Writer: 日日日 (Akira)
Purple Wisterias of May Chapter 10
Location: Flower and Bird Garden (Japanese Garden Area)
Arashi Narukami School Dialogue Render

Look, Adonis-chan! Souma-chan, Anzu-chan too!

It really is the best time to see wisteria ♪ There's also beautiful multicolored birds, I wonder if this is what Shangri-la is like?

Adonis Otogari School Dialogue Render

What Narukami says is sometimes confusing. What is Shangri-la, Kanzaki?

Souma Kanzaki School Dialogue Render

Please stop asking me whenever there's something you don't know, Adonis-dono.

Mm. Shangri-la is, well, a place like heaven... what people call utopia. I don't know what they call it in your country though.

Adonis Otogari School Dialogue Render

Hmm. There is a story where the souls of the dead are carried into the heavens by birds.

In the past, each region performed sky burials[1] because of that story.

Souma Kanzaki School Dialogue Render

Oh? In this country, there's a tale where babies are brought in by storks.

We're served by birds when we're born and when we die, so we should stay thankful to them and treat them well.

Adonis Otogari School Dialogue Render

Yes, we should treat all living creatures well. I'll protect them.

Arashi Narukami School Dialogue Render

Stop having such a strange conversation... rather than that, do either of you know where Mama or Mitsuru-chan went?

They suddenly started running and quickly disappeared, see?

So troublesome. We're moving as a group, so they need to stay at our pace.

Mama's the one who came up with the plan in the first place, so what's up with him disappearing somewhere?

Adonis Otogari School Dialogue Render

You're rarely irritated, Narukami. Eat chocolate. They say it can reduce your stress by a bit.

Arashi Narukami School Dialogue Render

Ah, thank you. They do say that eating chocolate makes pimples appear, but... Recently my skin feels like it's going to break out from all the piled up stress anyway.

Really. Right after I told Izumi-chan that I'd be participating in an outside project, he started nagging me.

Back when I wasn't so loyal, I did ally with outsiders and fight Knights, but still.

It's no wonder I can't be trusted, perhaps it's my punishment for living such an uncommitted life.

But, well, even if I do a lot of volunteering, I've reached a plateau.

I plan to promote at this festival, achieve good results, and then use Mama's connections to grab more jobs.

Even I'm working hard ♪

Adonis Otogari School Dialogue Render

I see. Let's do our best, Narukami.

Ever since I came into this country, I've been indebted to Sakuma-senpai, so I want to test how much I can do on my own.

Well, even if we're participating on our own, there's a lot of people I recognize, so I feel at ease. Everyone, I look forward to working with you.

Souma Kanzaki School Dialogue Render

Same here. Fufu, sometimes leisurely spending time with a trusted friend can be fun ♪

... Oh. Gentlemen, please remain silent for a bit. Anzu-dono's saying something.

Arashi Narukami School Dialogue Render

Ah, sorry, Anzu-chan? Us men shouldn't keep talking among ourselves, were you lonely?

Ufufu, let's have a girls talk with Onee-chan ♪

Oh goodness, this girl! "Thanks for looking after me, Onee-chan"? Did you hear that?

I'm so happy~, Anzu-chan called me "Onee-chan" ♪

Souma Kanzaki School Dialogue Render

Narukami-dono, I told you to be silent... Anzu-chan has a small voice, so I can't hear her if you're chattering noisily next to me.

I see. You have to do a final check on the festival outfits and set up the stage, so you'll go ahead to the stage... you said?

Go ahead, and thanks for all your hard work.

After we meet up with everyone else, we'll head your way.

Arashi Narukami School Dialogue Render

More like. Why don't we head over first and help Anzu-chan with her tasks?

Even though she's not one of the organizers, she's working harder than any of us like it's natural.

It's a holiday, so you should stay home and take things easy.

Ah, I'm not scolding you or anything, it's just... I'm worried that you're working too hard.

Adonis Otogari School Dialogue Render

I agree with Narukami on that. You can rely on us at any time, Anzu.

Souma Kanzaki School Dialogue Render

Exactly. We're classmates, after all, so we should be supporting each other.

Moving on, my apologies for wasting so much time. You should hurry to the stage, Anzu-dono.

After we meet with the others, we'll swiftly head there.

We have wonderfully fine weather today, so I want to elegantly roam around Kachouen with everyone, but...

We didn't come here to take a leisurely walk. We need to prioritize our jobs first.

In any generation... a hero's, a samurai's role can be found on the battlefield.

Hm? If we still have energy after work's over, let's take in the sights with everyone... you say?

Wonderful. I'll look forward to that as I'm performing in this Wisteria Festival. Please look at our heroic battle joyfully today as well, Anzu-dono ♪

  1. "Sky burials" are funeral ceremonies where they expose the corpses to the air for birds to eat.
Translation: Ria
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