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An idol who also works as a chef. He used to perform as part of a duo with Rinne Amagi. Though he's someone very easily swayed by the words of others, he has an overall chipper personality. He becomes wild and brusque once his stomach is empty. Normally, though, he has a friendly atmosphere about him and feels easy to talk to. With a mischievous voice, his performances are light and carefree.

Niki is a member of Cosmic Production's Crazy:B.[1]


Niki is a tall young man with an average build. He has a slightly darker complexion than other students, and blue eyes. He has armpit length, slightly unkempt, dark grey hair, tied off into a low ponytail on his left shoulder. He's usually seen wearing a purple mock turtleneck, with a white, black and green horizontal stripe in the middle. The turtleneck has a zipper going down the middle, with a circular zipper tab. The zipper is open, exposing an orange undershirt he wears underneath. He tucks his shirt into black pants, with a loose white belt.

On stage, Niki wears a white jacket off the shoulder with a houndstooth pattern, that has black and red accents. The jacket has yellow lapels and yellow straps on the sleeves. It has red, white, and black cuffs, as well as a pin in the shape of a bee, with a gold chain connecting it to the jacket. Underneath the jacket is a white t-shirt, with a gray design and a hexagon pattern. The bottom of the shirt is in red and had a small side-split cut, showing the gold chain belt Niki wears with a gold/red jewel accessory. He wears black pants with a gray and yellow side strip, and a hexagon pattern down following the side strip. Niki wears black sneakers with yellow and white accents. He also wears a black choker with a small gold chain dangling from the middle.


Niki is a very fun, outgoing person with an intense passion for cooking. He usually is super sincere and thinks of himself as nothing more than a “decent chef”.

When it comes to Rinne, due to their long-term friendship, he’s harsher and more straight-to-the-point. He criticizes him about his bad gambling addiction and being a freeloader, and how he leeches off of Niki for food and shelter. But despite how harsh he rubs off as, he still cares for Rinne deeply.

He’s loud and is humble when people compliment him about his cooking. Niki often speaks in “cooking dialect” and in relation to cooking terms, which is why people have a hard time understanding what he means sometimes. This is because of his passion for cooking and his huge knowledge about it.

Judging by how he acts, you can tell that he keeps his unit members close to heart. He treats his friends very well and shows his affection in form of food.



For more information, see: Niki Shiina/Family


  • During the !! Main Story, Niki has a shared ES dorm room with the rest of Crazy:B. However, similarly to the rest of Crazy:B, Niki usually stayed elsewhere during this time; he usually stayed at his apartment with Rinne Amagi.
  • According to a 4gamer interview with Akira, Niki's character archetype is "a chef" (料理人).
  • Niki works part-time at Café Cinnamon.[2]
  • Niki only graduated middle school and did not attend high school.[2]
  • Niki's parents are constantly traveling.[3]
  • Niki has been trained in cooking by his father since a young age.[4]
  • Niki's father is a rather well-known chef who used to be popular on TV shows, but he was banned from appearing on television after a certain incident involving meat a few years ago. The specifics of this incident are unknown, barring that Eichi thinks it's not a topic that should be discussed in front of children. However, Eichi also suspects it may have been a falsified incident that idols had orchestrated to get a non-idol off the TV slots and use that time for idols themselves.[5]
  • Niki met Rinne when he was 14 and Rinne was 17, and the two have stayed together ever since.[6]

Voice Actor Comment

"Niki Shiina sure loves food! And I love cooking and eating too. The happiest part of being alive is probably mealtime! (Laughs) Niki and I have a lot in common, so playing him has made for really fun recording sessions. I'd like to keep having fun playing him, in a way that brings out his charm!"[1]

Niki Shiina
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