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Orihime and Hikoboshi
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Season: Summer (夏)
Writer: 日日日 (Akira) Chapters: 21 Translation: euni2319
Proofreaders: Shie & Gold
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Story Notes

General This event is heavily influenced by the concept of Chinese martial arts. Makoto mentions that he incorporated “Kung-fu” dance moves into Trickstar’s Tanabata performance, so here is more information about it:

  • Tanabata was inspired by the Qixi Festival, a Chinese festival celebrating the annual meeting of the cowherd (Hikoboshi) and weaver girl (Orihime) in mythology.
  • Trickstar is most likely referencing Wushu (Chinese kungfu). Since Ryuseitai ended up choosing a similar concept to Trickstar, they’re also referencing Wushu.
  • Taolu is the set routines, or “forms”, of Wushu. There are routines performed bare-handed, and routines performed with weaponry.
  • In this case, Trickstar and Ryuseitai chose a weaponry-based taolu: Gunshu (long staff), and Jianshu (double-edged straight sword) respectively. Both of these styles consist of agile, quick movements, and require flexibility.
  • Video of an athlete performing Gunshu: 1 - 2 (Both videos portray Mao and Subaru's poses) – Video of an athlete performing Jianshu: 1 - 2 (second video portrays Midori's pose)
  • Shinobu’s pose is the flying kung fu kick (a kick Bruce Lee often does). Kenpou, the martial arts Tetora adds to Ryuseitai's performance, also has this kicking style.

Living Sunshine: Chapter Title Note

  • In Japanese it's 晴れ男 hareotoko, lit. “man who causes the weather to become sunny when he goes out​.” One way to translate it would be “Sunny man”, but I went with “Living Sunshine” for poetry's sake.
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