Writer: 結城由乃 (Yuuki Yoshino)
Poison À La Mode 3
Location: 2-B Classroom

(The next day, after school.)

Mika Kagehira School Dialogue Render

I'm... M'done! M'finally done repairin' her~♪

(But... even if it's got the look of a stuffed bunny, it's a far cry from somethin' I could show Tori-kun.

And on top of all that, I talked big sayin' that I'd transform his lil sis's stuffed animal too. I ain't satisfied with just repairin' her.)

M'sorry Mimi-chan, I wanted t'get it done as good as someone like Oshi-san, but I'm outta my depth.

I aimed to use the flowers an' jewels the way they are, but it's still lookin' pretty bad 'cause of the ones that're missin' here an' there.

Even if I ask Oshi-san, he's been busier than a bee meetin' with toy stores and anime studios.

I'd hate it if he took time off t'help me with my business...

(Besides, Oshi-san'd just say "Do well to conduct your work from square one" like always, even though he wouldn't give me a straight answer on how.

If yer askin' me, it's impossible.

I just can't think of anythin'. Am I really gonna be able to do somethin' like transform Mimi-chan?

Nnah, there ain't a single thing comin' to mind~!)

Tori Himemiya School Dialogue Render

U-Um, excuse me~.

Ah, Kagehira-senpai! You were in here, what a relief~! If you weren't, I would've checked in the Handicrafts Clubroom.

Mika Kagehira School Dialogue Render

Nnah~, nnah nnah~...

Tori Himemiya School Dialogue Render

Kagehira-senpai? He~y, Earth to Kagehira-senpai!

Mika Kagehira School Dialogue Render

Nnah? Tori-kun? Why'd ya come up to the second years' classroom?

Tori Himemiya School Dialogue Render

Um, I felt like coming to see how things with Mimi-chan were going.

Ahhh, I'm so relieved, it looks like all the damaged parts been patched up! Thanks a lot, Kagehira-senpai!

Mika Kagehira School Dialogue Render

Nnah, don't give me ya thanks just yet! I made ya a promise, Tori-kun, that I'd transform this doll.

The thing is, when I try an' repair it, my hands freeze up... I mean, I can't think of anythin' good that'd transform her.

I've been workin' off my own ideas an' finishin' up my work, so I'm just about done. Um, it might just take a lil longer than I thought, is all.

Tori Himemiya School Dialogue Render

Hey, Kagehira-senpai? You've done more than enough.

It's my fault Mimi-chan got so tattered, so I can't just cause you any more trouble than I already have, Kagehira-senpai.

I'm grateful even if you just repaired her to this point..

I'll return Mimi-chan to my little sister and tell her what happened when I apologize. I'm sorry for troubling you, Kagehira-senpai.

Mika Kagehira School Dialogue Render

Nu huh, it ain't any trouble at all!

Tori-kun, can you wait a lil longer? I wanna give it my all with her.

I'm not lettin' you or yer sister make any sad faces. 'Cause I want kids to be smilin'.

... Nnah, ya hate bein' called a kid, but I just called ya one didn't I?!

S-Sorry. Ya see, I've kinda got feathers fer brains, so I forget things pretty easy... Did I hurt ya feelings? M'real sorry.

Tori Himemiya School Dialogue Render

Come on, how many times are you gonna apologize? I definitely hate being treated like a kid, but I don't think you mean any harm by it, Kagehira-senpai.

... I'm really happy that you're working so hard for me, but don't over do it, okay?

Mika Kagehira School Dialogue Render

Got it. Thank ya kindly for worryin' over me.

I'll let ya know when I've reached my goal, Tori-kun. Ya just gotta wait a lil longer.

(Fufu, Tori-kun's really nice. 'Cause he is, I definitely don't wanna see him wearin' a sad look on his face.

Alright, I'm gonna put my back into it! Even if I ain't that smart, I'm gonna think with all my might until an idea comes to mind!

Nnah~, but I can't even think of anythin' good, darn it~...)

Translation: Peace
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