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He loves running a lot, so Mitsuru has developed the habit of running around with no regard for time and place. He loves bread too. While he's innocent and no good with his studies, his keen senses allow him to quickly pick up on the essence of a situation. His singing voice is as if it's bursting through, and he puts his all into making his performances powerful. Affiliated with RHYTHM LINK’s Ra*bits.[1]

Ensemble Stars! Introduction

Cheerful, energetic, carefree, and oblivious, Mitsuru is always smiling, but he's not exactly the sharpest pencil in the box, and neither does he think things over carefully. He doesn't really pay attention when someone's talking to him, and gives no heed to sarcasm. He doesn't like difficult words. Due to his excellent reflexes, he's very popular among the sports club as a helper, even though he's only a first year.

He loves dashing (as in running) and often runs around the school ground. When tired, he'd lie on the grass, bask in the sun, and then fall asleep just like that. A member of the unit Ra*bits.

Even though he comes across as blindly positive, Mitsuru has the tendency to internalize his thoughts and inner demons, and can be incredibly stubborn when someone tries to force them out of him.


Mitsuru is a slightly shorter than average boy with an average build. His hair is short, spiky and of a dark brown color. He has light brown eyes. He wears the school's uniform with an unbuttoned collar and blue tie, as well as a black mock turtleneck shirt underneath. He wears the uniform's pants rolled up slightly. He also wears white sneakers with blue and red accents and blue laces.

On stage as a member of Ra*bits, Mitsuru wears a light blue and white shirt with a white collar. The sides of his shirt is light blue with white in the middle. The collar is accented with blue and yellow. Between the collars, there are two blue lines with a blue flower beneath them. He wears a red tie, with a gold line at the end and a gold buckle at the top. His shirt has six blue buttons, and on the right of his shirt, there is a blue rosette accented with light blue and white. The ribbons of the rosette are light blue, and in the rosette is a golden music note. Mitsuru’s sleeve cuffs are dark blue and accented with white. He wears a red, white, and blue belt with a golden buckle on top of his shirt. Attached to the belt is a golden chain with a white pompom ball, a golden rabbit charm, and a golden flower charm. His pants are white, with light blue pants cuffs. On the side of the cuffs, there is a light blue strap with a golden button. He wears brown boots with dark brown shoelaces. His boots are dark brown on the bottom with a gold dotted line. Mitsuru wears a white hat, and similar to his belt, the hat band is red, white, and blue with a gold buckle. Attached to his hat are two blue ribbons with a horizontal red and white line on the tip of the ribbons.

Ensemble Stars! Appearance

Mitsuru is a slightly shorter than average boy with an average build. His hair is short, spiky and of a dark brown color. He has light brown eyes. He wears the school's uniform with an unbuttoned collar and red tie, as well as a black mock turtleneck shirt underneath. He wears the uniform's pants rolled up slightly. He also wears white sneakers with blue and red accents and blue laces.

On stage, Mitsuru wears the Ra*bits uniform-a blue and white sailor outfit. The collar is blue with a gold stripe and decorated with a short tie, accented with a small gold star. The sleeve cuffs are also blue. The shirt is white and has a blue pocket on it, with gold buttons on the front. The bottom button of Mitsuru's shirt is left unbuttoned. He wears blue shorts that reach somewhat high above his knees, accessorized with a bell on the side with dangling light blue and white ribbons. He also wears high dark blue socks, together with brown boots with black laces. His uniform also has a white sailor hat.


Ra*bits’ self-proclaimed “superstar,” Mitsuru is a cheerful and boisterous boy who can usually be seen with a smile on his face. He is loud, impulsive, and somewhat cheeky, although his innocent demeanor means that other characters tend to find him endearing rather than rude. Carefree and energetic, Mitsuru has a simple yet positive outlook on life and loves nothing more than “dashing” around, eating bread, and basking in the sun.

Mitsuru is enthusiastic and excitable, with other characters often comparing him to a young child. His simple values are reflected in his honest desire for the people around him to be happy and have as much fun as possible, and he always does whatever he can to make others smile. He is a sincere person who wears his heart on his sleeve, expressing his thoughts and feelings very openly and always meaning everything that he says. Accordingly, Mitsuru is gullible and does not understand sarcasm, tending to take other people’s words at face value. Although he sometimes describes himself as “dumb,” Mitsuru dislikes it when others look down on him or scold him, finding it highly upsetting when he is thought of as stupid or a “bad boy” by the people he loves.

While Mitsuru struggles academically, he is extremely intelligent and talented in other ways, often being regarded as a “genius.” He is a fast learner who possesses a high level of natural skill as an idol, with other characters frequently complimenting both his singing and dancing abilities. Mitsuru is also very intuitive and perceptive, being quick to pick up on the crux of a situation and sometimes noticing small details that others might miss. His wild imagination means that he is able to think outside the box, coming up with creative and unique ideas that most people would not normally consider. Mitsuru also displays a surprising level of emotional intelligence and is always considerate of others’ feelings, tactful when someone is upset, and good at knowing what to say to make them feel better.

In contrast, Mitsuru has a hard time opening up to others when something is bothering him. He dislikes thinking about difficult topics, finding them confusing and frustrating, and prefers to run (both figuratively and literally) from his problems. As hard as he tries to hide his worries, Mitsuru is extremely easy to read, and his friends usually notice very quickly when he has something on his mind. Mitsuru’s reluctance to speak up when he’s upset stems from his fears about being a troublesome “bad boy” and pushing away the people he cares about; this is especially important to him as he has had trouble connecting with others in the past, and does not want to lose the precious friends he has made since entering Yumenosaki Academy.

Mitsuru is a warmhearted individual who tends to shower his friends with affection, often giving them hugs and loudly proclaiming how much he loves them. While he is very confident in himself, Mitsuru thinks just as highly of the people he loves, always encouraging them when they feel down and wanting them to know just how much he appreciates their presence in his life. He is also an extremely open-minded person, supporting and accepting everyone he meets regardless of their differences. Mitsuru’s sweet and sunny disposition in turn makes him a very lovable person, and he is generally regarded fondly by anyone he interacts with.


Mitsuru's first name means "light," while his last name consists of two characters which mean "sky" (天) and "full, overflowing" (満).


For more information, see: Mitsuru Tenma/Family


  • Mitsuru's autograph consists of only his first name, rendered in hiragana. The autograph also features a motif which represents a cloud of dust kicked up when one runs fast--a nod to Mitsuru's love of running. The overall style is simple and childish.
  • Mitsuru always carries around a small robot figure in his pocket. He received it as a birthday present when he was a child, so it's important to him.[2]

Voice Actor Comment

"This is Jun'ya Ikeda, and I was in charge of Mitsuru Tenma's role. This is the first time I have been involved in the production of a game, so I am nervous and excited about whether I was able to portray a character that will be loved by everyone. His selling point is his energy! He's not the sharpest person you'd find, but he's still very cute, and it's hard to hate him. I hope everyone will regard Mitsuru-kun warmly. And I hope with the many, many other charming characters, as well as the story, this will become a work that will appeal to everyone. Please enjoy Ensemble Stars! to your heart's content." (Enstars!)

"A new chapter opens with Ensemble Stars!!. The pride of Ra*bits, their energetic superstar, is ready to dash dash his way through this brand new stage too!" * (Enstars!!)

Mitsuru Tenma
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