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Ensemble Stars! On Stage is the first stage play and adapts a part of the Ensemble Stars! Main Story. It is produced by Marvelous! and features the units Trickstar, UNDEAD, AKATSUKI, and 2wink.

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  • June 18-26, 2016


Actor Info Character
Ozawa stage play.jpg Ozawa Ren (小澤 廉) as Subaru Akehoshi
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Subaru stage play.jpg
Yamamoto stage play.jpg Yamamoto Ikkei (山本 一慶) as Hokuto Hidaka
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Hokuto stage play.jpg
Matsumura stage play.png Matsumura Taiichiro (松村 泰一郎) as Makoto Yuuki
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Makoto stage play.jpg
Tanimizu stage play.jpg Tanimizu Riki (谷水 力) as Mao Isara
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Mao stage play.jpg

Actor Info Character
Akazawa stage play.jpg Akazawa Ryotaro (赤澤 遼太郎) as Koga Oogami
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Kouga stage play.jpg
Kominami stage play.jpg Kominami Koji (小南 光司) as Rei Sakuma
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Shizuku stage play.jpg
Okutani stage play.jpg Okutani Chihiro (奥谷 知弘) as Kaoru Hakaze
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Kaoru stage play.jpg
Ei stage play.jpg Akira (瑛) as Adonis Otogari
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Adonisu stage play.jpg

Actor Info Character
Ueda stage play.jpg Ueda Kandai (上田 堪大) as Kuro Kiryu
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Beniro stage play.jpg
Komatsu stage play.jpg Komatsu Junya (小松 準弥) as Keito Hasumi
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Takato stage play.jpg
Higuchi stage play.jpg Higuchi Yuta (樋口 裕太) as Souma Kanzaki
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Hyouma stage play.jpg

Actor Info Character
Kenta stage play.jpg Yamanaka Kenta (山中 健太) as Hinata Aoi
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Hinata stage play.jpg
Syota stage play.jpg Yamanaka Shota (山中 翔太) as Yuta Aoi
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Yuta stage play.jpg

Actor Info Character
Konishi stage play.jpg Konishi Seiya (小西 成弥) as Tetora Nagumo
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Tetsutora stage play.png
Sakurai stage play.jpg Sakurai Keito (櫻井 圭登) as Hajime Shino
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Hajime stage play.jpg
Takasaki stage play.jpg Takasaki Shota (高崎 翔太) as Izumi Sena
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Izumi stage play.jpg
Kitamura stage play.jpg Kitamura Ryo (北村 諒) as Arashi Narukami
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Arashi stage play.jpg

Original Songs

  • Growing Smile - Trickstar (Subaru Akehoshi, Hokuto Hidaka, Makoto Yuuki, Mao Isara)
    - Lyrics: Yohei Matsui (松井洋平)
    - Composition: Satoru Kuwabara (桑原聖)
    - Arrangement: Sakai Takuya (酒井拓也)
  • Singin’☆Shine! - All cast
    - Lyrics: Yohei Matsui (松井洋平)
    - Composition / Arrangement: Tsukasa Yatoki (矢鴇つかさ) - Arte Refact

Songs Performed

  1. Rebellion Star - Trickstar
  2. Tenka Muteki☆Meteoranger! (天下無敵☆メテオレンジャー! lit. The Unrivaled☆Meteorangers!?) - Tetora Nagumo
  3. Melody in the Dark - UNDEAD
  4. Sugar Spice Hōteishiki (シュガー・スパイス方程式 lit. Sugar Spice Equation?) - 2wink
  5. Hyakka Ryouran, Akatsukiyo (百花繚乱、紅月夜 lit. Wild Blooming Flowers, Crimson Colored Moon's Night?) - AKATSUKI
  6. Joyful×Box* - Hajime Shino
  7. Growing Smile - Trickstar
  8. Hanīmiruku wa Okonomi de (ハニーミルクはお好みで lit. Honey Milk to Taste?) - UNDEAD
  9. Hana Tomori no Koibumi (花燈の恋文 lit. Love Letter of the Brilliance of Cherry Blossoms?) - AKATSUKI
  10. CHERRY HAPPY STREAM - Trickstar
  11. ONLY YOUR STARS! - All cast
  12. Singin'☆Shine! - All cast

Differences from Original Story



  • When Adonis plays his ocarina for the audience in between scenes, the song he is playing is UNDEAD's Hanīmiruku wa Okonomi de (ハニーミルクはお好みで lit. Honey Milk to Taste?).


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