Writer: 日日日 (Akira)
Night of the Pleiades Monologue - 1
Location: Garden Space
(Night Sky's Weaving Star) Tsumugi Aoba Full Render

Fufu, as expected, the winter air is dry, so this will burn easily.

(Night Sky's Weaving Star) Tsumugi Aoba CG
(Night Sky's Weaving Star) Tsumugi Aoba Full Render

This will do. Once I burn everything to ashes, my role will come to an end. fine, the messengers of justice, answered the call of the virtuous people...

The story of how they subjugated the defamed Five Oddballs will be the only remaining scripture at Yumenosaki.

Everything else is Apocrypha, and will be crushed as heresy.

...No, I will wipe it all away without leaving even a trace. Valkyrie’s sound troubles on stage, the amicable human nature of the Five Oddballs, and the tragedies executed by fine. Akatsuki’s hypocrisy, the Dragon King Competition, everything.

I’ll incinerate every unfavorable record. Though there are still those who remember the sad struggles of the present, they, too will graduate.

What remains after time washes everything away are only uninteresting figures, and the results of fine’s accomplishments.

I’ll send away everything that stains and casts a different light on that beautiful story.

And with that, it’s over. Our story has reached a happy ending.

There’s no need for me to be present in climactic scene.

It’s alright if I don’t get counted as one of the characters. In my memory--for a moment, surely--I was part of a story to love.

I huddled close to the charming heroes and fought by their side. My dream came true. Someone like me, who isn’t even acknowledged by his parents, whose presence didn’t seem to matter…

Me, who’s only an irrelevant extra in the eyes of anyone in this world... An existence like mine helped to accomplish a brilliant revolution.

Our days of youth were driven by enjoyment and happy things.

I’m glad to have been born. There was value and significance to it.

For that reason, Eichi-kun, I’m neither grudging nor sorrowful in the least. It’s true that I feel lonely for being discarded in the end.

I one-sidedly devoted myself to you, and in the end I was thrown away…

It’s wretched, it’s embarrassing, but...

The friendship--the love--that I found in you won’t turn into hatred so quickly, you see.

Even if things don’t end well for me... It doesn’t mean that the days of youth that we spent together were all lies.

The first warm feeling that ever budded in my chest won’t simply disappear. For as long as this warmth persists, I will always be glad to have been born.

Encountering you, existing by your side... I will not regret any of it. Becoming friends with you… wanting to be friends with you… I don’t want to think that these were all mistakes.

I couldn’t even go to karaoke together with you, though.

But that’s because I was able to live in a story straight out of the dreams and shounen manga longed for by every boy in the world. And I… I am satisfied with that. I am sated.

Natsume Sakasaki School Dialogue Render
(Night Sky's Weaving Star) Tsumugi Aoba Full Render
Ehi--?! Huh? Nastume-cha--… Natsume-kun? How long have you been standing there?
Natsume Sakasaki School Dialogue Render
You didn’t notice ME? I see you’re dense as usual, SENPAI. No matter, can you burn “this,” tOO?
(Night Sky's Weaving Star) Tsumugi Aoba Full Render
What’s this? It’s a rather thick envelope…?
Natsume Sakasaki School Dialogue Render

It’s the story of a dream that never came tRUE. Even since the defeat of the Five Oddballs, I was preoccupied, howeVER... It serves no purpose anymore, so I thought about burning it completeLY.

Once I become an adult and find this in the back of my desk draWER, I think that I would only be embarrassed by memories of my foolish yOUTH...

It’s alRIGHT, so hurry up and burn IT. This won’t be of any help anymore, and it can’t change realiTY. But enclosed are also facts that would be of inconvenience to all of yOU.

We could have put in every effort, and prolonged the arrival of the END... If a certain frail student council president were to die along the WAY, then hip hip, hooRAY.

If not, after he graduATES, we still could have turned the taBLES. That was the plan, one based on a naïve probability. One that nii-sans of the Five Oddballs could not accEPT.

That creePY, vengeful, shrewd student council presiDENT… There is no way fine wouldn’t have formulated a countermeasure to an idea like this, that even a kid could come up WITH.

If they were easy oppoNENTS, we would not have LOST.

If we had tried to prolong everythING, there would only be unnecessary bloodSHED.

Even in the one-in-a-million chance that everything were to go miraculously well and we would be able to strike BACK, we would have only returned to the epoch before fine apPEARED. It’ll only be an escape from reality rendering all our efforts completely worthLESS.

Hey, do you wish to return to the old DAYS, SENPAI?

If so, don’t burn it and set it aside. In the fuTURE, somebody might find this and--compelled by righteousness--make my dream come TRUE.

(Night Sky's Weaving Star) Tsumugi Aoba Full Render
Hmm... I don’t think that I particularly want to go back, so I will go ahead and burn it.
Natsume Sakasaki School Dialogue Render

How merciLESS. Ah~... It’s burning WELL, after all of the difficulty that I had organizing all of IT.

That’s fine, though. I wouldn’t be happy if other people made my dream come true for me, anyWAY.

(Night Sky's Weaving Star) Tsumugi Aoba Full Render
Yes. And as for me, the past was more painful than the present. I don’t think about wanting to return to old times at all~ I believe that day by day, everything is heading in a better direction.

The present that we have today is born from everyone's efforts… Efforts to make the world just a little better, and just a little happier.

Translation: nanairo
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