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Phantom Thieves VS Detectives
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Season: Winter (冬)
Writer: 日日日 (Akira) Chapters: 23 Translation: Enstars Translates, Shoe, appositewhite, Ren
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Associated Songs: Knights the Phantom Thief *


  • Suekko (末っ子): Means youngest child. This’ll come back later, so I decided to keep the Japanese in the translation as well.

Case Discovery - 3:

  • 110: In Japan, 110 is the emergency number you dial to call the police.

Investigation Start - 4:

  • The kanji for “wings” (羽) which is in “thousand paper cranes” (千羽鶴), also happens to be the counter for birds and rabbits.

Criminal Pursuit - 1:

  • The Red Shoes: Refers to the fairytale, “The Red Shoes,” by Hans Christian Andersen, about a girl that can’t stop dancing when wearing a pair of red shoes.
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