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Souma Kanzaki mini event dance room.png
"登下校中の刀はどうしているか、であるか? 無論、刀袋に入れて持ち運んでいるは興味がおありか?
Are you wondering about what happens to my sword when I'm going to and from school? I carry it with its cover on, of course. Did it pique your interest?"
Location: Dance Room
そもそも法律的に大丈夫? Is it legal to do so in the first place? Luck Down
Character response: "む。何か申されたか? 我はとって刀は一心同体。片時も離すわけにはいかんのだ。
Unh. Did you say something? As for me, my katana is a part of me. Not even for a moment is it possible for me to be seperated from it."
風呂敷でも包める? Do you cover it with a furoshiki? Yellow Fragments
Character response: "包めはするが、出し入れしにくいのが難点であるな。我は自分でこしらえた刀袋を使っているな
I cover it, but it is hard to take it in and out, which is disadvantageous. I am using a sword bag, that I made myself."
作ってみようかな? I guess I'll try making one? Heart (Fever Up)
Character response: "なんと、我のために作ってくださるというのか……!転校生殿がこしらえたものなら何でも有り難い。申し訳ないくらいである
What, you will make me one? I appreciate anything you make, Miss Transfer student. Thank you."
Correct Choice: I guess I'll try making one? (作ってみようかな?)

Souma Kanzaki mini event garden terrace kitchen.png
Oh? Lately, the Lady Transfer Student has been cooking her lunch for herself, has she not? Miso soup can be made many ways, just by changing the soup base, you know."
Location: Garden Terrace's Kitchen
インスタント Instant soup Blue Fragments
Character response: "『いんすたんと』……? お湯を注ぐだけでできる出来合いの味噌であるな? 否定はせぬが、うむ……
"Instant"...? Pour hot water and it's done, ready-made miso? I won't deny it but, hmm..."
豚汁 Pork miso soup Red Fragments
Character response: "野菜も肉もたくさん摂れてよい。それだけでも十分腹が膨れるであろう・・・・・・♪
It is good to eat plenty of vegetables and meat. That alone is surely enough to fill the belly...♪"
清し汁 Clear soup Heart (Fever Up)
Character response: "素材の味が重要な、難しいことに挑戦されるのだな……! 挑戦的な姿勢は我も見習わねばならぬ!
It's important to maintain the natural flavors of the ingredients, isn't it. You've picked a difficult thing to challenge...! I could learn something from your audacious attitude!"
Correct Choice: Clear soup (清し汁)

Souma Kanzaki Mini Event Classroom.PNG
Transfer Student-dono, aside from being an 'idol', what am I lacking the most...?"
Location: Classroom
刀を使った大道芸 Use your sword to put on a street performance. Fever Up
Character response: "む、それは思いつかなかった。いい『あいどる』だと思うのだが、蓮巳殿は何と言うだろうか
Hm, I have not thought of that. I think it is a good idea, but what would Hasumi-dono say about it."
そのままでいいと思う I think you're fine as you are. Heart (Fever Up)
Character response: "転校生殿は優しいのであるな。我が、我が信じる道を進めばよいということなのだよ
Transfer Student-dono is kind. I, I should proceed on the path that I believe in, is what you are saying."
刀を使わないパフォーマンス Don't use your sword during performances. Luck Down
Character response: "こ、これは武士の魂!片時も離すわけにはいかんのだ・・・・・・!
Th- this is the soul of a samurai! Not even for a moment is it possible for me to be seperated from it...!"
Correct Choice: I think you're fine as you are. (そのままでいいと思う)

Souma Kanzaki Mini Event Stairs.PNG
"今日も『れっすん』に付きあっていただき感謝する! できれば近い内にまたご指導願いたいのだが……
Thank you for keeping me company during my lesson again today. I'd like to ask for further guidance sometime soon, if possible..."
Location: Stairs
早朝を提案する Suggest the early morning Blue Fragments
Character response: "早朝なれば予定は空けられると……。嬉しいのではあるが、無理を強いては我の望むところではない
Your schedule can be opened in the early morning, you say... Although I am glad, I do not wish for you to overwork yourself."
メールを送る Send him a message Yellow Fragments
Character response: "予定が空いたらすぐ連絡をする、と言ってくださるのだな。ならば、我はいつでも予定を空けていよう。
You are saying that if your schedule is open, you will immediately contact me. In that case, I will always keep my schedule open."
小指を出す Take out your pinky Heart (Fever Up)
Character response: "ゆ、指切りげんまん……であるか?約束を必ず守る証に……こ、小指を絡めるのであるな
Is that... a pinky promise? Entwining pinkies... it's proof of definitely keeping a promise."
Correct Choice: Take out your pinky (小指を出す)

Souma Kanzaki Mini Event 2nd Floor Passage.png
Adonis-dono's curiosity about everything is interesting. However, being asked questions like this everyday is troublesome at times."
Location: 2nd Floor Passage
ガツンと断る? Refuse it outright? Blue Fragments
Character response: "いやいや、そこまで困っておるわけではない。何でも聞く癖に困ってしまうときがあるだけでな。
No no, I am not troubled to such an extent. His habit of asking about everything ends up troubling me only occasionally."
頼られている? He is relying on you? Blue Fragments
Character response: "・・・・・・まぁ、我もそうは思うのであるが。同じ高校二年生の男子としては、少々心配に思うときもあるのだ。
...Well, I think that as well. As we are both boys in the second year of high school, I am sometimes a bit worried about him."
質問してもいい? Can I ask you a question? Heart (Fever Up)
Character response: "あぁ、もちろんである。我も質問されることが嫌いなわけではない、困ったときはお互いさまであるからな
Ah, of course. It does not mean I dislike being asked questions. You surely feel the same."
Correct Choice: Can I ask you a question? (質問してもいい?)

Souma Kanzaki Mini Event AV Room.png
Hm, you want materials for a kimono? Since I wear kimonos at home, I think I have some knowledge about them."
Location: AV Room
着物を見せてほしい Please show me the kimono. Red Fragments
Character response: "ほう。それなら季節ごとに生地が違うものを持って参ろう。なにしろ、家には数え切れんほどあるからな
Oh. In that case I will bring different fabrics for each season. We have countless at home after all."
着付けを見せてほしい Please show me how to put on a kimono. Heart (Fever Up)
Character response: "任されよ。今度家から何枚か持って参ろう。我があんず殿のお役に立てるなら、嬉しい♪
Leave it to me. Next time, I will bring a few from my home. I am glad, when I can be helpful to Anzu-dono♪"
着て来てほしい Please wear a kimono. Red Fragments
Character response: "それは…難しいな。以前、蓮巳殿に𠮟られてしまったので、持ってきて着ること勘弁していただきたい
That is... difficult. I was scolded by Hasumi-dono before, please do not ask me to come wearing a kimono."
Correct Choice: Please show me how to put on a kimono. (着付けを見せてほしい)