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He's cheerful and caring, but when combined with his worrywart tendencies, it means Nazuna often takes on too much. He's doing his best and balancing both his studies at university and his idol activities. His singing voice is a little husky, and despite his small stature, his performances are full of power.

Affiliated with RHYTHM LINK’s Ra*bits.[1]

Hello, I'm Nazuna Nito, a member of Ra*bits! All the members of Ra*bits are younger than me, but they're all hard-working and have their own unique personalities, so they're all very cute. I'm a nii-chan, so I have to do my best so that everyone can rely on me for help. When in doubt, it's up to each other, and the four of us will help each other grow as Ra*bits ♪[1]

We were able to form Ra*bits was because we had Nazuna Nito and Nii-chan. At Yumenosaki, Tomoya-kun, and Mitsuru-kun, the three of us were warmly embraced... they raised us kindly and carefully. I'm sure you'll be able to understand why. Now we are trying our best to become reliable enough to be relied on by Nii-chan, we want to grow together to become Ra*bits that can overcome any situation...♪[1]

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Ensemble Stars! Introduction

His personality is usually bright, cheerful, and friendly, but he hates it when people treat him like a kid and call him cute. He is highly self-conscious of himself in the role of the older brother figure, getting his underclassmen to call him "Niichan" and showing concern for them.

His movements are very flexible, like a small animal's. As a part of the Broadcasting Committee, he manages the school broadcast program. He speaks with a lisp and greatly fumbles with his words when nervous. Leader of the unit Ra✽bits.


Nazuna is the shortest of the graduated third years, with a small build. His hair is bright blonde and short in the back while longer on the front right. He has light red-pink eyes. He wears the school uniform with the collar of his white shirt undone and a green tie. He also wears an ivory colored sweater, with red and blue stripes and dark purple buttons. He wears blue sneakers with white laces. He also wears a black ring on his left middle finger.

On stage as a member of Ra*bits, Nazuna wears a light blue and white shirt with a white collar. The sides of his shirt is light blue with white in the middle. The collar is accented with blue and yellow. Between the collars, there are two blue lines with a blue flower beneath them. He wears a red tie, with a gold line at the end and a gold buckle at the top. His shirt has six blue buttons, and on the right of his shirt, there is a blue rosette accented with light blue and white. The ribbons of the rosette are light blue, and in the rosette is a golden music note. Nazuna’s sleeve cuffs are dark blue and accented with white. He wears a red, white, and blue belt with a golden buckle on top of his shirt. Attached to the belt is a golden chain with a white pompom ball, a golden rabbit charm, and a golden flower charm. His pants are white. He wears brown boots with golden shoelaces. His boots have dark brown parts on the side and on the tip of his boots. Nazuna wears a white hat, and similar to his belt, the hat band is red, white, and blue with a gold buckle. Attached to his hat are two blue ribbons with a vertical red and white line on the side.

Ensemble Stars! Appearance

Nazuna is the shortest of the third years, with a small build. His hair is bright blonde and short in the back while longer on the front right. He has light red-pink eyes. He wears the school uniform with the collar of his white shirt undone and a green tie. He also wears an ivory colored sweater, with red and blue stripes and dark purple buttons. He wears blue sneakers with white laces. He also wears a black ring on his left middle finger.

On stage, Nazuna wears the Ra✽bits uniform--a blue and white sailor outfit. The collar is blue with a gold stripe and decorated with a blue bow with a white stripe. The bow is accented with a small gold star. The sleeve cuffs are also blue. The shirt is white and has a blue pocket on it, with gold buttons on the front. He wears fitted blue capri pants that are rolled up just below his knees, revealing the white lining of the pants. They're accessorized with a bell on the side with dangling light blue and white ribbons. Nazuna wears white socks with a blue stripe, together with brown boots with yellow buckles on the sides. The uniform also includes a blue beret decorated with a gold musical note.


Nazuna is a cheerful and friendly young man who places a strong value on honesty and hard work. He is a caring individual who at times resembles a doting parent, taking any opportunity to boast about how proud he is of the younger members of Ra✽bits. Nazuna is most motivated when he is able to work hard and is surrounded by others who share the same work ethic, although this, combined with his tendency to worry over his friends’ wellbeing, means he is prone to taking on more work than one person reasonably should.

In contrast to both Tomoya’s pessimistic nature and Hajime and Mitsuru’s childlike optimism, Nazuna is more of a realist, tending to view things from a pragmatic lens. As the oldest and most mature member of Ra✽bits, he has the most experience of both the idol industry and life in general, and so feels that he has a responsibility to look after his juniors. He plays the role of a dependable older brother (going by the nickname “Nii~chan”) and always does his best to support and encourage others, particularly those who are younger or more vulnerable than him.

While he is a kind person at heart, Nazuna sometimes fails to recognize when he is being unintentionally hurtful, although he will sincerely apologize and attempt to correct his behavior if it is pointed out. Nazuna also has a tendency to get flustered and act rashly in stressful situations. He gets riled up easily, getting especially angry when people threaten or insult his friends, and he has been known to snap at people when annoyed (although this is usually not very serious). Nazuna also has a habit of stuttering and slurring his words when upset, something that he is a little sensitive about.

Nazuna has struggled with severe self image issues in the past. During his time as a member of Valkyrie, he was expected to act as Shu’s perfect doll, and often felt a deep sense of hopelessness and self-loathing when he was unable to meet these expectations. Even after leaving Valkyrie and well into his third year, Nazuna still thought of himself as a bad person, feeling guilty for selfishly abandoning his old friends and betraying their trust. Nazuna’s sense of self-worth was so low, he was also unable to see himself as truly belonging to his new unit, Ra✽bits.

Since graduating from Yumenosaki and entering college, Nazuna has begun to value his own feelings more, fully accepting that quitting Valkyrie and joining Ra✽bits was the correct choice for him. He has come to realise that surrounding himself with people who love him for who he is and living life on his own terms has had a huge positive impact on him, and he has become a much happier person as a result. Nevertheless, Nazuna does not regret his past, acknowledging that everything he experienced helped shape him into the person he is today.

Nazuna’s love for his friends, particularly the other members of Ra✽bits, is a huge part of who he is. He sees Ra✽bits as his angels who saved him when he was at his lowest, and as such, he is fiercely protective of them, sometimes even going as far as to threaten violence when he thinks they are being mistreated. After how much he suffered in the past, Nazuna is determined to ensure that no one else has to go through the same pain as him, a testament to his truly compassionate nature. He is aware that a lack of healthy communication played a significant part in Valkyrie’s downfall, and so encourages his friends to talk to him honestly, not wanting the same fate to befall Ra✽bits or for any of its members to have to suffer in silence like he did.


Nazuna's first name means "shepherd's purse" (Capsella bursa-pastoris), a weed-like plant that is one of the ingredients used in the traditional seven-herb rice porridge prepared for the Festival of Seven Herbs (January 7th) in Japan. The flower motif in Nazuna's autograph may be due to this connection. Nazuna's first name also means "I'll offer my everything to you" in flower language. The "to" (兎) in Nazuna's last name means "rabbit", an animal that has a strong personal connection with Nazuna, as he belongs to the unit Ra*bits and owns a pet rabbit. In his autograph, Nazuna also draws a rabbit in place of this character.


  • Nazuna's eyes are reddish in color, similar to the eye color of albino rabbits.
  • Nazuna's autograph consists of his full name, rendered in both kanji and hiragana. As mentioned above, his autograph features a flower and a rabbit. The style is cute and childish.
  • If Rei had not repeated his school year, Nazuna would have been the oldest student in the cast during his third year.
  • He appears to take off the ring on his left hand whenever he is in his live costumes. His Choir outfit is the only exception to this.
  • In Tanabata Festival, Kaoru mistook Nazuna for a girl and attempted to hit on him.
  • According to Human Comedy, Nazuna was the one who named Valkyrie, and a magazine interview from 2016 claims that he named Ra*bits as well.
  • Before Ra*bits was formed, Nazuna was a member of the unit Valkyrie. In Reminiscence * Marionette, Nazuna talks about his time in Valkyrie and why he left.
    • When Nazuna was a member of Valkyrie, his uniform consisted of a black, dark-rose colored coat over a buttoned dark red shirt with a white lace ribbon around his neck. He wore black shorts with frilled ends over black tights. He also wore a black headband with a black and white ribbon on it. He also had a full head of shoulder length hair, rather than just the one side of longer hair he currently has.
  • Tomoya was the temporary leader of Ra*bits at the start of Ensemble Stars!!, but transitioned to being its full leader during High Five!. To reflect this, Nazuna's official profile and quote were changed.
    • Old profile: After graduating from Yumenosaki Academy, Nazuna is on a hiatus from idol work and is going about life as a university student. He's cheerful and caring, but when combined with his worrywart tendencies, it means he often takes on too much. His singing voice is a little husky, and despite his small stature, his performances are full of power. Affiliated with Rhythm Link's Ra*bits, but is currently limiting his activities to prioritize his academics.
    • Old quote: "I'm definitely gonna return eventually. Back to the place where I can be my true self."

Voice Actor Comment

"This is Yuki Yonai, and I was in charge of the character Nazuna Nito. I had a lot of fun during the recording sessions, as I can sympathize with Nazuna-kun in many respects!
There are many characters in Ensemble Stars, each with their own unique personalities, but I hope to become one with Nazuna-kun and lead the way for everyone! Remember, I'm cool, not cute! Please take care of me!" (Enstars!)

"" * (Enstars!!)

Nazuna Nito
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