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Night of the Pleiades A Heart Hiding Secrets - 6
Location: School Road
Subaru Akehoshi Summer School Dialogue Render

...You want to know what’s going on with Switch, Anzu?

Well. From what I’ve heard, it looks like things have been weird since around last month…

Apparently, it all started when Natsume started doing solo jobs.

Um, well Natsume’s mother is a famous fortune teller who shows up a lot on TV. You’ve probably heard of her, Anzu.

And recently, Natsume’s mom hasn’t been in good health.

So it seems like Natsume had been temporarily acting as her substitute in fortune telling jobs.

He’s always said that his original dream was to be a fortune teller… Seems like he’s been his mother’s helper for that ever since he was little.

This time around, he’s acting as her actual substitute on TV… or rather, he’s been acting as her successor, and that has caused quite a stir.

Right now, he’s been very popular in that world.

That’s natural. And from my viewpoint, as his friend, I’m even very proud.

Natsume has always been hidden behind his mother’s shadow, since she is so incredibly renowned. But Natsume practically killed himself in his efforts to succeed as a fortune teller.

And all that’s been rewarded. You really have to hand it to him. But...looks like it had an effect that was a little unexpected.

His mother couldn’t come back just yet, so Natsume needed to prioritize his fortune telling jobs…

And so apparently, his activities with Switch have been on hold since then.

What’s more, there are a whole lot of fans of Natsume as a fortune teller now…

So in Switch’s shows, there are a lot of people in the audience who only sought for Natsume, the fortune teller.

In the worst cases, they apparently couldn’t even hold the shows anymore.

To begin with, Switch has been doing activities underground more, and hasn’t really been participating in official DreamFes.

But even then, they’d hold their shows in small live houses and such. So if they have even just a small group of weird customers, they apparently have a hard time controlling them.

Like, there are people who just go up on the stage, all “Please hear my problems out!”, even though Switch is in the middle of singing.

That’s proof of just how skilled Natsume is as a fortune teller.

...But I bet the other two must have felt uncomfortable, with Natsume being the only member sought for in Switch.

Things were probably running through Natsume’s mind in that situation…

He declared that he’d focus on his work as a fortune teller for now, and put his idol activities on hold.

The other two apparently just went with it without objection. Sent him off, telling him to do his best, and didn’t even try to stop him.

But somehow, seems like that displeased Natsume instead of the other way around.

They argued and fought a lot, and now they’re aloof towards each other in a cold war… I think things will grow worse if this keeps up.

Natsume would definitely succeed as a fortune teller. But if he gets too busy with that, he’ll have no choice but to continue putting his idol activities on hold.

The issue now is what will happen to the other two.

I think Natsume probably had things he wanted to do as the three of them in Switch and stuff. He’s the type who’s always projecting the future, and who always has plans up his sleeves.

But if he were to completely become a fortune teller, he’ll have to abandon everything he planned to do as an idol.

He probably can’t stay in Switch anymore.

Natsume’s an absolute perfectionist. He won’t be able to stand being mediocre on either of those paths.

What do you think he should do, Anzu?

Natsume has a dream. But he doesn’t have just one dream.

He wants to be the best fortune teller, he wants to be a wonderful idol... It would be great if either one of those dreams came true.

Knowing how he is, I think he probably wouldn’t be able to stand being a halfway “Singing and dancing fortune idol~”

If he’s gonna be an idol, then he’ll be an idol. If he’s gonna be a fortune teller, then he’ll be a fortune teller. I think he would simply want to master one or the other properly.

I haven’t talked to Natsume himself, but that’s what I feel is happening.

And right now, Natsume’s aiming to walk the path of a fortune teller.

He’s highly valued in that area, and he’s already become popular. As things are right now, he’s already very successful.

He’s always had the conviction to become a fortune teller from way before. If you think about it simply, the choice to make here is obvious.

He made his dream come true. But because of that, he’s planning on throwing away his life and future as an idol.

Hey, do you think only one dream can come true at a time? Do you have to throw away one thing so you can obtain another?

Is that how reality is?

Natsume’s always had a good sense of reality. But still, can he just throw a dream away like that so easily?

I can’t bring myself to accept that, so I thought of talking to him about it this morning.

But I feel like I didn’t even get anywhere with him… I don’t know what to do anymore, Anzu.

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