Tori mini event garden terrace options
"も~っ! 弓弦ってばあれも駄目、これも駄目って何にもやらせてくれない! もうお子様じゃないんだから!

Ugh! Yuzuru is always saying 'You can't do that, you can't do this!' He never lets me do anything! I'm not a child anymore!"

Location: Garden Terrace
テニスに誘う Invite him to tennis. Blue Fragments
Character response: "You wanna do a rally, transfer student? Alright, I'll be your opponent but isn't a 10,000 level player a bit too much for you, transfer student?"
海辺の散歩に誘う Invite him to go walking by the sea shore. Blue Fragments
Character response: "The ocean? Instead of getting near the sea breeze, having tea on the garden terrace sounds better. I wanna eat pastries!"
お菓子作りに誘う Invite him for some pastry making. Heart/Fever Up
Character response: "転校生が一緒に作ってくれるの? ボクは完成を待ってるだけでもいいけど、弓弦に自慢するのも悪くないな♪

Transfer student will make them with me? I'd be fine just waiting for you to finish them, but bragging about it to Yuzuru doesn't sound bad either ♪"

Correct Choice: Invite him for some pastry making (お菓子作りに誘う).

Tori Himemiya mini event fountain

We practiced a lot today too... I'm so tired, when I get home, I'm going to go sleep in my fluffy bed right away..."

Location: Fountain
布団では寝ないの? You can't sleep in a futon? Luck Down
Character response: "Isn't the ground where commoners sleep~? Since I'm a noble, the place where I should be sleeping should be way higher!"
ダブルサイズのベッド? How about a double size bed? Fever Up
Character response: "I can't possibly sleep together in a double bed with my pet dog~ I can't even toss and turn in it no matter how hard I try, sleeping in a bed like that would be pointless!"
キングサイズのベッド? How about a king size bed? Heart/Fever Up
Character response: "That's right, everyday beautiful sheets and fluffy pillows should be put in it...I think only that much is acceptable to sleep in ♪"
Correct Choice: How about a king size bed? (キングサイズのベッド?)

Tori Himemiya mini event lockers area
"転校生! 弓弦が追いかけてくるの! かくまってよ~っ!

Transfer student! Yuzuru keeps following me! Hide me!"

Location: Lockers Area
弓弦に差し出す Submit to Yuzuru. Luck Down
Character response: "M-monster..! Such shameless actions for a slave, at least spoil the cute me a little bit~!"
物陰に一緒に隠れる Hide together with him under a cover. Yellow Fragments
Character response: "Did he go? He's not nearby anymore, right? Ahh~ I was so scared!"
弓弦を追い払う Drive Yuzuru away. Heart/Fever Up
Character response: "As expected from Slave #2~☆ Since you were able to do it, I'll praise you ♪"
Correct Choice: Drive Yuzuru away. (弓弦を追い払う)

Tori Himemiya mini event outdoor stage
"うう~、疲れたぁ。汗でべとべと……。ハンカチ貸してくれるの? ん? これ何の刺繍……

Ahh~ I'm exhausted. I'm sweating so much... You're lending me a handkerchief? Hm. What kind of embroidery..."

Location: Outdoor Stage
カエルの刺繍 Frog embroidery. Yellow Fragments
Character response: "What the heck is this~ It looks like something more for my classmate Shinobu's tastes, how unbelievable! I expect something cuter!"
リスの刺繍 Squirrel embroidery. Yellow Fragments
Character response: "Transfer student also wants those, aren't we well-matched? Huh? It's because of my choice in small animals?"
クマの刺繍 Bear embroidery. Heart/Fever Up
Character response: "Wow, isn't that an interesting hobby? I also once collected teddy bears when I was younger...♪"
Correct Choice: Bear embroidery. (クマの刺繍)

Tori Himemiya Mini Event Garden
"弓弦が食堂だと栄養が偏るからって、お昼に待ち伏せされてほんと迷惑~! 育ち盛りには物足りないよ~

Yuzuru thinks the food at the cafeteria isn't nutritionally balanced, so he waits around during lunch to ambush me and it's driving me crazy~! I'm a growing boy. I need more food~"

Location: Garden Space
お菓子をあげる Give him candy Heart/Fever Up
Character response: "Huh? I don't take handouts from commoners, but... You're a producer, so it doesn't count, right...?"
料理に誘う Invite him to cook with you Red Fragments
Character response: "Oh, yeah. If you make it, then Yuzuru should be fine with it. If you just cook something the way I tell you to, everyone wins, right?"
紙を渡す Hand him a paper Red Fragments
Character response: "Give him a written petition? No way, that'd never work. I tell him what I think all the time, but he never listens. I doubt writing it out would make a difference."
Correct Choice: Give him candy (お菓子をあげる)

Tori Himemiya Mini Event Lockers Area 2

"On top of unit practice, I have lessons and studying to do, but it must be nice to be able to go out and have fun, huh~?"

Location: Lockers Area
努力してるんだね You're working really hard huh? Heart/Fever Up
Character response: "えへへ、べつに褒められたくてやってるわけじゃないけど?あんずが褒めたいって思うんなら、もっと褒めて〜 ♪"

"Ahh, it's not really something to praise someone for, huh? But if Anzu wants to praise me for it, go ahead and praise me more~ ♪"

みんなと遊びたい? Do you want to hang out with everyone? Blue Fragments
Character response: "ち、違うよ!? 高貴なボクは庶民に羨ましいとか思ってないし?まぁ、リサーチ目的なら参加してやっていいけど?"

"N-no!? Do you think someone high class like me is jealous of commoners? Well, I guess I could go for research purposes...?"

サボらないんだね Don't skip on practice okay? Blue Fragments
Character response: "だって、弓弦がずっと監視してるし……。まぁ、習い事とかはちっちゃいころからしてるから当たり前かな

Yuzuru keeps monitoring me... Well I've been learning a lot since I was little, so it's only natural."

Correct Choice: You're working really hard huh? (努力してるんだね)
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