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Phantom Thieves VS Detectives Investigation Start 2
Location: Hallway
Hajime Shino School Dialogue Render
Umm, we’re getting off topic~….

The “Mystery Stage” isn’t really set up like a play. So we don’t have any lines or anything to remember.

We just have to dress up as detectives, and sing and dance. Of course, the stage, songs, and performances might make it seem like a play, but….

We won’t have to do an opera.

Tomoya Mashiro School Dialogue Render
Ah, okay. Yeah, Mitsuru wouldn’t be able to remember any long lines, anyway.
Mitsuru Tenma School Dialogue Render
Heheh! ☆
Tomoya Mashiro School Dialogue Render
That’s not a compliment. But when it comes to dancing and stuff, you’re good with using muscle memory to remember the moves, though.
Hajime Shino School Dialogue Render
Hehe. Alright, I’ll explain the basics of how the “Mystery Stage” works, then.

Every day, “Knights” will begin their live at an appointed time. We’ll also participate on that stage as back dancers, but only for the first song.

In the song, a “riddle” is hidden.

The riddle will tell us “what” the phantom thieves, “Knights,” have stolen, and “where” they’ve hidden the stolen item.

Tomoya Mashiro School Dialogue Render
Hmm~? I can’t really picture how that works, but I’ll let you finish explaining, first.

“Knights” won’t actually be stealing anything, right? After all, that would be a crime.

Hajime Shino School Dialogue Render
Of course. It’s all just a game, in the end. Those are just the rules in this game of pretend.

The phantom thieves, “Knights,” hide a “stolen item” somewhere in the school, and it’s up to “Ra*bits,” the detectives, to search for it.

Ah, and the stolen item will definitely be somewhere on Yumenosaki Academy’s campus.

Tomoya Mashiro School Dialogue Render
Well, it’d be impossible to find if it was somewhere outside of the school, after all. There would be too many places we’d have to look.
Hajime Shino School Dialogue Render
Right. We need to find the “stolen item hidden in the school,” and return to the stage as quickly as we can.

Back at the stage, the phantom thieves, “Knights,” will continue to perform the entire time.

Once we’re able to find the “stolen item” and bring it back to the stage, we’ll present it as evidence. That’ll leave the phantom thieves, “Knights,” nowhere to escape, and they’ll be tied up with rope.

Basically, they’ll be arrested.

Immediately after that, this time, “Knights” will be the backup dancers.

“Ra*bits” will become the main performers, and we’ll put on a performance to celebrate the detectives’ victory.

Ehehe. Although, that’s yet to happen even once. It’s pretty difficult to figure out where they’ve hidden the stolen item.

It’s a very tricky riddle, like it’s purposely designed to be unsolvable.

Tomoya Mashiro School Dialogue Render
So the detectives have been on a losing streak, huh? If we’re able to find the “stolen item” quickly, and considering how many audience members “Knights” has….

If we were able to take all of them for ourselves, that’d be really great, but….

Mitsuru Tenma School Dialogue Render
That’s right. The sooner we find the “stolen item,” the longer we’ll be able to enjoy having all those people watch us perform.

Speed’s our ticket to victory, Tomo-chan! ♪

Tomoya Mashiro School Dialogue Render
Hmm. It all seems so complicated, though. I feel like it’d be much simpler if we just did a joint live with “Knights,”

And take turns being the backup dancers when the time is up, you know?

Nazuna Nito School Dialogue Render
Well, unfortunately for us, “Ra*bits” is a weak unit, compared to “Knights.” We’re far from being on the same level.

It might come with certain conditions, but it’s a pretty abnormal case that we’re able to do a live together at all, ya know~?

For starters, “Knights” are fighters.

If it’s a regular live competition, they pretty much never give up their audience to another “unit.” The negotiations were a real pain~

Tomoya Mashiro School Dialogue Render
So the outcome of those negotiations was the “Mystery Stage”?

But with how difficult they’re making the riddles, it doesn’t look like they have the slightest intention of letting us have our turn to perform.

Nazuna Nito School Dialogue Render
Well, even if we’re only going to be backup dancers, being on stage together with “Knights” will still help our reputation.

We’ll have “Knights’” fan base remember our faces.

So it won’t all be for nothing, hopefully. By using this story-type format of a detectives and phantom thieves showdown….

The audience will have a good time watching, and we’ll be able to show them our song and dance~

Tomoya Mashiro School Dialogue Render
Most of them are probably “Knights” fans, so they’re all going to be here to see “Knights.”

In a normal live, I’m sure it’d be hard for them to see “Knights” back dancing for someone else, then.

Nazuna Nito School Dialogue Render
Yeah. We probably won’t ever have more favorable conditions than this.

It’s kind of like we’re scraping up the leftovers from a powerhouse “unit,” but right now, we need to hang on to every tiny piece we can get and build up our reputation.

For the sake of our future, for “Ra*bits’” future.

It’d be nice if we could find the “stolen item” at least once and tie up those phantom thieves so that the detectives get a chance to shine♪

Those phantom thieves have stolen a treasure otherwise known as “the audience’s hearts”…. We’re going to take them back and make them our own.

Ahaha, now who are the real phantom thieves around here~? ♪

Ah, look at the time. I have something else to take care of so…. I’ll be taking my leave for now. Tomo-chin, I’m counting on you to look after everyone, okay~?

Tomoya Mashiro School Dialogue Render
Eh? Alright, understood. You seem so busy, Nii-chan.

I know I’m not one to talk, but it’s been awhile since everyone in “Ra*bits” has gotten together like this. Do you really have to go~?

Nazuna Nito School Dialogue Render
Sorry about this. But, you know….

You guys can’t keep “piggybacking” on me forever, ya know? Prove to me that you guys can stand and walk on your own two legs now, alright?

There’s still some time before “Ra*bits” has to be the backup dancers for the first song in today’s “Mystery Stage,” but….

Make sure you’re thoroughly prepared. Especially you, Tomo-chin, since you haven’t been on stage in a while.

If there’s anything you don’t understand, give me a call.

Well, I’m sure you’ll be fine, but if there’s any kind of emergency, like someone collapsing or anything, I’ll get away from what I’m doing and come running.

Alright then, see ya. Umm, did I leave anything out?

Tomoya Mashiro School Dialogue Render
If you don’t get going, you’ll be late to wherever it is you have to be.

Ahaha, oh Nii-chan…. He makes it sound like he’s pushing us away sometimes, but in the end, he really is caring♪

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