Tetora Nagumo mini event school gate.PNG
"'Sup ☆ Miss Transfer Student! I've increased the agenda on my muscle training recently, but do you think anything's changed?"
Location: School Gate
たぶん気のせい It might've been your imagination. Blue Fragments
Character response: "Boss said the same thing. Maybe it's that I'm still lacking in diligence!"
そんな気がする! I get that feeling too! Red Fragments
Character response: "If there's visible changes, then I shouldn't be wasting any more time!"
前より男らしくなった! You've become more manlier than before! Heart/Fever Up
Character response: "Of course! As expected, a producer's eye certainly has a different viewpoint ♪"
Correct Choice: You've become more manlier than before! (前より男らしくなった!)

Tetora Nagumo Mini Event Outdoor Stage.png
"Woo~! Cola's the best after you've sweat a ton and tried your best!"
Location: Outdoor Stage
炭酸は苦手 I don't like the carbonation. Luck Down
Character response: "You're not good with the fizziness? That's the delicious part!"
おいしいよね It's delicious. Heart/Fever Up
Character response: "転校生さんも飲みますか? あっ、でも間接キスはちょっとよくないッス……!

Does miss transfer student want some too? Ah, but an indirect kiss might be a little bad...!"

水は吸収率がいい I like to drink water. Yellow Fragments
Character response: "Water's good too, but young people feel more energized by carbonated drinks than by water!"
Correct Choice: It's delicious. (おいしいよね)

Tetora Nagumo Mini Event Hallway.png
"このまえ大将から、後先考えて行動しろって注意されたッス・・・・・・ Miss transfer student, when you see me, what do you see me as?"
Location: Hallway
同級生みたい Like a classmate. Blue Fragments
Character response: "I'm easy to talk to? I'm glad you say so!"
弟みたい Like a little brother. Heart/Fever Up
Character response: "Oh, like a little brother huh? I'm happy, but somehow it's embarrassing... ♪"
小さい子みたい Like a little kid. Blue Fragments
Character response: "Um, you mean like childish? Boss has also said I'm a little lacking in composure..."
Correct Choice: Like a little brother. (弟みたい)

Tetora Nagumo mini event garden terrace kitchen.PNG
"Miss transfer student! I'm gonna be on your care today, so I'll pull all my skills into cooking something for you as a treat! What d'ya feel like eating?"
Location: Garden Terrace's Kitchen
カフェごはん Cafe meal Red Fragments
Character response: "Cafe meal? Are sandwiches or other light things okay? You're worried about losing weight!"
エスニック料理 Ethnic cuisine Red Fragments
Character response: "Like pad thai or nasi goseng...? If it's stir-fry, leave it to me!"
中華料理 Chinese cuisine Heart/Fever Up
Character response: "中華は炎と油! 俺が得意なジャンルなんで楽しみにしてくださいッス!

Chinese's all 'bout fire and oil! That genre's my specialty so please look forward to it!"

Correct Choice: Chinese food (中華料理)

Tetora Nagumo Mini Event Ground.png
"押忍! 今日もレッスンに鍛錬に精を出して男を磨くッスよ!

Osu! Today I will devote myself to training and to improve in my lessons!"

Location: Ground
わたしもがんばるね I'll work hard too. Blue Fragments
Character response: "あんずさんも日々精進なんスね! 俺も負けないようにがんばるッス!"
がんばりすぎないでね Don't work too hard (and hurt yourself) Blue Fragments
Character response: "あはは、前にがんばりすぎて体力の限界までやっちゃったんで気をつけるッス。"
がんばってるね You're working hard. Heart/Fever Up
Character response: "へへっ、褒めてもらうつもりで言ったんじゃないんスけど……がんばるッス♪"
Correct Choice: がんばってるね

Tetora Nagumo Mini Event Garden Terrace.png
"お腹が空くと肉が食べたくなるんスよね~? やっぱカルビが一番ッスけど、好きなお肉とかないッスか?

When you get hungry you just start craving meat, don't you~? Kalbi is definitely number one, but what kind of meat do you like?"

Location: Garden Terrace
野菜のほうが好き I prefer vegetables Red Fragments
Character response: "脂っこいのが駄目ッスか?大将もバランスが大事って言ってたんスけど、あんまり食べた気がしないんスよね。"
牛肉が好き I like beef Heart/Fever Up
Character response: "やっぱ牛ッスよね! 牛丼、すき焼き、ステーキ…… う~っ、肉の話をしてたらお腹が空いてきたッス!

Yeah, it definitely has to be beef! Gyuudon, sukiyaki, steak...... Urgh, just talking about meat makes me hungry!"

鶏肉が好き I like chicken Red Fragments
Character response: "女の人はヘルシーなほうが好きなんスね。タンパク質は筋肉の元、健康の維持にも最適ッス!"
Correct Choice: 牛肉が好き
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