Yuzuru mini event stairs

Fufu, do I look like I have no rest? Well, I'm the young master's manager, after all, so as long as my master is in good health then I am happy enough."

Location: Stairs
動物と触れあう Go pet some animals together Blue Fragments
Character response: "家にもいますし、坊ちゃまも手のかかるところは似たような・・・・・・ いまのは聞かなかったことにしてくださいまし?"
肩を揉む Give him a shoulder massage Blue Fragments
Character response: "あぁ、普段から身体は整えておりますのでお気遣いなく。むしろ、貴女のほうが凝っていそうですよ。"
写真を渡す Hand him a photo Heart (Fever Up)
Character response: "わたくしたちがステージに立っているときの坊ちゃまのお写真ですね。ふふ、ありがとうございます……♪

A photo of the young master from when we were standing on stage. Fufu, thank you very much......♪"

Correct Choice: Hand him a photo (写真を渡す)

IMG 0530
Location: 1st Floor Passage
お弁当の作り方 How to make bentou Heart/Fever Up
Character response: "栄養のバランスなら、たしょうは教えできるかと。好きなものばかり入れてしまってはいませんか?"
豪華な服の作り方 How to make beautiful clothes Red Fragments
Character response: "貴族のような衣装はライブ似外では着ませんよ? それに、お裁縫は指導してくださるかたがいらっしゃるでしょう"
片付け方 How to clean Red Fragments
Character response: "掃除はわたくしの趣味ですけど、整理整頓は普段から気をつけていれば身に付くことかと思いますよ。"
Correct Choice: お弁当の作り方

Yuzuru Fushimi mini event garden terrace
"おや、転校生さん。 裁縫をされているのですね。何を作っていらっしゃるのですか?

Oh my, transfer student-san. I see that you are sewing. May I ask what you are making?"

Location: Garden terrace
桃李に頼まれた繕いもの Something that Tori asked me to mend. Luck Down
Character response: "うちの坊ちゃまのですか……? わたくしに頼めばいいものを、わざわざ貴女に? いえ、お気になさらず。"
新しいステージ用の衣装 New stage costumes. Fever Up
Character response: "I see, from the design to the making, you do a wide range of things. It's tough on Producer too huh."
クマのぬいぐるみ A stuffed bear. Heart/Fever Up
Character response: "My, you are very skilled. It seems you are quite familiar with sewing; I still have much more to learn."
Correct Choice: A stuffed bear. (クマのぬいぐるみ)

Yuzuru Fushimi mini event fountain

Hmm, all this time, the young master has always just run away from me. Is there some problem with my appearance, I wonder....?"

Location: Fountain
長い指が羨ましい Your long fingers are strong-looking. Luck Down
Character response: "I see, when I was younger I didn't really like them because they looked feminine. Ladies are envious of that huh...?"
襟足が綺麗 The nape of your neck is beautiful. Yellow Fragments
Character response: "身だしなみは、使用人にとって一番気をつけるべきところですから褒めていただけて光栄ですね。"
泣きぼくろが色っぽい The beauty mark by your eye is sexy. Heart (Fever Up)
Character response: "The young master says that it's proof that I am moved to tears easily. I am happy that you feel it's a plus, Ms. Transfer Student...♪"
Correct Choice: 泣きぼくろが色っぽい

Yuzuru Fushimi mini event lecture hall

Oh, have you also volunteered to clean, transfer student-san? Cleaning up places after you have used them is a good thing indeed."

Location: In front of lecture hall
自分の部屋 Your own room. Blue Fragments
Character response: "I see, you have too many items of sentimental value you can't bear to throw them away...If you can't decide their priority, just leave them be for the time being."
弓弦の部屋 Yuzuru's room. Red Fragments
Character response: "坊ちゃまのお部屋の一部屋をお借りしておりますので、物は必要低限しかありませんよ"
桃李の部屋 Tori's room. Heart (Fever Up)
Character response: "Young master's room is being prepared by the mansion's servants. Although I will put the finishing touches after they are done, of course... ♪"
Correct Choice: Tori's room. (桃李の部屋)

Yuzuru Fushimi mini event garden terrace kitchen
"おや、転校生さん。……わたくしですか? 使った食器をこうして洗って戻していますが、何か気になりましたか?

Oh my, transfer student-san. .... me? I am simply washing and putting away used tableware. Is there something you find curious?"

Location: Garden terrace kitchen
高そうな食器に見える This tableware looks pretty expensive. Yellow Fragments
Character response: "まぁ、ここも普通学の出身の方からすればそうでしょうね。くれぐれも、扱いには気をつけてくださいませ。

"Well, I guess this would be true if you were from an ordinary university. Please be careful when handling it."

何を作ったか気になる I'm curious about what kind of food you made? Blue Fragments
Character response: "Nothing too grand. I was simply making snacks for young master."
手つきが手慣れている Your hand movements seem very used to this. Heart (Fever Up)
Character response: "Is that so? I have been doing this for as long as I can remember, after all. I clean up young master's tableware like this all the time.... ♪"
Correct Choice: Your hand movements seem very used to this. (手つきが手慣れている)