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Quarrel Festival
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Season: Summer (夏)
Writer: 日日日 (Akira) Chapters: 16 Translation: dreamyproject & Narukaru
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Associated Songs: 想ひ出綴り

Multiple translations are available for some chapters of this story. Use the color-coded drop down menus in the chapters to read the translation of your choice. Translations by dreamyprojects are contained in light purple boxes, while translations by narukaru are in dark brown boxes.

dreamyprojects Translation Notes

Prologue - 2:

  • Kuro`s pronoun choice for Souma several times is てめぇ / Temee, which is a very brash/rude way of saying "you". Most people tend to translate it to curse words (you bastard, you asshole, etc, etc). Similarly to Keito`s "kisama" we`ve avoided using an insult for pronoun choices and decided to leave it as is.
  • Kuro (notice how he`s the one with the most notes?) uses 'danna' for Keito which is master/boss/etc which is an old fashioned word. We decided to translate it as Boss.

The Tyrant's Decree - 3:

  • Like Rii, I chose to use 'buchou-dono' because with 'club president-dono' there is a strange contrast between the english and Japanese honorifics Souma uses that has no equivalent. I think everyone knows 'buchou' means club president, so you can see Souma has twice the respect for Kanata.

A Fleeting Prosperous Dream - 1:

  • The next few chapters have a lot of footnotes, as Eichi is very poetic and makes many important parallels. Thank you Penki for helping with all the references!
  • The title of this chapter (and the next two), Kantan no Yume, is a reference. You can find the story of Kantan here. The easiest way to understand the use of the phrase “Kantan no yume” might be to think of, “Life, what is it but a dream?” from Alice’s poem at the end of Through the Looking Glass. Glory in the human world is fleeting; it lasts but a moment and quickly disappears.

narukaru Translation Notes

The Tyrant's Decree - 2:

  • hikita tenkou is a japanese illusionist as well as, a lot of other things, actually — she was the apprentice to the first hikita tenkou, and took up his stage name, so wataru could be talking about either of them, i think

Akatsuki's Decisive Battle - 1:

  • Akatsuki's kanji means "red moon."
  • An alternate kanji for Akatsuki changes its meaning to "dawn" or "sunrise." This is the kanji used in the title, changing the meaning to "Dawn's Decisive Battle" or "The Decisive Battle at Sunrise."

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