Writer: 日日日 (Akira)
Pirates Navy - 3
Location: Pirate Stage (Navy)
(Sea Captain) Chiaki Morisawa Full Render Bloomed

(Hmm. Seems we can get through the programme with smooth sailing, doesn't it...?)

(Excellent, it's a very good tune! Looks like we don't have to worry, the "Pirate Festival" First Act "Navy" will be a huge success!)

(The audience reaction is superb. Anzu is really amazing at managing things, and for some reason, it looks like even two guys from "Knights" are helping out too.)

(There is even that villainous Sena...?)

(Fuhaha! Our producer is amazingly popular, isn't she? ☆)

(The Pirate Festival is an event held outside the academy. which isn't a common practice at Yumenosaki... Because of that, I was a little bit worried.)

(I heard that Anzu isn't a celebrity type to begin with. On the contrary, instead of closely sticking to Yumenosaki's usual practices, it seems she's capable of being flexible when dealing with things.)

(You really made the best of your distinct qualities, haven't you, Anzu? ♪)

(When you perform a live at a regular beach, you shouldn't become a nuisance to the other guests who are not involved.)

(It's unacceptable to not consider the acoustics, you'll probably have to work hard, planning and preparing.)

(How admirable, Anzu! After this, I will give you a full tight hug! Er, rather, I will give you praises. For thanks to you, this is becoming an enjoyable live...☆)

(Midsummer Determination) Midori Takamine CG
(Midsummer Determination) Midori Takamine Full Render


(Sea Captain) Chiaki Morisawa Full Render Bloomed

(Ohh, Takamine is unusually eager! That kid is good enough to do it, I'd always believed so!)

(What a good expression, it is the face of a fighting man! He's even laughing in such a manner ☆)

Shinobu Sengoku Navy Dialogue Render

O-oop oop... Forgive me for treading on you, Tetora-kun!

Despite myself, I am inexperienced at such rope action, if I attempt it from a higher location, it is somewhat terrifying~!

Tetora Nagumo Navy Dialogue Render

Ossu! It's fine, I'm training my lower body! More than that, during a live, whispering isn't allowed! You're shining, Shinobu-kun~☆

Shinobu Sengoku Navy Dialogue Render

Ahaha, is it a good thing for a ninja to shine...? ♪

(Sea Captain) Chiaki Morisawa Full Render Bloomed

(Good, good, Sengoku and Nagumo are freely displaying their "good points!")

(How magnificent, I can leave the future "Ryuseitai" to these young ones! I'm very happy, everyone! I love you all... ☆)

(The Sea and Friends) Kanata Shinkai Full Render Bloomed


Until the "other side" of the "horizon"~, "together" with everyone, float floating...♪

(Sea Captain) Chiaki Morisawa Full Render Bloomed

(Hmm, well, Kanata is Kanata! Even though it seems like he's moving completely at his own pace, ignoring the melody and choreography, we've gotten used to his strangeness!)

(Instead, he's rallying everyone else! )

(You're the same as ever, Shinkai Kanata of the "Three Oddballs"! As expected, your fundamental strength is standing out, isn't it?)

(After this, should you learn the spirit of cooperation, will even you become the best idol...?)

(Although as Kanata sings and dances around indiscriminately, are those sea creatures gathering around him? Ohh, isn't that a dolphin?)

(Spinning around and around, it looks like an aquarium show, doesn't it?)

(The Sea and Friends) Kanata Shinkai Full Render Bloomed

Chiaki~. You're "looking around restlessly" aren't you, let's "gather together?"

Look! Our "friends" from the sea are "cheering" us on, too~♪

(Sea Captain) Chiaki Morisawa Full Render Bloomed

Y-yeah! Rather than the sea, I should say it's like they've appeared from a different dimension, huh, feels like it's swarming with creatures I've never seen before!

I'll pretend I haven't seen them, I'll only look to the front...☆

(Well, seeing that this is called the "Pirate Festival," it's obvious that we're only the "navy," but it can't be helped, can it~?)

(Being in charge of the "pirates," I'm worried about those "UNDEAD" guys...?)

(Though those guys look like outlaws, the job must be completed without fail! Let's believe in them, our brethren from Yumenosaki Academy!)

(The power of believing is what makes the future, fuhahaha ☆)

(Midsummer Determination) Midori Takamine Full Render

Umm Morisawa-senpai, have we gone past the scheduled time for the first act...?

If we don't come down from the stage right away, won't they get mad at us...?

It's rare for me to be so enthusiastic so I'm completely worn out...?

(Sea Captain) Chiaki Morisawa Full Render Bloomed

Mmhmm! You really worked hard today, didn't you, Takamine? Good, good ♪

When the "UNDEAD" guys show themselves, let's immediately withdraw the troops! Until they finish with their preparations, we'll stall for time!

One for all and all for one! That is justice! That is love! No, that is surely "Ryuseitai"...☆

Kaoru Hakaze Pirate Dialogue Render

Ahaha. Sorry but when it comes to love from a filthy guy, I'll have to dump you~♪

(Sea Captain) Chiaki Morisawa Full Render Bloomed

Ohh "UNDEAD" you're late! Fuhaha, we were getting tired of waiting ♪

Kaoru Hakaze Pirate Dialogue Render

Sorry sorry. Those damned brats in our group couldn't decide on anything, see~? For "Ryuseitai," it's good that your juniors seem pretty obedient~♪

(Sea Captain) Chiaki Morisawa Full Render Bloomed

Mmhmm, they're juniors that I'm proud of ☆

For you-- rather, for "UNDEAD," seems like it'll be difficult! Good luck, fight hard!

I go all out when dealing with other people, I've no choice but to crash through whatever's in front of me!

Kaoru Hakaze Pirate Dialogue Render

That so~? That's the way it is, hm? "Ryuseitai" is overly passionate huh~♪

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