Tomoya Mashiro mini event classroom.png

(yawn)... I'm not getting much sleep lately, with all the practice and homework I've been doing. Gotta hurry home and sleep..."

Location: Classroom
宿題を手伝う Help him out with his homework. Blue Fragments
Character response: "Ahaha, it would be wrong of me to let the producer help me out."
冷えたドリンクを渡す Hand him a cold drink. Red Fragments
Character response: "Cold! Oh, it's juice...? You surprised me, but thanks to that, I'm wide awake!"
頬をつまむ Pinch his cheek. Heart/Fever Up
Character response: "Owww... Huh? You'll get mad if I push myself too hard? Ahaha, it's strange to be the one being scolded, since it's usually the other way around."
Correct Choice: Pinch his cheek. (頬をつまむ)

Tomoya Mashiro mini event garden.png
"あっ、先輩! これからガーデンテラスでご飯なんですね、俺も弁当なんで一緒でもいいですか?

Ah, senpai! You're going to go eat at the garden terrace, right? I have a bentou with me as well, so can we go eat together?"

Location: Garden
何か奢る I'll treat you to something. Red Fragments
Character response: "えっ、いいんですか? たしかに食べ盛りなんで嬉しいんですけど、女の人に奢ってもらうのは申し訳ないです……

Eh, are you sure? I'm happy that you're offering, but I'm still growing and have a healthy appetite, so I can't let you treat me..."

中身が気になる I'm curious to see what's inside your bentou. Trust Up
Character response: "I don't mind, but only just a little. Since I was in a hurry today, I may not have seasoned it right."
手作り弁当? A homemade bentou? Heart/Fever Up
Character response: "えへへ、あんまりうまくないけど。親が忙しい時は妹のついでで作ってます……♪

Ehehe, it's not that good, though. When my parents are busy, I make my little sister's and then my own... ♪"

Correct Choice: A homemade bentou? (手作り弁当?)

Tomoya Mashiro mini event hallway.png
"あっ、先輩! 今日は午後から天気が悪くなるそうです。……傘は持ってきていますか?

Ah, senpai! It seems like the weather is going to get pretty bad in the afternoon... Did you bring an umbrella?"

Location: Hallway
忘れてきたかも I think I forgot. Yellow Fragments
Character response: "そ、そうですよね〜! 俺も忘れちゃって、帰りは創に入れてもらおうかな……"
ばっちり用意している! I've got one prepared perfectly! Yellow Fragments
Character response: "As I figured, girls are more prepared. I should be more like you..."
一緒に入って帰る? Do you want to go home together under mine? Heart/Fever Up
Character response: "……えっ、いいんですか? 実は俺、持ってくるの忘れちゃったんですよね。えへへ、助かります♪

...Eh, is that okay? Actually, I forgot mine. Ehehe, you're a lifesaver! ♪"

Correct Choice: Do you want to go home together under mine? (一緒に入って帰る?)

Tomoya Mashiro Hallway Mini Event 2.PNG

Ahh, Senpai. I've got a sudden exam after this. Hmm, I guess last minute cramming wouldn't work, huh..."

Location: Hallway
山を張る Make educated guesses. Blue Fragments
Character response: "Focusing on studying only the things I know will be on the test could be a good strategy. I'll try that out!"
運試しする Try your luck. Yellow Fragments
Character response: "Just wing it!? I guess it is too late to start studying now. I don't know how I'll do, but I'll try my best!"
コツがある I'll teach you a trick. Heart/Fever Up
Character response: "……なるほど! その覚え方なら、俺でもうまくいきそうな気がします!

...I see! I think I have a chance after you've taught me that memorization method!"

Correct Choice: I'll teach you a trick (コツがある)

Tomoya Mashiro mini event fountain.png

*Sigh*... I wonder what "individuality" really is anyways. Everyone else is so unique that it's too hard for me to try to be like them."

Location: Fountain
さらけ出してみたらいい You should try speaking your mind. Blue Fragments
Character response: "By speaking my mind, do you mean voicing my complaints...? I sorta feel like I'm always doing that though, so I guess it's pretty normal..."
ありのままがいい You should just be yourself. Blue Fragments
Character response: "I shouldn't worry about it and just be myself? Hmm, I kind of feel like I'm too plain and boring the way I am now, though."
いまのままがいい You're fine the way you are. Heart/Fever Up
Character response: "I'm fine the way I am? It's kind of embarrassing being told that straight to my face..."
Correct Choice: You're fine the way you are. (いまのままがいい)

Tomoya Mashiro mini event passage.png

Hmm. Tall people have big feet, right? Judging by the size of my feet, I think I still have room to grow..."

Location: 1st Floor Passage
身長がほしいの? Do you want to be taller? Red Fragments
Character response: "Um, well... Takamine's tall and he stands out a lot. I figured if I was tall, maybe I'd be more unique."
きっと伸びる I'm sure you'll grow. Heart/Fever Up
Character response: "ですよね……! 変態仮面を追い越すくらい伸びたら、北斗先輩みたいなかっこいい王子様にもなれますよね!

Yeah...! If I get tall enough to overtake the masked pervert, I could become a cool prince like Hokuto-senpai!"

伸びない人もいる Some people don't grow any taller. Red Fragments
Character response: "えっ、そうなんですか? それじゃあ、身長で個性を獲得するのは難しいってことか……

What? Really!? I wont be able to make myself stand out with my height then, will I...?"

Correct Choice: I'm sure you'll grow. (きっと伸びる)
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