Writer: 日日日 (Akira)
Pirates Pirates - 3
Location: Pirate Stage (Pirates)
Adonis Otogari Pirate Dialogue Render

Throughout my life as a child, it was as if I was being kept inside a cage like this.

Restrained by my terrifying older sisters, I was pushed around like a slave.

However, I have grown bigger. And I have become strong enough to stand up for "those who are oppressed" similar to myself from those days.

I did it myself.... Thus for Oogami, Anzu, and the others, I will support--, I will show you that I can protect them.

I shall protect weak living creatures.

Koga Oogami Pirate Dialogue Render

Adonis, this guy really...♪

Wait, I almost let that one slide without thinkin'! Bastard~ I ain't counted as one of yer "weak creatures", am I!?

Bastard~ I'm only losin' to ya in body build, I'll have a match with ya any time! Come at me, Adonis!

Don't underestimate me, yeah!?

Adonis Otogari Pirate Dialogue Render

I'm sorry. I have a principle not to bully those that are weak.

Koga Oogami Pirate Dialogue Render

Gaah! Even this bastard makes me angry now and then, is "UNDEAD" full of nothin' but assholes who'll piss me off!?

Adonis Otogari Pirate Dialogue Render

If I made you unhappy, I'm sorry. But please keep quiet for a while, I can't concentrate.

Nn. Nwaaaaah!

Kaoru Hakaze Pirate Dialogue Render

Hyaah? Th-the bars really bent all the way! No, no, there's no way! For this young kid to do something this ridiculous...?

Erm~, that cage is part of the set, isn't it? Even though they look like iron bars, they're actually made of black-colored plastic and wood.

Ah, damn... Even if you didn't worry about it, I'd planned to let you out when the third act of the "Pirate Festival" starts, okay~?

So you could build up your resentment in the second act, then let it explode by the third act...

Sakuma-san's not here right now, so for the three of us to win against "Ryuseitai" on our own, I didn't have a choice, did I?

That was what I decided. I hardened my heart to do some harsh things, you know~? Urgh, and now everything's a mess, isn't it?

Adonis Otogari Pirate Dialogue Render

Is that your official stance, Hakaze-senpai?

(Strength to Protect) Adonis Otogari CG2
Adonis Otogari Pirate Dialogue Render

My sisters also said "This is for Ado-chan's sake!" as they continued forcing me to do various things...

Such convenient good excuses, I will not fall for them a second time.

I shall clear my own path. ... Oogami, I'll smash your cage too, so stand back


Koga Oogami Pirate Dialogue Render

O-ohh! Awesome, ya really helped me out, Adonis! This bastard's a "good guy" after all, now let's beat the hell out of this playboy and toss 'im into the ocean ♪

Kaoru Hakaze Pirate Dialogue Render

W-wait-, time out, time out... Don't get too worked up~, it was just a little joke ♪

Koga Oogami Pirate Dialogue Render

I'm done with yer jokes, shut the hell up! Waargh, I'm gonna bend this cage's bars!

As soon as I've finally made it out here, I can sing! I can do a live with all my might...☆

Escape! Yahaha, been a while since I was out! Mm~ Freedom ☆

Adonis Otogari Pirate Dialogue Render

Hnghh, as expected, I'm exhausted... I'll rest for a moment, in the meantime, I'll entrust it to you, Oogami.

(Romantic Bow) Koga Oogami CG2
Koga Oogami Pirate Dialogue Render

Yeaah, leave it to me, the "Pirate Festival" starts here on out~!

Full speed ahead toward the horizon on the pirate ship "UNDEAD"! All the treasure's gonna be mine, gyahahaha ☆

Translation: Riitranslates
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