Tsukasa Suou Mini Event 2nd Floor Passage

Oh, you seem to be looking at your phone quite intently. Did you receive mail from someone important?"

Location: 2nd Floor Passage
佐賀美先生から It's from Sagami-sensei. Yellow Fragments
Character response: "Producerとしての仕事のAdviceや、学校生活での連絡なんですね。 ・・・・・・ふむ、時々関係のない話題もするあたり、佐賀美先生らしいですね

[Advice] for your work as a [Producer], and stuffs concerning Academy life? ...I see. The part where he suddenly drifts off topic is just like Sagami-sensei."

前の学校の友達から It's from a friend from my old school. Blue Fragments
Character response: "随分長い内容のMailのようですね。 それだけ貴女に伝えたい出来事がたくさんあるってことなんでしょうね♪

It's quite a long [Mail]. That shows how many things happen around them they want to tell you, I suppose♪"

スマホのゲーム I'm playing a smartphone game. Heart (Fever Up)
Character response: "なんと、スマホでそんなGameができるのですね! 成る程、学院内でも密かに流行っているGameの噂は聞いていました。 これのことだったんですね!

What a surprise. So you can play such [Game] in smartphones! I see, I've heard the rumors of a [Game] that's secretly getting popular in the campus lately. So this was it!"

Correct Choice: I'm playing a smartphone game. (スマホのゲーム)

Tsukasa Suou mini event garden terrace

My routine would be drinking tea in the morning, but what would Onee-sama use to serve your meal?"

Location: Garden Terrace
紅茶よりコーヒー派 Tea from the coffee group Red Fragments
Character response: "そうですか、コーヒーの方がCasualで一般大衆は好まれるのですね

So the general public prefers something [Casual] like coffee?"

クッキーやビスケット Cookies and biscuits Heart (Fever Up)
Character response: "なるほど、定番ですね。お姉さまのような一般のかたも同じですね♪

It is indeed a classic. So even the common man, such as you, Onee-sama, have the same thought♪"

菓子パン Pastry bread Trust Up
Character response: "菓子・・・・・・Bread? 何やらとても庶民的で興味深い単語ですね! どんな味がするのでしょう?

Pastry... [Bread]? It sounds very plebeian and interesting! How does it taste?"

Correct Choice: Cookies and biscuits (クッキーやビスケット)

Tsukasa Suou Mini Event Garden Terrace's Kitchen
"こんにちは、お姉さま。 今日は趣向を変えて、自分で料理をしてみようと初Challengeです・・・・・・♪

Good day, Onee-sama. I thought to [Challenge] myself and cook for the first time today, as a change of pace...♪"

Location: Garden Terrace's Kitchen
ちょっと心配 I'm a bit worried. Red Fragments
Character response: "たしかに、普段から料理などまったくいたしませんが。 巷では料理ができる男子は好感度が高いと耳にしております・・・・・・♪

It is true cooking is normally something I do not take up at all. However, I've been hearing that men who can cook are viewed in high favor...♪"

見守っている I'll be watching. Red Fragments
Character response: "そばで見守ってくださっているのですから、騎士として良いところをお見せしなくてはなりませんね・・・・・・!

Since you are watching over me from the side, I would have to show you my good side, as a knight...!"

一緒に作ろう Let's make it together. Heart (Fever Up)
Character response: "お、お姉さまが手伝ってくださるのですか・・・・・・! 恐縮ではありますが、大変心強くて助かります!

Y-You would deign to help me, Onee-sama...!? I am sorry to take up your time, but that would be reassuring and helpful!"

Correct Choice: Let's make it together (一緒に作ろう).

Tsukasa Suou Mini Event Music Room
"お姉さまも英語の発音を良くしたいなら、もっとOpenな気持ちで話してみるべきです。 さぁ、Lessonしてみましょう!

If you want to better your English pronunciation, Onee-sama, you have to speak more openly. Let us begin the [Lesson]!"

Location: Music Room
恥ずかしい Embarrassing. Luck Down
Character response: "恥ずかしがっては、上達しませんよ? さぁ、勇気を出してもう一度! Repeat after me♪

You cannot better yourself by being embarrassed. Come, work up your courage and try one more time! [Repeat after me]♪"

難しい Difficult. Yellow Fragments
Character response: "最初は慣れないことでしょう。 だからこそすこしずつ積み重ねれば、大きく見事な花が咲きますよ?

It would feel strange at first, surely. But that is why you must persist, and at the end a magnificent flower will certainly bloom."

楽しい Fun. Heart (Fever Up)
Character response: "ふふ、そうでしょう? 何も難しいことではありません。 私もお姉さまと気持ちが共有できて楽しいです♪

-chuckle- Wouldn't you agree? There is nothing difficult about this. I share your feelings and am having fun myself, Onee-sama♪"

Correct Choice: Fun (楽しい).

Tsukasa Suou Mini Event Classroom

During conversation, my classmates often make me repeat myself. I wonder if my pronunciation is difficult for them to understand......"

Location: Classroom
勉強になる It's educational Blue Fragments
Character response: "私の喋ったあと、何度か発音の練習をしてみているんですか? それは嬉しいですけど、恥ずかしいような……

They have me repeat myself so that they can practice imitating my pronunciation? That makes me happy, but it's also a bit embarrassing......"

筆記も英語? Are your notes in English, too? Blue Fragments
Character response: "……お姉さま。 からかってませんか? 私、そこまで英語にこだわりがあるわけではありません。

...... Onee-sama. Are you making fun of me? I'm not that obsessed with English."

ゆっくり話してみる Try speaking slowly Heart (Fever Up)
Character response: "なるほど、Slowな速度を心がければ聞き取りやすくなるかもしれませんね。 試してみようと思います

I see, if I try to speak at a slower pace, it might be easier to understand. I think I'll try it out."

Correct Choice: ゆっくり話してみる

Tsukasa Suou Mini Event School Store
"最近、私はSnack菓子のVariationに関心を持っておりまして♪ お姉さまは好きなお菓子などありますか"

"Recently I've been interested in the [variation] in sweet [snacks] ♪ Do you have any sweets you like?"

Location: School Store
和菓子 Red Fragments
Character response: "たしかにあの精巧に作られた造形は、受け継がれてきた文化と職人の遊び心を感じますね。 勉強になります・・・・・・♪"
洋菓子 Red Fragments
Character response: "やはり、Cakeは世の中の女性を虜にしますね。世代を問わず魅力的な存在、『Knights』もそうありたいものです・・・・・・"
駄菓子 Heart (Fever Up)
Character response: "笛のように鳴らせるラムネがお好きなんですね? Trumpetのように長いのでしょうか? すごく気になります"
Correct Choice: 駄菓子
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