Season: Spring (春)
Prologue 1
Resting atop a hill overlooking the ocean is Yumenosaki Private Academy.
Prologue 2
The academy specializes in raising male idols and has a long history of sending generation upon generation of bright young ‘stars’ out into the entertainment business.

You have been invited to this school, which celebrates young men in their primes, in order to lovingly guide them as their “producer.”

Prologue 3
Everyone’s taken an interest in you.

Each day is full of yet-unprecedented happenings, and is so fun and fresh that it feels as though you’ve been swept into an unending festival.

Prologue 4
Even as you are being dragged this way and that by the academy’s many unique idols…
Prologue 5
You also make strides towards the same glittering dreams, side by side.
Prologue 6
The bonds you will make here are irreplaceable…
Prologue 7
And above all, enjoy the ensemble the idols you encounter play for you to your heart’s content.
Prologue 8
Jin Sagami School Dialogue Render

Welcome to Yumenosaki Private Academy. I’m your new homeroom teacher, Jin Sagami.

This school is recognized as a vocational school and attracts a lot of students aiming to become idols, but…

You’ve just transferred into the new producer department as a sophomore. Does that sound right?

Of course, as a producer, we’ll be having you produce students in the idol course…

But for starters, could I get you to write your name on the class roster?

Alright. Now I’ll give you an overview of what being an idol’s producer entails.

…Before that, though, you need an idol to actually produce.

There are a large number of idol units here at Yumenosaki, but I went ahead and picked out a few I thought might suit you.

Go ahead and tell me which one of these strikes your fancy.

Prologue 9
Jin Sagami School Dialogue Render

Great. Let’s try scouting a student to produce from this unit then.

Let’s head over to the lecture hall. Follow me.

Prologue 10
Jin Sagami School Dialogue Render

Okay, looks like we managed to scout someone.

Aside from the student we just scouted, I’ve picked out some other students who’d like you to produce them.

Next, let’s jump right in and try producing them.

Prologue 11
Jin Sagami School Dialogue Render

Ordinarily, a producer would get to choose who they want to bring to lessons, but…

Seeing as you’re a producer-in-training, the academy will have you give certain students lessons as an assignment~

It’s important to balance who you produce. We can’t have you playing favorites all the time.

For your first assignment, you’ll be producing your classmate Subaru Akehoshi from the unit Trickstar.

Prologue 12
Jin Sagami School Dialogue Render

For lessons, you can make a five-person unit out of any of your idols.

Theoretically, you’d be producing a unit of idols you want to raise, but…

This is your first time, after all. I’ll go ahead and pick out some idols for you.

Prologue 13
Jin Sagami School Dialogue Render

Out of the idols under your guidance, well, these guys seemed like the right ones for the job.

Alright, let’s start producing.

Prologue 14
Jin Sagami School Dialogue Render

The students will be practicing their lessons freely in different places around the school.

As a producer, your job is to make rounds and check in on how their lessons are going.

The more students you have practicing in one spot, the better the lesson will usually go.

Okay, let’s head somewhere with a lot of students~

Prologue 15
Jin Sagami School Dialogue Render

Looks like everything’s going smoothly.

Did you notice that the students slowly gain more trust in you as you do lessons with them?

The more a student trusts you, the more likely it is that the lesson will go well. The student will grow faster too.

Other than that, just keep an eye on how you’re divvying up your time if you want to raise all the idols equally~

Prologue 16
Jin Sagami School Dialogue Render

I think it’s about time we start looking at the types of lessons.

Let’s try focusing on dance lessons for a little.

Prologue 17
Jin Sagami School Dialogue Render

In this academy, we encourage students to compete with one another in order for them to grow as idols.

Battles are graded based on the students’ Vocals, Dance, and Performance, and they take place on a variety of occasions.

All a producer really has to do is form a unit and choose what order the members compete in.

However, your choices can mean the difference between a loss and a victory, so you can’t let your guard down.

Prologue 18
Jin Sagami School Dialogue Render

Looks like you made the right choices.

It would also be a good idea to pay attention to the opponent’s unit, not just your own.

Prologue 19
Jin Sagami School Dialogue Render

Good work. That’s one round of producing done and over with.

Prologue 20
Jin Sagami School Dialogue Render

Okay. Let’s try scouting another new student.

There are usually a lot of students gathered in the lecture hall, so that’s the best place for scouting. Let’s head over.

Prologue 21
Jin Sagami School Dialogue Render

This is the lecture hall, where you can scout idols.

Well, let’s head inside.

Prologue 22
Jin Sagami School Dialogue Render

He looks like he’ll be worth the effort to produce.

Next, let’s look at how you can influence the direction an idol progresses in.

Apart from thinking up lesson plans, choosing a direction for your idols’ growth is another one of your important jobs as a producer.

Prologue 23
Jin Sagami School Dialogue Render

There you go~ Looks like you’ve got it.

Deciding how to unlock an idol’s hidden potential is where you can really show off your skill as a producer.

Well, that’s all I’ve got for now. Let’s head back to the classroom.

Prologue 24
Jin Sagami School Dialogue Render

Alright, I’ve prepared some assignments for you to look at later. Those would be a good place to start if you’re looking for something to do.

I’m looking forward to seeing you in action~ Good luck, “Producer” ♪

Translation: Linnæus
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