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New Wind
New Wind (Episode)
Episode 1
Air Date July 7, 2019
Dub Release August 5, 2019
Blu-Ray Volume 1
Chapters Hierarchy

The first episode of the Ensemble Stars! Anime Adaption by David Production. While first prescreened on June 17, 2019 along with the 2nd episode, it officially aired on July 7th. The opening song is Stars' Ensemble, and the ending song is 1st SING-ALONG☆. The commercial break illustrations are from (Flying Guts) Tetora Nagumo and (Howling Wolf) Koga Oogami.


Anzu arrives in Yumenosaki, the school she's transferred into to become a producer. As she heads to the staff room, she is distracted by the singing voices of Trickstar in a nearby room. After classes, the group heads to the cafeteria, noting its emptiness before going to watch the Dragon King Competition. After Anzu is knocked out by a flying Koga and the students need to run from a Student Council invasion, Hokuto monologues at Anzu in the nurse's office until the rest of Trickstar joins them.

Character Appearances in Order

Characters in italics are seen but do not speak during the episode.

CD Songs Played


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