Writer: 日日日 (Akira) Requirement: Unlock in (Hymn) Nazuna Nito's Idol Road
Nazuna Nito Sub Story Let me Hear Your Voice
Season: Spring (春) Location: Soundproof Lesson Room


... Wha — 'ts you!? 'on't scare m'like that! You've no presence at all, transfer student!

W-wait, give me a sec. Speaking out so suddenly's making me choke — [cough cough]!

Oh, is that water for me? That's thoughtful of you, transfer student. Let Niichan praise you! ☆

[glug glug] ... ahh ♪

Why're you staring at me? Is there something on my face?

Not that I mind! Being stared is an idol's job, after all! Ehe~

More importantly, do you have something you need? I've reserved this soundproof practice room right now.

Ack, it's this time already? Sorry, you're gonna be using this room next, huh?

'm gonna clean up 'vrythin' righ' now — seriously, s'rry! When 'm concentwatin' I jush lose m'sense 'f time...!

Huh, you can't tell what I'm saying?

Give me some more water. Moisturizing my throat will help me speak better. [glug glug] ♪

Bah, that hits the spot~! ♪

So, it's not like you're in a hurry to use this practice room right now?

You came over here because it's just going to be time to switch soon... So I can take my time to clean up.

You're always such a hard worker! Good girl, good girl ♪

Ah, you're gonna help out too? Thanks a lot! You're a nice one, transfer student.

I think I understand why Mako-chin depends on you. Impressive~ You're being a fine producer! ♪

Really, you're a lifesaver — I'm not really good with heavy lifting. I can never carry in these amps and stuff, and it's always puts me in such a bind.

Though it's a little shameful of me to have a girl do it in my place.

Let's do this together — one, two, three ♪


Hm? Yeah, I don't really stumble over my words when I'm singing.

In fact, I have a pretty good reputation when it comes to my voice and pronunciation! Even that Kunugi-sensei who almost never praises students gave me a stamp of approval~♪

When it comes to songs, especially ones that I remember clearly, I know what tone I should sing in and how I'd need to pronounce everything, after all~ There's no need to be flustered, so I can sing well.

Besides, if I don't sing properly, it'll be disrespectful to the lyricist 'n the composer... not to mention th' audiensh ♪

... and I fumbled over my words again. Why do you think that happens when I talk normally? Give me some advice, producer.

You might still pretty much an amateur when it comes to being a producer right now...

But even so, you're following through with your work just fine. I'm gonna work hard without giving up too.

Thanks a lot, transfer student. I feel a lot more positive right now, for some reason ♪ Good girl ♪


Hm? Ah, yeah, it's Latin. It's a hymn, after all.

There's a church in my neighbourhood, so I ended up memorizing it. A shop‐boy near a temple will recite the scriptures untaught, or something like that, right?

I participated in a church choir when I was small, actually.

— you just made a face that was all "Aren't you small right now too?", didn't you? I know you did! Niichan can see right through you!

I'm not small at all! My development is just slower than others! My growth period has just started!

Whatever — anyways... I've been familiar with stuff like songs and hymns since I was little. I've practiced a lot during my choir days, so singing's my forte.

I thought about making the best outta my skills, so I entered Yumenosaki. It's my starting point.

Mm.... I've gotten a little nostalgic now. Maybe I should consult my church on why I keep stumbling over my words and how I could improve on it.

It's not like I'm going to make a confession or anything, but I wonder if I did anything bad in my previous life...

— I'm saying something weird, aren't I? I might've been raised near a church, but it's not like I'm really devout or anything.

You're like a priest listening to my confession, though. Wait, I guess you'd be a sister since you're a girl...

I have a feeling I'll be able to talk to you about a lot of stuff.

Without stumbling over my words, of course. I can relax — and since I'm not nervous, I don't bite my tongue. Ehehe ♪

If you'd like, let's have another conversation.

I mean, I was the one talking the entire time today, so I wanna hear your story next time.

No — let me hear your voice.

Translator: Shoe
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