Writer: 日日日 (Akira)
Quarrel Festival - 10
Location: Quarrel Festival Stage
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Translation by dreamyprojects
(Quarrel with Friend) Eichi Tenshouin Full Render
Ah… I can hear the sounds of the festival music.

It seems that the early stage of the 【Quarrel Fesitval】 is going successfully. It's just as you planned, (player)-chan.

You really are quite skillful. Could it be that you’ve become accustomed to your position as Yumenosaki’s “producer”?

It's like you’re completely different from when I first saw you.

Fufu. Why are you acting so humble when I’m praising you? How cute… Hmm, Keito criticized your every move? [1]

He's a harsh guy, isn't he? He’s always been unkind. But, well, let me cover for him as his childhood friend.

Keito will never compel someone to do what they cannot do.

He’s pestering you so precisely because he believes you are capable of fulfilling the job. He`s not very honest, or perhaps you could say that he`s rather troublesome...?

Keep it a secret that I said such a thing, all right? It's because he’ll get mad at me. I’m tired of listening to his lectures.

Ah... Could you take that oxygen inhalator over there? It’s always readily available because I often get oxygen deficient when singing during lives. No, perhaps you were the one who prepared it?

How well prepared, excellent, excellent ♪ Ah, sorry, but could you hurry and hand that to me? To tell you honestly, I’m so pained that I feel like I’m dying just speaking like this.

Suu, haa. Phew, I’ve calmed down. My cells feel revitalized from end to end, though I probably would have become more energized if you had provided mouth-to-mouth resuscitation…♪

It’s a joke. Human breath is primarily composed of carbon dioxide, so mouth-to-mouth would simply make the pain worse It would also likely increase my heart palpitations; it wouldn’t be good for my health. Phew. Teasing (player)-chan has helped distract me. The mikoshi should arrive any moment now, so I should warm up my body as well.♪
Is something wrong? If there’s something you’d like to say, say it “clearly.” I am no longer a tyrant; I think I have the magnanimity to at least listen to the opinions of the people, don`t I?

Though, if it's a request such as “don’t participate in the Quarrel Festival,” I’ll refuse.

As a “producer” you might be troubled to put an idol with poor health upon the stage, but...

(Quarrel with Friend) Eichi Tenshouin CG
(Quarrel with Friend) Eichi Tenshouin Full Render
For me, this is a crucial match that I cannot surrender. If I can fulfill this properly, I don’t even mind dying. So please don’t get in my way.

You’re a good girl...[2] Don’t make such a face, It’ll be all right.

Please relax, and watch over me. Despite how things are, I am a man — I have pride, and willpower as well.

Keito has finally responded to my repeated taunts.

I’m never going to come across an opportunity like this again. Though I do feel pathetic for being “exhausted” at such an important time like this.

Long ago... When I was a young child who didn't understand anything yet. I was a small, extremely selfish tyrant.

I wonder if I have been able to grow since then?

I am the heir to the Tenshouin family, which possesses great influence in the entertainment business — no, in the world.

There were always just people crowding around me, like slaves that only obeyed me all too willingly.

“Fantastic, Eichi-sama. As expected of Eichi-sama.” I was raised with people flattering and praising everything I did.[3]

Of course, because I was young…I wrongly assumed that I was a king, or even a god.

I’ve been frail since birth… Death was always near to me. The doctors have always been saying that my days are numbered.

Even now, I honestly don’t know how many years I can live for.

So I lost faith in the world, I sulked, and took out my misery on others. I found fault with servants who did nothing wrong and forced them to quit their jobs.

I wasted money like water. I obtained everything that I wanted.

But I still felt hollow, and my fear of death was not relieved in the slightest.

  • The next few chapters have a lot of footnotes, as Eichi is very poetic and makes many important parallels. Thank you Penki for helping with all the references!
  • The title of this chapter (and the next two), Kantan no Yume, is a reference. You can find the story of Kantan here. The easiest way to understand the use of the phrase “Kantan no yume” might be to think of, “Life, what is it but a dream?” from Alice’s poem at the end of Through the Looking Glass. Glory in the human world is fleeting; it lasts but a moment and quickly disappears.
  1. When Eichi describes Keito as criticizing, he uses the phrase 駄目出し(damedashi) which means to negatively judge someone in hopes that they will improve. Keito is good at this sort of thing.
  2. Highlighting the difference between JP and ENG, Eichi uses a gender neutral pronoun for "good girl" but "good child" sounds strange in English. So now you know!
  3. “太鼓持ち” and ”提灯担ぎ” are the phrases he uses to describe these sycophants. “Taiko-mochi” are those who beat the drums; “Chouchin-katsugi” are those who hold up the lights. Both are festival related phrases, which is likely why Eichi specifically uses them here.
Translation: dreamyprojects
Translation by narukaru
(Quarrel with Friend) Eichi Tenshouin Full Render
Ah... the festival music is starting to come closer.

It seems like the opening phase of the Quarrel Festival is really getting heated. Just like you planned, Anzu-chan.

You've shown great skill. You've really gotten used to your work as Yumenosaki Academy's Producer, haven't you?

You look completely different to how you were when we first met.

Hehe. I'm praising you, so why are you thanking me? How cute... hm, so Keito's told you constantly to try harder, do better?

He's horrible. He hasn't been kind in ages. But as Keito's childhood friend, I might have to go along with what he's saying.

Keito never forces you to do what's beyond your abilities.

It's because he thinks you're so capable that he's so hard on you all the time. He's really not honest -- a really annoying guy, I should say...

But what I just told you is a secret, okay?

He'd get mad at me if you told him. I've had enough of his scolding.

Ah... I wonder if I could get you to bring me that oxygen tank right next to you.

When I sing a lot during a live, I tend to get short of breath. Someone prepared it for me. Or, no. Did you bring it in for me?

You sure are prepared. Excellent. ♪ Ah, sorry, but please bring it over quickly. In truth, even just speaking like this has me so out of breath, I feel like I might die.

Inhale, exhale. Mm, I feel better. My cells have been activated, although I would've felt even better if you gave me mouth-to-mouth... ♪

I'm kidding. We mostly exhale carbon dioxide, so in fact, mouth-to-mouth would've made it even harder for me to breathe.

Plus, you'd probably palpate my heart, too. That's not good for my health.

Yeah. I've been teasing you so much, I lost track of the time. The mikoshi should be here soon. I have to warm up and get ready. ♪

What's wrong? If you have something to say, come out and say it.

I'm no longer a tyrant. I'd like to, at least, hear the opinions of my people.

If you want to tell me I shouldn't take part in the Quarrel Festival, I'll have to refuse.

As a producer, I'm sure that it's a problem if you let an idol of weak constitution overwork himself, but.

(Quarrel with Friend) Eichi Tenshouin CG
(Quarrel with Friend) Eichi Tenshouin Full Render
This is my absolute top priority. As long as I can see it through to the end, I don't mind dying. So please, don't interfere.

You're a good girl, so... please don't make that face. I'll be fine.

I'd like you to stay calm and watch over me. I am still a man, after all. I'm stubborn, and I have ambition, too.

I kept provoking him, and now, Keito's finally in the mood.

There won't be any second chances. I'm really frustrated that at such an important time, I'm completely worn out, but.

A long, long time ago... before we understood anything, when we were still children. I was a very, very selfish, brat of a tyrant.

I wonder if I've grown a little since then? Even just a little.

I'm the heir to the Tenshouin family, a family who holds great influence in the entertainment industry -- no, across the whole world.

I was always surrounded by people who acted like my servants, and only ever obeyed me.

"Eichi-sama, you're amazing." "Eichi-sama, we'd expect no less." It was like being raised surrounded by a festival of people, all carrying lanterns and drums, singing my praises.

When I was younger, I... had the wrong idea about myself, and thought I must've been a king, or a god.

I was born with this disease... Death has always been close at hand, and I've always been told by doctors that my days are numbered.

Even now, I don't know how many years I have left.

That's why I lost faith in the world, sulked, found fault with everyone and everything. I blamed servants for things they'd never done and forced them to quit.

I spent money like it was nothing. I got my hands on everything I could've asked for.

But I felt empty. My fear of death never once abated.

Translation: narukaru
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