Writer: 日日日 (Akira)
Phantom Thieves VS Detectives Epilogue 4
Location: Museum-like Stage
Wataru Hibiki Thief Dialogue Render
Tomoya-kun, continuing to stay “normal” is an exceptionally difficult thing to do. Humans “yearn”, after all.

The criteria for being “normal” is always rising higher and higher; eventually, nobody will be able to reach it.

Something that was “the best” yesterday will be “normal” today, and tomorrow it will fall to the very bottom. That is the nature of this world.

You have to constantly evolve, and run with all your strength... unable to stop, unable to hold your ground. It’s dreadful, don’t you think?

However, you have a penchant for expressing yourself as “normal” in self-depreciation.

When you turned in your application to join the drama club, with sparkling eyes you had said you wanted to change the “normal” you.

I was uncertain. Why, even though there is such difficulty in continuing to stay “normal”? People will always end up aiming for the top, after all.

Not even this Hibiki Wataru was able to do it.

I was “disconnected”, and continued to aim higher and higher...

From the earth where ordinary people lived, I defied even gravity and drifted away.

It was an extremely lonely world without any human warmth. There I was, withdrawing from everything, when Eichi pulled at my hair from behind.

Desperately, he tethered me to this world.

If you take one wrong step, you will also become like “that”. That is what I had feared.

Although, unlike me, you were a child with not even a fragment of ordinary talent, so it was an unnecessary concern.

(Genius and Ordinary) Tomoya Mashiro Full Render Bloomed
Oh, shut up. ... apologies for worrying you.
Wataru Hibiki Thief Dialogue Render
There is no need for that. You are a poor, talentless child with no individuality, but even so, you stayed by my side.

Most tend to run off by the third day.

Hokuto-kun is talented, not to mention remarkably thick headed, and is thus able to accompany me.

But you are an insignificant creature who has nothing but cuteness to his name.

You were shaking and scared, reluctant and writhing, wailing, but you never ran away.

Holding your ground, you even complained about me. You are strong — more than I had ever thought.

But that is why I could never break that.

I thought to myself that I had to cherish that.

... anyway! Come now, you offered your “help” but I’ve seen no work done!

Learn to talk while freely moving your hands, like me!

If you have the chance, try moving your hair like this as well!

(Genius and Ordinary) Tomoya Mashiro Full Render Bloomed
How are you even doing that!? Gross!

Right, gotcha, Captain. I’ve gotten used to being messed around with your quirks anyway. I’ll accompany you ‘till my limit.

So don’t give up on me just yet. okay? True, I don’t have any talents, and I can’t really do anything exceptionally well right now.

But I’m doing my best, so don’t go forsaking me.

When it ever looks like you’re about to fly off into space and beyond, I’ll reach out and just pull at the very ends of your hair...

I’ll show you that I’ll grow into a reliable man.

Wataru Hibiki Thief Dialogue Render
My my, how reliable. However, if you keep looking up, you’ll end up tripping over your own two feet.

Focus on what is before your eyes — the live show that will continue into tomorrow.

Everything after that can be contemplated when it is all over.

(Genius and Ordinary) Tomoya Mashiro Full Render Bloomed
Yessir. I wanna participate in the drama club activities after all, too. Right, I want to have a chat about that later.

... Captain, where should I carry this~?

Wataru Hibiki Thief Dialogue Render
Ah, I shall handle the physical work. Can you work on the cleaning, Tomoya-kun?
(Watchful Detective) Nazuna Nito Full Render Bloomed

(Ugh, looks like the live show ended already after all. All the business I had to care of dragged on longer than I thought it would~... Jeez, that was a such a pain.)

(Well, I might've seceded from it, but it was still the "unit" I belonged to once.)

(It's not like I could ignore it~ At least with this, it looks like there won't be any more trouble in the future.)

(But, huh... I was thinking about helping out with the clean up, but it looks like we've got a nice atmosphere going on here.)

(I shouldn't barge in — time to withdraw before I get noticed~♪)

(... so you can smile like that, Wataruchin. That kind of smile is the most charming — like a boy your age should smile.)

(Nice job, Tomochin. That's the treasure you were able to find because you're you.)

(Nihihi. My kids really are the best! ♪)

Translation: Shoe
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