Writer: 日日日 (Akira)
Pool Opening Epilogue - 1
Location: Pool
Yuzuru Fushimi PE Dialogue Render

Fuu, we did a good job.

Mao Isara PE Wet Dialogue Render

Yeah, thanks for the hard work~ Also, you’re really amazing, Fushimi. In the end, you really finished cleaning the pool alone, right?

Wow, it’s sparkling clean. And not just the inside of the pool but even the poolside all the way to the filtration tank look brand new!

Yuzuru Fushimi PE Dialogue Render

Fufu, how embarrassing. I’m proud of perfectly cleaning the changing room and related equipment, even the swimming accessories such as swimming boards...

With this, when summer comes, we can use the pool with no problems (music)

Mao Isara PE Wet Dialogue Render

It feels like you did too much…It’s much better than hiring contractors.

As part of the student council, I’m grateful it lowers our expenditure. You’re really reliable, Fushimi~♪

Yuzuru Fushimi PE Dialogue Render

Thank you. This is the result of trying to compensate for Bocchama’s mistake.

I might have given the impression otherwise, but aah, cleaning is definitely enjoyable…♪

Mao Isara PE Wet Dialogue Render

If you weren’t an idol, it seems you can make a living with doing anything.

I think I’m quite nimble but I can’t reach your level. Aah, good grief♪

As expected, I’m a little tired. Even though I didn’t get to do much. Whoa, thanks to the sweat and water splashes, I’m soaked through♪

Yuzuru Fushimi PE Dialogue Render

Allow me to prepare some tea, Isara-sama. You have to replenish the water you lost from seating. Otherwise, you might get heatstroke.

Oh my, Anzu-san, you’ve prepared drinks I see. Much obliged.

Truthfully, I’m a little exhausted as well…♪

Anzu-san, I’m grateful that you’re always looking after Bocchama.

If it were the old Bocchama, even if the reason was his own mistake…

He would never have admitted to it, and left the work to others. He wouldn’t have taken action by himself.

Recently, Bocchama has been maturing for the better. I think he’s trying to move forward with his comrades…

And that makes me delighted.

I pamper and shelter him, and because of that, Bocchama ended up being trapped in a narrow world.

If possible, in the future, I want to push him forward.

Even if it means he falls. At that time, I will be there to support him.

Without reservation, resolutely through the thorny path♪

…Ah, this is tea is delicious. As Isara-sama said, a drink after hard work is truly special ♪

Tori Himemiya Swimsuit Dialogue Render

If you want water that much, I’ll give you this! Oryaa~☆

Yuzuru Fushimi PE Dialogue Render

Whoa? It’s dangerous, Anzu-san!

…Bocchama. Please do not suddenly splash water. Anzu-san and the tea she prepared got drenched, see?

Tori Himemiya Swimsuit Dialogue Render

Humph, you responded well even to my sudden attack…How insolent!

But I managed to get Yuzuru all wet~ It’s annoying seeing only you completely fine, not even breaking a sweat☆

(Summer Pool) Yuzuru Fushimi CG
Yuzuru Fushimi PE Wet Dialogue Render

Honestly. It’s the time where the sun is still harsh, and I’ll dry fast but…

Worst comes to worst, I’ll have to go home wet. Please, keep your tomfoolery within limits.

Translation: Aby
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