Writer: 日日日 (Akira)
Purple Wisterias of May Chapter 13
Location: Wisteria Festival Stage
Madara Mikejima School Dialogue Render

Hello~, Chiaki-san?

Mmhmm, that's good. Looks like you were able to safely recover Mitsuru-san.

Sorry for making you go through so much trouble.

Fufu. Like I thought, Chiaki-san's a "protective" person... good, that's good ♪

Yup. Mitsuru-san suddenly shouted out "Let's battle!" and started running.

I tried catching up to him, but with this crowd, I easily lost sight of him.

I'll regret it for life! I can't win against youngsters, ah, I don't want to grow old ♪

Hahaha. Besides, if I ran here and there with my giant physique, I'm more likely to cause a horrible accident.

I thought that Mitsuru-chan would come back after a lap around Kachouen anyway.

I'll be losing this match, but Mitsuru-san might be satisfied by this win.

It should've been a good warm up before the Wisteria Festival for him.

What? He looks unsatisfied?

I see... I guess I handled him wrongly. I still don't know much about Mitsuru-san, so I guess I can't satisfy him well yet?

Yup, got it. When everyone gets here, I'll have a frank talk with Mitsuru-san.

Mitsuru-san's a member of the Track and Field Club, one of "my" kids... so I'll look after him properly.

Yeah. I came to the stage area first because I'm one of the organizers of the Wisteria Festival.

What, did I not tell you that? Arashi-san and the others thought that I went missing and were worried? Sorry, sorry! I completely forgot to tell them!

Fufu. Maybe it's because I'm always performing solo, but it seems that I'm not used to moving as a group.

Yup. Chiaki-san, can you lead everyone else to the stage area? If you hurry, you should be able to do a couple rounds of practice.

Don't worry. I don't intend to snatch away your Ryuuseitai now that I'm back.

Though I do want to meddle a bit. It looks like you guys aren't exactly meshing well together.

You should also be especially careful about Kanata-san. He seems to be quite fed up with some stuff...

Securing all of that is your job, good luck, Chiaki-san.

I know you can do it. Yup, then... later. Bye-bye~! ♪

Fufu. I thought that Chiaki-san grew unbelievably strong, but...)

(He's always worrying like usual. He probably still has no confidence in his position as "Ryuusei Red".)

(As his predecessor, I should be pointing out the right path, but...)

(Mmmm~... I don't like meddling with such small things. He's still young, so if he just stops thinking too much and go for it, things should work out.)

Hm? Ahhh... Anzu-san, thanks for lending me your phone.

I don't usually walk around with a smartphone, I prefer actually meeting and talking with people.

Yup. Everyone else participating in the Wisteria Festival should be able to come over soon.

Looks like you're doing fine with preparing all the outfits.

Fufu. You can make clothes now... You were so clumsy in the past, but you've become quite skillful now. Good girl ♪

Oh, you don't want me to pat your head~? You don't like it? Is that your rebellious phase?! Come~ come over here and let Mama give you a big hug... ☆

What? "You're not my Mama?" I know, I'm a man so I'm actually supposed to be Papa!

Hmm, I'm not that either?

You talk so complicatedly! You're already speaking like an adult! Hahaha!

Hm? "When did you have such a character?"

Oohhhh, from those words, I'm guessing that you remember what we were like in the past?

Hmm? You definitely wouldn't forget knowing someone as wild as me, yet you don't remember anything about me...?

Ahhh, so that's what you meant! That was too difficult to understand!

Fufu. The reason I became Mama was because I kept playing as "Mama", but...

Many things happened, and I kind of realized that my strength was being "Mama".

Though I can't really do it well. As you can see, I'm like a wooden doll.[1]

With a big body, but no brains... or something like that! Kind of ♪

Hm? You heard that I'm a perfect superhuman who can do absolutely anything?

Well, I experienced many things when I was younger, so I do have some confidence as an idol?

But I'm not someone who can do everything. Even those called geniuses or monsters are only extremely proficient in some areas.

You just can't measure them using an ordinary ruler, so they seem inhuman.

If someone who could do everything really did exist, they would be a god or demon...

They would only be able to pitifully watch humans from some far, far away heaven or hell.

I'd like to remain human. Because I like humans.

Hahaha! Of course, I really like Anzu-chan too ♪

Hmmm? Are you carrying my Wisteria Festival outfit? You made it look really cool, splendid, wonderful ♪

I really want everyone to wear these soon...

Ahhhh, I can't wait! The signs of a festival are approaching! My excitement's risingggggg!

Wasshoi, wasshoi ☆

  1. Being called a "wooden doll" means that you're useless and untalented.
Translation: Ria
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