`s family and mine have had connections since long ago. Every time somebody passed away, every time there was a funeral, Keito came along.

He was like a young, adorable angel of death.[2]

My image of the young Keito is always surrounded by the atmosphere of death.

The smell of incense, the voices of those preaching sermons and the sound of wooden gongs, the people sobbing, the darkness...

Apparently Keito was made to help his parents out whenever there was a funeral. He, too, was raised close to death, in a different way that I was.

That`s exactly why Keito sympathized with me, and did not treat me like I was special.

We became close, and, it’s a bit imprudent, but… We often got excited talking about things such as what my funeral would be like.

Ideas like, "let’s build a pyramid" ♪

Eventually Keito came by to play regardless of whether or not there was a funeral.

Our houses were close, so I often called Keito over when I was overly bored.

Since we were the same age, and since we were both children... Keito was frequently made to keep me company.

At social gatherings, or when my busy parents were not around.

Truth be told, people around the house saw me as a burden.[3] They essentially forced the job of looking after me onto him.

I, too, allowed only Keito to stay close to me.

Back then, Keito was even more stubborn than he is now. He was a self-important brat who only spoke of complicated things...

Every time I acted spoiled or said something selfish, he would lecture me like a demon.

He really showed no mercy. It was frightening; even now, I see it in my dreams.

It was probably because we were children, though. That was why he didn’t understand how powerful the Tenshouin family was.

That was why we were able to become friends without reservation or concern.

Even though he always lectured me, whenever my health deteriorated and I was lying in bed, he would be there, standing by my bedside, before I knew it.

And then he would read me books, or tell me made up stories.

I was always "thrilled" to hear them...I wonder if you already knew this? Keito once wanted to become a mangaka.

He often drew me pictures, too. They are all my treasures.

But. Those humble, happy days came to an end. We grew up, and learned about the world, about reality.

I followed my parents' bidding and entered Yumenosaki Academy.

As the heir to the Tenshouin family who would one day dominate the entertainment industry.

Many times, I was on my sickbed, watching TV and I did look up to idols.

But what surprised me was that Keito tagged along. I was dumbfounded when we met one another at the opening ceremony.

Even though Keito was supposed to have wanted to become a mangaka…

“Manga and idols are both the same in that they entertain people,” Keito said something uncharacteristically illogical like that, but...

He was probably worried about me. In truth...Keito had often guided and supported the sickly me, ignorant of the world. Even up to now, all this time.

Thanks to Keito, I became the『emperor』that arrogantly rules Yumenosaki Academy.

Even though I didn't wish for such a thing. He always does things that I don’t want.

That obstinate, unkind, always-scowling childhood friend of mine.

  1. 心 (kokoro) can be intrepreted as heart, but also as the mind. A good reading for this sentence is that his spirit/soul grew sick.
  2. As many of you know, the Japanese word for a death god is 死神 (shinigami). This is what Eichi is refering to when he calls Keito an angel of death.
  3. Interestingly enough, 厄介者 (yakkaimono) can be parasite, but burden works well enough here. The more you know!
Translation: dreamyprojects
Translation by narukaru
(Quarrel with Friend) Eichi Tenshouin Full Render
As the days progressed, even my heart grew sick... I locked myself up in my room, and led a lonely life where I listened to garbage like Wagner all the time.

I was supposed to die like that: like a character in a play by Shakespeare, with no hope of rescue, my head plunged into muddy waters.

I didn't have a single warm or precious thing to hold onto.

But then I met Keito. Generation after generation, members in my family have led short lives...

When my great-grandfather died, there was a monk who came to conduct the funeral. Keito came along with him.

It seems like our families have been on good terms for a long time. Whenever someone died, whenever there was a funeral, Keito did it.

He was like a charming young shinigami.

Whenever I think about Keito when he was young, I picture him shrouded in death.

The scent of burning incense, the sound of voices reciting Buddhist sutras and beating the mokugyo drum, the whispers and sobs of the crowd, and darkness...

It looks like Keito was made to help his parents whenever they performed funeral rites. He was raised feeling close to death, but in a different sense than I was.

That's exactly why he sympathised with me, and he never treated me in any special way.

We got along well, and even though it was a little imprudent... we used to get excited and talk a lot about what kind of funeral I'd have.

Like, he used to say "Let's build a pyramid!" ♪

Before long, we weren't just talking about the funeral, but Keito was coming over to play like any kid would.

His house was in the neighbourhood, after all. Whenever boredom overwhelmed me, I called him to get him to come over, too.

We were both kids, and the same age... Keito was always making me be with him.

At social gatherings, or whenever my parents went away; at times like that.

In truth, the people in my house really thought I was a handful. They eventually started forcing Keito to take care of me.

I only even let Keito get close to me.

Keito was a lot more stubborn back then than he is now. He was a high-and-mighty brat who used stuffy language all the time.

Every time I acted spoiled or said something selfish, he lectured me with such force I thought he might've been a demon.

He had absolutely no mercy. He was scary, you know. I still have nightmares about it, even now.

But I suppose that's because we were kids. I didn't know just how powerful the Tenshouin family was back then.

So without any hesitation, any worries at all, we were able to become friends.

Even though he's always lecturing me, he's the first one at my bedside when I collapse.

He's read books for me, or talked about his daydreams to entertain me.

It was exciting. So much so... I wonder if you know this already? But way back when, Keito wanted to be a manga artist.

He was always drawing pictures. I treasure them all.

But. In just a short amount of time, our happy days came to a close. We grew up, and we came to know the real world, what reality was really like.

I did as my parents asked and entered Yumenosaki Academy.

At some point I'd take control of the entertainment world, as successor to the Tenshouin line.

Since I was in the hospital a lot, I saw them on TV and all... Idols. I wanted to be like them, but.

The thing that was really surprising was that Keito came along with me. When I saw him at the entrance ceremony, it was like the light had gone out of him.

Even though he wanted to be a manga artist.

He gave some really uncharacteristic reason that I didn't really get -- something like, "Manga artists and idols both entertain people."

He was probably worried about me. In reality, I was... weak, and I didn't know the real world at all. Keito had guided and supported me. Up until now, he did it constantly.

Thanks to Keito, I was able to become Yumenosaki's grand and reigning Emperor.

I didn't really want it, though. He never does things that I really want.

He's my stick-in-the-mud, unkind, always-scowling childhood friend.

Translation: narukaru
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