Yuta mini event rooftop
"Ah, owowow... I got carried away. Doing such an unnatural pose will get you hurt, huh. I'd better go to the infirmary..."
Location: Rooftop
湿布がある I've got a compress. Yellow Fragments
Character response: "擦り傷より打ち身のほうが目立つんですよね。痣になっちゃう前に貼っておきますね。"
包帯がある I've got a bandage. Yellow Fragments
Character response: "Uh, it's not that major of an injury? Ahaha, senpai is such a worrywart."
絆創膏がある I've got a band-aid. Heart/Fever Up
Character response: "さすが先輩、いつでも準備万端で助かります! ちょっと水道で汚れ落としてきますね!

As expected of senpai, always completely prepared, you're a huge help! I'll go to the tap and rinse it clean!"

Correct Choice: I've got a band-aid (絆創膏がある).

Yuta Aoi mini event AV room

(sigh) I'm sorry... Today my focus just won't hold. I just have something on my mind."

Location: AV Room
勉強のこと About studies. Blue Fragments
Character response: "抜き打ちテストがあるって噂で聞いたんですよね。学業も両立するのって、けっこう難しいなぁって……

Rumor has it that there's going to be a mock test. It's quite difficult to balance studying and practicing..."

ひなたのこと About Hinata. Blue Fragments
Character response: "まぁ、いつものことなんですけど。なかなかすぐには解決しない問題ですよね。気にしてもしょうがないか

Well, that's always true. It's a problem that can't be fixed easily. I guess it can't be helped."

ライブのこと About the live. Heart/Fever Up
Character response: "You're thinking up things for it too, but you're not worried about it, you say...? I see. It'll come together as a good live if we think about it together, won't it!"
Correct Choice: About the live (ライブのこと).

Yuuta Aoi mini event Rooftop

Ugh, if you touch nail polish before it dries, it just comes off. It's such a pain to redo, too..."

Location: Rooftop
塗ってあげる I'll re-paint them for you. Heart/Fever Up
Character response: "ありがとうございます! 自分でってなかなか慣れないんですよね。助かります♪

Thank you very much! I just can't seem to get used to doing them myself, that's a big help. ♪"

コツを教える Teach him the trick to it. Red Fragments
Character response: "なるほど、やはりこういうのって女の人に聞くのが一番いいですね!

I see. I guess it's best to ask a girl about these kinds of things, isn't it!"

お洒落だね You're so fashion-forward. Red Fragments
Character response: "あぁ、これは『ユニット』衣装を着る時だけですよ? 練習しとかないと、本番の準備で慌てるんで。"
Correct Choice: 塗ってあげる

Yuuta Aoi mini event Dance Room

Hello, miss transfer student. Would you take a look at my dancing and give me some advice?"

Location: Dance Room
完璧で非の打ち所がない! It's perfect, there's nothing for me to criticize! Heart/Fever Up
Character response: "えへへ……、ほんとですか? ちょっとほめ過ぎじゃないですか~?

Ehehe... Really? Isn't that a bit too much praise?"

もっとアピールするところを増やしほうがいい You should do more to try to grab the audience's attention. Blue Fragments
Character response: "なるほど。そうなんですね、アニキとは違うってアピールしたいんですよ!

I see! Well, I want to have an appeal that's different from my big brother's!"

お兄さんの動きとぴったり同じ! Your movement is just like your big brother's! Yellow Fragments
Character response: "あはは、毎日アニキと練習してるからかも。できれば、俺だけの魅力をだせたらな〜

Maybe it's because I practice with my big brother every day. If it's possible I'd like to have my own charm~"

Correct Choice: 完璧で非の打ち所がない!

Yuta Aoi Mini Event Hallway
"『ユニット』の衣装。 動きやすいんで気に入ってるんですけど、デザインの善し悪しはよくわからないんですよね

This is my Unit costume. I like it because it's easy to move around in, but I'm not sure if it looks good or bad."

Location: Hallway
ポップでかわいい Heart/Fever Up
Character response: "かわいいって、男としてはちょっと喜びにくいですけど。 ポップなら、『ユニット』らしさが出てるってことですよねっ"
お揃いなところがいい Red Fragments
Character response: "……あはは、そう思います? でも、他の『ユニット』もそういえばお揃いですし一体感とかあるといいんですかね。"
露出があっていい Red Fragments
Character response: "肌が出てると、女の人もうれしいんですか? まぁ、たしかに。女の人も服装は肌が出てるほうがセクシーですよね。"
Correct Choice: ポップでかわいい

Yuta Aoi Mini Event 1st Floor Passage
"俺たちが悪戯する理由ですか? 俺は節度守ってるんで、アニキがやりすぎてるだけな気がするんですが……"
Location: 1st Floor Passage
アピールしたいから? Because you want to have appeal? Blue Fragments
Character response: "アピールしたいのはアニキのほうですよ。俺はちょっとみんなをびっくりさせるくらいで、アニキがオーバーなんです。"
楽しいから? Because it's fun? Heart/Fever Up
Character response: "あんまり深く考えたことはないですけど。ちょっと驚かして、あははって笑ってくれた時は嬉しいかも……♪

I've never really thought about it. Maybe I like it when people are surprised and laugh at me...♪"

鬱憤が溜まってる? Is it because you're depressed? Blue Fragments
Character response: "それは、アニキが悪戯しすぎたり俺が代わりに怒られたりするほうで……。やった後が原因だと思います。"
Correct Choice: Because it's fun? (楽しいから?)
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